Supreme Court Fails America – Martial Law is Our Last Hope

A leftwing terrorist group seizes a few blocks in the middle of Seattle saying they are seceding and will shoot anyone who tries to stop them, and the Democrat mayor calls it “the summer of love.” Liberal Democrat thugs riot, loot, burn, and murder in their cities and they tell the police to let them as their AGs refuse to prosecute criminal terrorists but persecute police. Democrats cheat the election, our “watchdog” media refuses to report it, our law keepers refuse to investigate it, and our attorneys general refuse to prosecute it. With what recourse are Americans left? President Trump instituting Martial Law will be our last hope!

When the Supreme Court refuses to hear testimony and rule against election rigging, we are in the end stages of America’s 2nd Civil War. The Democrat coup to overthrow the presidency, seize control of the government, and destroy the Constitution is almost complete. They can lie, cheat, steal, and kill with impunity if President Trump doesn’t take a stand meeting force with force. Obama’s shadow government that has been orchestrating the violence and coup for the past four years is on the verge of victory. Leftist media is screaming that Trump is a tyrant who must be overthrown. That he is Hitler reborn and their proof is them painting a little mustache on his picture. They say he will use military force to seize power. As leftists always do, they start the fight throwing the first punches, and then declare those who defend themselves to be to blame for the violence.

Many of us took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Democrats are those domestic enemies and President Trump is our last hope of putting down this leftist establishment insurrection to save our nation. If he fails, then America dies and goes the way of Venezuela. He must use military force to protect America lest the left seize control and fundamentally transform America from the land of liberty into a socialist dictatorship toilet. Pelosi will use the military to oust President Trump before any court can rule against them. Democrats will then use their power to completely subvert our election system. Democrats have been “wargaming” this.

Democrats will become one-party rulers and we will become their slave subjects. Like all communist fascist governments, they will persecute dissent. There will be no more leaders and patriots. There will be no more Constitutional rights. There will be no more liberty. The light of liberty from the shining city on the hill will go out. There will only be tyrants and rebels. We have failed our Founders by letting the left gain power and teach our children to corrupt their hearts and souls by letting them overthrow Christianity. We are now engaged in a war for survival and all leftist propaganda must be damned! Either Trump takes this matter up for the people or the people fall with him.

[Author’s Note: A Democrat complained:

UM… NO! You can’t seek remedy from the court and then say they failed you just because they didn’t rule in your favor. THAT is the system we have. IF the highest court in the land, one with a conservative majority, rules against DT, so be it. Martial law is not a viable option.

I replied:

UM, WRONG! If the court refuses to even hear the case that does not constitute ruling on its merits. That is NOT the system we have. THAT IS CORRUPTION AT ITS WORST! The election was rigged. Everyone knows it. This is the Democrat’s war on America. They have enacted a coup. Military force is definitely called for to set this right.]

Trump: ‘Supreme Court Really Let Us Down’

If Trump Concedes, America Dies

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2 Responses to Supreme Court Fails America – Martial Law is Our Last Hope

  1. You are so right on all accounts. I still have hope because: God can make a way, where there is no way.

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  2. bart cross says:

    unfortunately the supreme court has sold america out to communist and they are not progressives if people dont have the guts to call the enemy by their real name all is lost they are hard core communist intent on subversion and our destruction when the highest court in the land refuses to even open the folders of evidence american justice no longer exhist they are the enemy and should be removed keep in mind our forefathers deeded us the right to remove tyrants by force if necessary


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