Trump failing to unite the party could be his downfall

Trump mandate

United we stand, divided we fall.  Democrats are fractured; 20% of Bernie supporters say they’ll vote Trump, while another 45% say they won’t vote for Hillary.  But there’s also 10% of Republicans who say they won’t vote for Trump.  Even if half these people mean what they say that doesn’t give Trump the landslide he thinks he’s building.

Donald Trump apparently thinks he doesn’t have to extend an olive branch to Cruz supporters.  He thinks he can win the general election without us.  Ask John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Jeb Bush how that strategy worked out for them.  Jeb thought he could win the nomination without the base, and McCain lost the unlosable race against the worst candidate in history, a socialist, racist Moslem who promised to rip America apart!  And Mitt lost even after Obama was succeeding in his goals to weaken America and empower Islam.

While Trump is pulling a lot of Democrats over to the Republican side, losing the conservative vote could still cost him the election, and America her soul.  Even those who came before him reached out through their VP picks of Palin and Ryan who were both stronger conservatives than the top of the ticket.  But the liberal media savages all Republican candidates, especially the conservative ones, and no one gets to the election appearing to be the best choice.

Many Cruzers believe Ryan betrayed them by taking Boehner’s place, and Palin let them down by endorsing Trump.  Many more conservatives have endorsed Trump over Cruz for the simple reason that Trump fights to win.  While Ted was the best Reagan conservative in the field, he lacked the necessary skills to do battle.  His weapon of choice was intellectualism and no general ever won a battle by convincing his enemy to join him through his intelligent argument.

I have done my best to convince these people who have said they are the most conservative, but who take sides with liberals by being so self-righteous that they would rather let evil rule if they can’t win the war, to take a stand. But Donald Trump is doing himself no favors if he doesn’t reach out to them.  He took the primaries by storm because he is a celebrity who sucked all the oxygen out of the room for the moderates that were in the field.  But he also sucked support from Ted because the young conservative didn’t have the skill or talent to overcome him.

Trump says he is a deal maker, but is he a leader?  If Trump doesn’t reach out specifically to Cruz supporters, as has been made evident in his list of SCOTUS picks that didn’t include the brilliant Constitutional conservative, he may as well hang it up now.  Trump will end up going the way of Romney and America will end up going the way of the Dodo.

Trump’s SCOTUS picks does not include Cruz

Trump says he doesn’t have to unite the party

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5 Responses to Trump failing to unite the party could be his downfall

  1. david says:

    I agree with the bulk of your analysis. As a Cruz supporter, though, I really have no idea where he stands on a majority of key issues, and that’s the problem. He’s all over the place and vague. Even the language he used to announce his SCOTUS list left a ton of wiggle room for interpretation. We all know he’s not a hardened conservative at heart, and that’s OK to a point. The question is how far will he lurch left negotiating all these great deals. if he’d pick a plank to stand on, evaluating him objectively would be a ton easier.


  2. carolinerh says:

    Trump has already told us his policies and plans and like a great pragmatist he will accomplish them. No other candidate had the backbone, the skills, especially knowing nothing about negotiating, are politicians and we now hold them along with other snakes, is not owned, and speaks our language. He owes nothing to Cruz nor Rubio because BY OUR CONSTITUTION AND FOUNDING DOCUMENTS they were not even eligible to run for president or VP. Check this out and read the documents and even get copies of the documents from Publius Huldah, a REAL Constitutionalist. Neither were native born sons of native born fathers (not mothers, which I now have heard Ted’s mother actually became a Canadian citizen!), and the 14th Amendment cannot be stretched nor twisted as it was ONLY for making blacks real and legal American Citizens and nothing to do with invaders on our soil, which Cruz liked – both amnesty and legalization of those invaders on our soil, so the more I learned about Cruz, I finally made the decision that he was not viable in any way, shape or form, and I am an Independent and voting for Trump because he always does what he says he will do. If you don’t listen to Trump, then you can say you are ignorant of his policies and plans but that only points to your ignorance and dislike of America and loving its future under communism. Yes, it is true, stupid can’t be cured.


  3. asudad90 says:

    Trump may be considered by some as abrasive. He may offend the timid or weak-hearted. Or the media may try to portray his supporters as ignorant, angry, middle-aged, gun-toting, religious zealots, who hate minorities and the LGBT down trodden, and are non-cool white men from West Virginia… That subtle attempt to mis-categorize his support base is a dishonest attempt by the media to create their own narrative and misinform the folks who are just starting to pay attention to the coming election.

    However, Trump’s message is actually of patriotism, love for country, and offers a vision of what the country could become again… When going to his rallies, the crowd is more diverse that what is portrayed by the media. And, the themes are centered on optimism and positive direction for our country.

    Not only is, Trump the candidate, being mischaracterized by the leadership in both parties; he’s actually making them and their “chosen” candidates look foolish. He’s definitely not a dumb guy and he is truly media-savvy… He is demonstrating his ability to exploit the media and beat them at their own game.

    The establishment and their cronies in the media are missing what Trump has really connected with and they are truly petrified because they offer no positive vision of their own. It’s time for a real change to the status quo, and Trump is offering that to the country.


    • dustyk103 says:

      A good assessment. While the far left will buy into the media smears, the problem is the far right (though I’m not sure they really are as they display the leftist characteristic of self-righteousness) is more of a problem for him. They are the people who believe he is a Democrat in Republican clothing and will refuse to vote for him, thereby electing Hillary. It always comes down to the media’s ability to smear any candidate beyond recognition so the public believes they are voting for the lesser of two evils rather than for the greater good. We it not for the self-righteous among conservatives, we would never have had Obama and not gone so far out over the edge of the cliff. This election will decide if we go over or not. Whatever they believe – that America must suffer from before “coming to see the light” – this is it and there will be no coming back. Once you jump off you can’t change your mind.


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