This War for the Presidency does not end when Electors vote

This is the Christmas Democrats have made

If there is one thing we should learn from this war Democrats are waging against American’s rights and liberty is that rules were made to be broken. There are no rules in war. There are no laws in matters of life and death. You win or you die. This is combat. There are no points for second place. Donald Trump understands this. He is a warrior in the mold of George Patton and Ulysses Grant. He fights and fights to win. Democrats have no conscience when it comes to violating the rights of others. They are the quintessential leftists imposing their laws on others regardless of right and wrong. The last thing they want is for the investigation into election fraud to go deeper uncovering their crimes, the Supreme Court to stand in their way, or the military to stop their takeover.

Anarchists are criminals who disregard laws that protect the rights of all because they are selfish, greedy sociopaths who only want to benefit themselves and don’t care if they do it at the expense of others. They know only the law of the jungle, might makes right, and care nothing about using might for right as Christians do. They rely on the righteous to fight by the rules and not fight dirty. Donald Trump understands that you cannot hobble yourself when fighting for survival. He is more than willing to fight as dirty as the left and will fight fire with fire. The question now is, will Republicans and the military stand with him to defend the Constitution, or will all succumb to the Democrat coup and let America fall?


Democrats cannot be allowed to steal this election. If they succeed, then they will steal everything from red states to pay for the destruction of businesses and lost tax revenue in blue states. Democrat mayors allowed Democrat terrorists to take over portions of their cities to loot and burn. Had Republicans done this in their cities the tanks would have rolled in immediately. Biden, Harris, Pelosi & Co. are all acting under the command of their shadow government president, Obama, to undermine, sabotage, and overthrow this nation via a coup composed of massive election rigging and leftwing media’s big lies. How do we know this without doubt? Every time we catch them in their lies, like pathological lying criminals they just make up new lies again and again and so on and so on as we expose one after another. Honest people only have one story – the truth. That’s why Trump’s stories never change while liberal Democrats have a pack of excuses.

The Georgia video showing Democrats pulling suitcases of ballots out from under a table after they sent Republican observers home was said by Democrats to already debunked before it was even shown to the public. If it was, then where is their proof? Why did they declare the observers were there when they were not? Why did they then say they went home because of a burst pipe? When that was found to have been just an overflowing urinal that someone stuffed up, they then said the suitcases were normal transport of ballots? Why did they then say they always transported ballots in suitcases instead of sealed boxes that had already been certified by observers? Criminals always deny they committed crimes even when they are on video caught in the act. They say their ballots always come in those kinds of cases and, of course, they always pull those ballots out after they send Republican observers out of the building to count them. It’s not like they would pull out cases of empty ballots and fill them out for Biden and throw them through the machines as swiftly as possible to hide anything. They’re honest people who would never cheat in an election even to defeat someone they portray and believe to be a racist Nazi.

This is how Democrats justify their crimes. If they were not crimes, then they would stand out in the light of day. Democrats are trying to “run out the clock” on this election before all the evidence can be presented before the Supreme Court. They believe the election rules about Dec. 8th being “Safe Harbor” for the choice of Electors, Dec. 14th as the day they vote, and Jan. 6th Congress confirming their vote, that this will be over and their election fraud coup victorious. But even up until the Jan. 20th Inauguration Day, when Pelosi could bring military troops to the White House to evict Trump, this contest is not finished. The Supreme Court can overturn this election and cast out all ballot fraud at any time. If it comes down to an armed coup then it is up to Trump to fight fire with fire as he always does. It’s just a question of how much of the military will stand by the Constitution if President Trump is forced to enact Martial Law. If Trump enacts Martial Law to stop the steal, the leftwing media will scream tyranny just as they have been doing at police who stop criminals.

If the Supreme Court declares the election fraudulent then it will be thrown into the hands of state’s legislatures. Republicans own five of the six contested states’ legislatures, but Gov. Kemp of Georgia is a RINO NeverTrumper working to sabotage Republican efforts to true the vote. He actually paid to have Dominion machines installed in Georgia. This is how the left works. They not only oppose the righteous, but they also infiltrate their ranks pretending to be one of us to undermine and sabotage us from within. Trying to weed out the RINOs from the righteous is as difficult as weeding out the bad cops from law enforcement. But leave it to the leftists from whose ranks they come to use them as the excuse to declare the whole lot of them wicked. Sayings can easily be interpreted as right and left. One bad apple spoils the bunch is a leftist saying of the bigot who smears an entire group for the actions of an individual. The righteous saying that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink means that you can tell a liberal the truth, but you can’t make him think.

These leftists are the leaders of the people who riot in the streets, looting and burning other people’s property, assassinating cops, demanding police be defunded, and criminals be freed. How could we think they would ever cheat on an election? These same people believe that CO2 from car exhausts and methane from cow farts can change the climate of the planet to the point of killing all life. These are the people who believe that Trump colluded with Russia to rig the 2016 election and steal the presidency. They believe Trump said neo-Nazi white supremacists are fine people, and that Sarah Palin said she can see Russia from her house. They believe Covid has killed 10% of the population and eternal quarantines are both necessary and sustainable. Contrary to all of world history for the past century, they believe capitalism is destructive and socialism is beneficial. Why wouldn’t they be justified in doing the same thing this year? As Ronald Reagan said,

“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan

Why would anyone think such people would be capable of massive, organized cheating in an election?

Fight fire with fire

During the primaries I wanted Ted Cruz more than any other candidate because I recognize his genius and moral righteousness. That was until Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring. Then Donald Trump showed his nature to fight for right and fight to win without apology. He fought fire with fire as anyone who gets into combat does to survive and win. He used Democrat’s tactics to defeat his Republican opponents and then, to the delight of the nation’s patriots, did the same to Hillary and Obama. Unlike Romney and McCain, he didn’t lay down for them because they called him a racist misogynist. He fought harder! Now he is fighting for survival and hopefully he understands that if Democrats overthrow him it will not end there as they strive to destroy him, his family, and all his supporters.

Everyone must understand that Democrat voter fraud is not just dead people voting, but people voting multiple times, voter ID ignored, and more ballots cast in Democrat districts than they have registered voters. They count pre-filled mail-in ballots for Democrats even though the Republican in whose name they filled it out shows up at the polls to overturn it, thus counting a voter twice without their knowledge to add to Biden’s total. An invalid Democrat claim that people just don’t like Trump doesn’t hold up when Biden lost votes in blue state cities. Their claim that Democrats moved to those swing state cities also fails the smell test of logic as who in their right mind would move from NYC to Democrat sh*thole of Detroit? All their excuses are proven as bogus as their mail-in ballots with no ID.

The election is revealing the truth about Washington swamp rats. Republican establishment swamp rats are as disgusting as Democrats. They obstructed Trump and abandoned him in 2018 after he lifted them to victory, and they are doing it again working with Democrats to declare election fraud valid. The establishment wants Trump out of their sandbox so they can rule over the country again and take wealth for themselves. They will do it using Covid slave masks like California where their tyranny shuts down Republican restaurant owner’s outdoor dining while a movie studio sets up outdoor catering right next to it because they pay Democrats. This is how leftist gangster tyranny rules. It’s just like “tolerant” Islamists allowing Christians to worship in the countries Moslems control if they pay the Jizya, the double taxes, for the “privilege.” They take our money and use it to kill us and enslave us.

Democrats say you can’t serve God and the military at the same time. This is because they see soldiers as the muscle for tyrants. They don’t say this about their street thugs terrorizing the people. And they will reverse their hateful rhetoric when they have power over the military. Then soldiers and law enforcement really will become the club of tyrants. Democrats will create new states to pack the Senate, create more liberal justice positions to pack the Supreme Court, eliminate the Electoral College, and make mail-in voting mandatory so they will never again lost an election.

Democrats are doing what they have been doing since 2016. They are promoting their Big Lies by hiding the evidence from their oblivious liberal viewers and declaring it doesn’t exist. Their declarations that this evidence doesn’t exist is as true as their declarations that their proof Russian election rigging did exist. These are the biggest lies Democrats have attempted in their history. Their goal is a coup to overthrow the rightfully president and tear up the Constitution to establish themselves as totalitarian socialist oligarchic dictators. President Trump will have to declare Martial Law to stop the steal. If he does not, if the Supreme Court does not stand up to the left, if this election rigging is allowed to become law, if Donald Trump concedes this election, then America will be lost forever. The liberty born on July 4, 1776 will die that day.

[Author’s Note: Because Republicans, the DoJ, and FBI have been missing in action during this extreme effort by Democrats to steal the election, it is up to Donald Trump alone to do what needs to be done. He should have private security or military forces all around the Georgia runoff election, and when Democrats try to bring in their hundreds of thousands of phony ballots, descend on them in righteous wrath as avenging angels and seize the evidence that day! Don’t give them a chance to destroy the evidence after they use the ballots. Recounts don’t help as they already mixed the bogus ballots in with the legal ballots. He must be prepared to use military force to stop the steal. Pelosi has already set the stage to declare him a tyrant if he does. If he does not, then he submits to the lies of leftist tyrants. The left will smear the righteous no matter what. Why should we lay down for them? American liberty stands on the edge of a knife. Stray but a little and the nation will fail to the ruin of all.]

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1 Response to This War for the Presidency does not end when Electors vote

  1. Eileen says:

    The only date cast in stone by the Constitution is Jan 20. Everything else is fiction; just because Congress passed an unconstitutional law (setting the “safe harbor” date) does not make it so. The reason why this law is unconstitutional is because it usurped the power of state legislatures to set the rules for the Electoral College and the procedures they are to follow. Congress, the media or the Supreme Court have no authority to set electoral college deadlines. We are all getting a civics lesson.

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