Predicting the Future – What will happen January 20th, 2021

The events of the next two weeks will decide the fate of America either to remain a free republic or fall to the Marxist Revolution of the liberal Democrat left. Don’t expect that Democrats will yield that which they have taken. Like all thieves they believe they are justified in their act to take from the man they deem to be Hitler. This is just how they see the world through the dysfunctional mirror of their vision. Like any thieves they will not give back that which they have stolen without a fight. I don’t expect that either the Supreme Court or the Congress will have the will to stand against them. Only military force can meet this crisis when Pelosi brings the military to the White House to eject President Trump. For this eventuality I am writing two articles in preparation for January 20th. One says, “Trump saves America,” and the other is, “America has fallen.” They are about the events of the 2020 election coming to a head and the two possible outcomes. Either the Marxist Revolutionary Coup will overthrow President Trump and make all Americans slaves while preaching love and fairness, or Donald Trump will take the fight to them and save America from Democrat’s insurrection.

Here is how they will read:


Donald Trump has saved America from the communist takeover attempt by the left! President Trump stunned the world when he invoked the Insurrection Act and imposed Martial Law on the United States of America. Democrats immediately declared him Hitler seizing power as a tyrant. But make no mistake, in doing so he is being completely lawful in following the Constitution to prevent Democrat’s massive election rigging through anonymous mail-in ballot fraud from stealing the election. The law requires the use of force to confront enemies of the republic both foreign and domestic.

Democrat’s declaration of innocence be damned as no criminal ever admits their guilt. Their screams of anger turned into shrieks of terror as President Trump rounded up the Democrat leaders of this assault on American liberty. Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, and the many leaders of the Democrat insurrection that attempted their coup for the past four years that has plagued the Trump administration have all been arrested and charged for their sedition. Their commie fascist BLM/Antifa thugs were quickly smashed the moment they took to the streets and incarcerated with their leaders facing trial for terrorism. President Trump announced a recanvassing of the election with foolproof voter ID and balloting that will prevent illegal ballots from being cast.

President Trump brilliantly executed his Constitutional rights and duty as Commander-in-Chief to uphold the law of the land by stopping the Democrats from stealing power and attempting a military coup to oust him. The fate of America to fall to socialism has been averted and full liberty restored. Donald Trump will go down in history as America’s Third Great Founder after Washington and Lincoln for saving America from the communist’s infiltration that is behind their Marxist Revolution.


Donald Trump surrendered to Democrat’s Marxist Revolution and submitted to the Biden/Harris ticket by stepping aside to allow Democrats to steal the presidency. The Obama regime’s successful coup to take power and fundamentally transform America into Democrat’s socialist oligarchic dictatorship is underway. Trump failed the nation to become America’s last patriotic president. There is some question whether or not he truly will strove to save America or if he betrayed the nation to socialists after boosting the economy. In either case, it doesn’t matter as the Democrats have announced their intention to burn the Constitution and establish a new set of laws by which to rule over the masses.

Democrats violated the law by having Democrat and RINO AGs usurp the power of state legislatures to remake election law over the excuse that it was “too dangerous” for people to vote in person. Their allowance of mail-in ballots without identification set the stage for massive ballot fraud. Because state legislatures did not take legal action due to there being a lack of crimes on the books of this nature, courts rejected the post-election suits of Republicans to hear the evidence of the real crime of election fraud on the basis they “don’t have ‘standing.’” Because the state law enforcement and federal law enforcement all failed to act, and because courts at the state and federal level have failed, even the Supreme Court, DoJ, AG, and FBI, the burden fell on the President of the United States, Donald Trump, as Commander-in-Chief and supreme authority to uphold Constitutional law.

Having failed to do so, Donald Trump has failed America. Democrats now have the power to fundamentally transform America into their socialist dictatorship by stacking Congress and the courts and imposing regulations on Americans to strip them of their rights. They will take money from red states to pay their blue states for the destruction they did to their city’s economies by reinstating federal tax deductions for their high state taxes, and probably steal all 401ks to make their owners dependent on Social Security. They will impose harsh regulations on red states to strip them of power especially by eliminating the rights of free speech and gun ownership. They will give illegal alien communistas citizenship in red states to override citizen’s electoral power. They will make mail-in ballot fraud the law of the land to insure they never again lose an election. America has fallen, not with a bang, but with a whimper, as the light of liberty in the shining city on a hill went out because President Trump did not prepare to use the full power of his office to protect her.

What it all means

In the former case, Donald Trump will be hailed a hero of the republic. Democrats will curse him as Hitler seizing power, but why should we care? They have smeared him as such and as a racist from the moment he came down the escalator in Trump Tower. He has been smeared as being what the left is every hour of the day for six years. Only the most desperately ignorant believe the Big Lies of the left. In the latter, he will be cursed for abandoning us, if not outright betraying us. Allowing Harris/Obama to win absolute power would be like the Russians who stupidly gave power to Stalin because he told lies about Lenin’s chosen successor, Leon Trotsky. Believing their claim that they would investigate ballot fraud is like believing Al Capone would investigate his tax evasion. Criminals have always gravitated to the Democrat Party with their totalitarian ideology of elites ruling over the masses as masters rule over their slaves. Their smoke screen façade of being for the working man has been blown away to expose them for what they are, yet stupid people continue to believe in them.

How is it that liberals are blind to what Democrats represent? I don’t believe that 50% of the country wants this greatest of nations to be destroyed by communism. I believe there are only 20% of Democrats who want that and half of them are in the country illegally while the other half are the lying leaders, their fake news media, and their Antifa/BLM communist supporters. The other 40% of the population that supports Democrats consists of four groups; those who are morally corrupt, those who turn a blind eye and hold their noses to that corruption, those who are ignorant dupes, and those who don’t exist but are the fictitious Democrat ballots. We must all hope and pray that Donald Trump is the true warrior he has been in fighting Democrats in the media. He must be prepared to meet Democrat force with ten times their force to stop their insurrection to remove him from office through this fraud and a military coup. January 20th will be the date of decision whether America rises or falls.

Exact Fallout of Presidential Election Predicted in 2019 War-Game Paper

[Author’s Note: The Georgia runoff in two days will tell the tale of the truth. Republicans will again win on the day of the runoff and lose the next day as Democrats tally up their bogus mail-in ballots. America is in the gravest danger of her existence to be stolen by the communist fascism of the leftist Democrats. Either Trump fights or America falls. Democrats have already announced that they have war gamed ousting him from office by force and are prepared to launch their military coup if Trump does not submit to their election fraud. We know he cannot telegraph his future actions against Democrat’s attempted coup, but we have faith in him to have the foresight necessary to defeat them. We have watched while Republicans have been playing checkers, Democrat communists have been playing chess. But Donald Trump has been playing 3D chess, which is how he’s been making the fake news media look like Wile E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner. That’s why if he does not defeat them then we will feel betrayed. If President Trump fails, patriots will be left with only two options – have their states secede or a second Revolutionary war to overthrow the tyranny of communist Democrats.]

P.S. I have been reading reports that China has thousands of troops in Canada and Mexico conducting wargames. Not sure if this is real. Doesn’t sound like something that could be without President Trump notifying the nation of their proximity. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Democrats had Chinese military ready to invade if President Trump turned the tables on them and they couldn’t get enough leftist generals to back their play.

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4 Responses to Predicting the Future – What will happen January 20th, 2021

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Not stupid people far worse, they are people afflicted with the symptoms of such an intense form of psychosis that death is the only cure for it the results of mind altering drugs, Indoctrinators at Indoctrination Centers, the mouthpiece deceit disseminating data source Bobblehead commentators and fantasy writers for the members of the U.S.C.P., and the parents, and possibly all the way back through their lineage to their great grandparents of the aforementioned, the more populated the MSA the more generations were conditioned/infected with the mental disorder.


  2. Roy says:

    The Republican party voted with the Democrats to override president Trump’s veto of the NDAA and they passed the obscene omnibus budget. A mere eleven Repub’s are contesting the sham of the upcoming Electoral College representatives. The 74 million or so, who voted for Trump should have been out in the streets en masse already but are, as always, patiently waiting for results. Mitch McConnell will declare – ‘we’ll win the next election – be patient’. Trump can not do it all by himself with his own party of entrenched political scum going against him. Cops are arresting owners of business who don’t obey Governors illegal shut down orders but follow ‘stand down’ orders to let BLM and ANTIFA burn cities down.
    Trump exposed the SWAMP. It’s up to the people to do something about it! Will the military arrest the multitude of evil Democrat politician’s or will they arrest president Trump?
    Can’t trust the media, cops, the courts, the politicians and now I’m not so sure of the military leaders.

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    • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

      McConnell is a criminal and treasonous RINO, and realizes that if Harris is corronated empress edicts will be put in place allowing no 1 other than those who adhere to and embrace the principles of which Communistcapitalistzionhasidismshariaism are based.
      Capitalism still exists when you have a world of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class Globalists but anyone who may have had the potential to excel in life and rise above their class never will.


  3. Carolyn says:

    God help us! We are really going to be in BIG trouble if the radical socialist Democrats have control of all three branches of government!


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