Democrat’s Communist Fascism crushing of America has begun

Amerika’s new Politburo of communist dictators has begun their crackdown on American patriots. Michael Moore calls for the crushing of all “white terrorists and their sympathizer police,” i.e. destroy all Christian conservative Republicans. If the military does not get behind President Trump to defend this nation, we will be a communist state under fascist oppression by leftist tyrants in a matter of days. The left has subverted America, imported communists to assist them, and sabotaged our nation to the point that they were able to enact an insurrectionist coup to overthrow our government. They no longer serve the people. They rule over the people.

Leftwing media is calling the reports of Antifa leading dumb Republicans into the Capitol building on Jan. 6th “tinfoil hat conspiracy kooks” and subversives. They are calling for Trump and all Republicans who endorsed their rally, plus all those who attended the rally, to be labelled insurrectionist terrorists. Meanwhile, Biden says he wants to heal the country and bring us together, but then says they must destroy all Republicans who believe in Trump’s “big lies.” The communist destruction of America has begun as fascist Amerika rises from their two-faced lies successfully stealing the election and our freedoms.

The purges have already begun. Re-education is not far behind. Democrats are following the Chicom model of ruling. Have you noticed that we have been cut off from antibiotics? China produces all of them and have choked us off, so they are reserved for the elites only and those they favor. That’s why Covid has become so deadly. When you stop treating flu infections with antibiotics, people die. This is how they get rid of the old people who know what Democrats are and vote Republican. The left is going to tear down all that is American and remake this nation into their socialist state of communist fascism. Welcome to your new Amerika where you are the communist subjects of fascist rulers.

Democrats smear President Trump as “inciting terrorists” after they spent the last four years inciting and endorsing their Antifa/BLM thugs to terrorize the nation. That attack at the Capitol was Antifa led to scapegoat Republicans. Now D.C. has been militarized against revolution by the people objecting to Democrats establishing their tyrannical government of communist fascism.

[Author’s Note: D.C. has become a militarized zone. One might hope that these were troops loyal to the president, but in all likelihood, they are forces loyal to Democrats. Our only hope is that if this is going to be America’s future as a communist state of Amerika, then it is the beginning of Armageddon. Contrary to what heathens believe, Armageddon is not the End of the World. It’s the 2nd Coming of Christ to stop the unrighteous from destroying the righteous. But people have been hoping for that for two thousand years and there are no guarantees. We either fight against tyrants or become slaves to them. Democrats have won their 2nd Civil War through subversion, subterfuge, and sabotage to overthrow America. Civil disobedience never succeeded against any totalitarian state. They are simply crushed. Only a 2nd Revolution will overthrow their Marxist Revolution. The only question is when it will arise.]

Capitol attack another deceitful leftist narrative

Pelosi was happy to have Democrats invade the Capitol. She was very upset and “frightened” when Antifa invaded posing as Trump supporters. Now they say they were not Antifa. Only fools believe them.

8 Capitol Police Officers Under Federal Investigation for “Being Trump Supporters”

Twitter suspends more than 70,000 QAnon-linked accounts

President Trump Declares State of Emergency in DC

Biden Refuses To Back Down From Threats Of Violence On His Big Day

Florida Governor Makes Move to Divest State Funds from Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitter

Fascist Media Censors Trump & the People by Demand of Hysterical Democrats

America the Great dies, not with a bang, but with a whimper

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

Biden says he will unite Americans in peace – then declared that Republicans are Nazis that must be destroyed.

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This site is my opinion only and is unpaid. I am a retired Paramedic/Firefighter with 25 years of service in the City of Dallas Fire Dept. I have a B.A. degree in Journalism, and A.A. degrees in Military Science and History. I have spent my life studying military history, world history, American history, science, current events, and politics making me a qualified PhD, Senior Fellow of the Limbaugh Institute, and tenured Professor Emeritus for Advanced Conservative Studies. 😄 It is my hope that readers can gain some knowledge and wisdom from my articles.
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8 Responses to Democrat’s Communist Fascism crushing of America has begun

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    There was a time where the only people I hung around with were Nicotine junkies, no not the chewing gum, patch, vaping pens, this was the 80s and 90s and although they had Nicorette at the time these people were not in the process of detoxifying, any way around the age of 30 I caught my first Sinus infection, get 1 and you are prone to them.

    For a time when I went to be examined and treated they would always prescribe an Antibiotic but then suddenly I was told that if my Sinus infection was viral in nature the CDC had in essence ordered HMOs not to treat viral infections with Antibiotics allegedly for the reason they were concerned people would build up a resistance to the Antibiotic, then 6 years ago, I suppose the physician could have diagnosed my symptoms as a Sinus infection that was bacterial in nature which most are not I could only assume either the CDC had changed their policy, or he was violating CDC mandates.


  2. Roy says:

    Belief in prayer and a superior being can not harm anyone, however, there are times like these when I’m sure God says it’s time to solve the problems you created, on your own. A return to moral values and eternal truths has always been a solution. There is a time for peace and a time for war.


  3. Trump is the Commander-in-Chief. Despite what the media tells you, they love him. And, the military saw long ago and especially under Obama something would need to be done. They have a PLAN. It has already started to play out, it will be global (crack down on corruption, child trafficking, etc.) Election fraud hasn’t been just in the U.S. Italian Prime Minister already arrested.
    Do you really think a military presence in all 50 states and D.C. is because of Anfia threats? 200 Chinese companies were removed from the NYSE. China has been funneling money into the Vatican Bank for Dominion voting fraud payoffs……Employee witness of Leonardi…….testified he flipped votes in 17 states, Obama and Pope involved. That is when the Italian P.M. got arrested. Rumor has it the Pope was arrested. Arrests have been made in Spain. Low profile individuals have been arrested here, under the radar. Big names, I mean real big are coming. This info is coming from highly creditable people from U.K. This operation is called The Awakening! Military and Trump are in full cooperation. They have been for 4 years. The Swamp is draining, this is why they are in such a hurry to get rid of Trump. D.C. is nervous. According to the military 70% of D.C. is corrupt. Which means we have been getting screwed for generations. They have been waiting for these days since JFK’s assassination. They were not going to let Hillary pick up where Obama left us off to finish us. Good days are around the corner. MARK MY WORDS.

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    • dustyk103 says:

      I fully understand that if Trump has a plan he must play his cards close to the vest. I know he must sound like he’s falling and that Republicans are deserting him left and right to put off the left if they are going to take them by surprise. I would like nothing better and would cheer with all my might! But as someone outside the loop I can’t help but feel it’s all about to come crashing down on us. I know that if Trump steps down then America falls and there will be no elections in the future that will displace Democrats. What keeps nagging at me is that I understand he is a determined businessman, but this is war and I don’t know if he planned on a military response or if he counted on the legal system like businessmen must. As C-in-C I think he should have had the military ready to act on this steal. We will soon know. Right now, I just think he doesn’t want to be remembered as the man who used military force to overthrow the Congress because you know the left will just use that to continue to slander him as Hitler. I think he should damn them and shove it up their bums. I just keep praying for him.

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      • I have fallen into some sources close to the situation. There are things they can not yet share. It was the military brass that approached Trump to run for president in the first place. From what I am told, Trump, along with the military have set many traps…….over the last 4 years; and have played out this near perfectly orchestrated play as planned. And you are correct they must keep their cards close to the vest. They are not so much as swaying slightly away…..staying on course and schedule. We do not know what their next move is, for obvious reasons or exactly when. Things will start to be exposed between now and the next 10 days. You are also correct that the Left and many on the Right will accuse Trump and the Military of a military overthrow of Congress. However, 70% of D.C. is corrupt; and they will be (and currently are) making arrests. This operation is as much about child trafficking, political international corruption, satanic practices, various treasonous crimes as it is stealing the election(s). It is about keeping America from falling into a globalist (one world government). Obama put us on the edge (he spoke of it more than once when he was abroad). Hillary was supposed to finish us off; and now the Dems with the help of some Republicans have us on the brink. I believe what Trump (and the military) are doing is letting them go to the very edge, letting them hang themselves. I do believe we will be in for a bit of a rough period, much will be confusing but then will be brought to light. Military tribunals are standing by. I also have been told that we have been putting people together over the last 4 years to have them ready to roll when they need to step into positions/offices to replace those arrested to keep our country functioning. This is a plan long over due to rid our government of (most; hopefully) all the corruption. I have been told our President has the full deck of cards he is playing out (filled with Trump Cards 🙂 ) and he is holding all the Aces he has not yet played. Be patient, be calm, even enjoy the ride as it unfolds (which it will soon). I think many, especially in D.C. are about to experience the sky falling. I hope we, the American people get to see some of the expressions on their pathetic faces. We deserve that! Okay, have blabbed enough for now; need to go catch some more information from my sources (who are actually in the U.K.). I will keep you posted. By the way…… last thing, be on the alert for any messages from the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS). Will be important to help explain things as they develop.

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        • dustyk103 says:

          This is the kind of thing I have avoided saying. Trump is acting as if defeated, which may be the ruse. His call for patriots not to descend on D.C. may be just to keep from having civilians get in the way and muck up the works as he takes action. Or it may be because Democrats will take power and be ready to bring down the hammer on any uprising right off the bat. Either way, D.C. is no place for civilians to operate at this time. Until events unfold, until the 21st when all will be decided, I don’t want to raise false hopes, nor do I want to dash those hopes. I hope that America sees Donald Trump triumphant and the Democrats brought down. But the truth will not unfold until Inauguration Day. If Democrats take power and Trump steps down it’s over. Once they have control of the government and he is out of power there is no hope. That’s why I’m sure they’re rabid to be rid of him now. Pelosi already admitted that Democrats were wargaming their seizure of the presidency and Congress. I have believed fully in Donald Trump’s genius in dealing with Democrat politicians. But, again, this is an act of war by Democrats to overthrow this country. They can paint this as Trump being Hitler trying to overthrow the country till they’re blue in the face and their heads explode. 80 million patriots know their lie. I’m counting on him and pray not to be disappointed. (I have three articles for the 21st. Two are finished lamenting the fall of America and the fundamental transformation of this great nation into a communist state. The third is mostly done as I wrote in an earlier post about Trump saving America. I’m praying every day that that is the article I post next week.)


          • I understand how you are feeling. Even with as much as I know or what I think I know, I am from Missouri……”The Show Me State”. I do know he has a schedule, with specific goals each day, to make all the pieces come together like that puzzle you can’t see the scene into enough pieces have been put in place. What I learned from a source today that supposedly speaks to Trump often; nearly everyday. Arrests have been made already. My source has the names but has been instructed not to release them yet. They want them in a specific order so we can see how all the scum bags connect to one another. I am praying as well. My source’s video (a daily YouTube; will not YouTube now); in one of his video’s from a couple of days ago said: “Trump was chosen by God to do this.” I hope this is true, then he, Trump can not, will not fail. Talk soon.

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