The 2020 Great Covid Election Scam

After screaming “Russia, Russia, Russia” for FOUR YEARS, Democrats say “Election fraud is NOT POSSIBLE! How can Democrats steal the election?” Liberal idiots are parroting their deceitful Democrat leaders repeating this insipid lie. Ask them, “If that is true, then how did Russia do it in 2016?” Watch liberal’s heads explode as they try to explain that. Seventy percent of Republicans fully understand how Democrats are trying to steal this election with their ballot tampering and twisted accusations.

If Democrats do to America what they did in Minnesota in 2008 then liberty will be subsumed by socialism. They explain anomalies like Biden’s votes increasing in swing state cities when Democrat votes decreased in blue state cities being due to their love of America – the country whose flag they burn and blame as the evil in the world. If President Trump succeeds in #StoptheSteal, Democrats will launch a street war. It’s a good thing he got rid of the Secretary of Defense who refused to abide by the Insurrection Act to put down the Democrat’s Marxist Revolution.

We know the answer to both questions. You steal elections by cheating the voters in a multitude of ways. Voting illegally and counting ballots fraudulently in a hundred different ways has been refined by Democrats over the years. Republicans only win when they have a huge majority of the voters behind them. They don’t bother to contest the rigged elections because they know that leftist judges will block their efforts in court. Now that Democrats have refined election fraud to a certainty, America is left with a choice; get behind Trump to run them down through actual investigations or surrender to one-party rule.

Donald Trump is the first and ONLY Republican willing to take on the Democrat election tampering machine head on! He is the ONLY Republican with the strength of character, courage, and determination to take a stand against the ultimate corruption of leftism. He has smacked down the Democrat propaganda machine repeatedly. Pray he does the same here or America will be lost.

The answer to the questions is that Russia didn’t do it because a foreign power cannot alter American elections, but those operating the machines and counting the ballots can! In this year of the Chinese kung flu virus terror, Democrats have unleashed the scam of scams by using Covid as their means of cheating the 2020 election to steal power. The many tactics of this scam include:

  • Mail-in ballots that are not required to have voter ID
  • Mail-in ballots that are sent to Democrats both where they moved from and where they now live
  • Mail-in ballots that are not required to have a valid signature
  • Mail-in ballots that are sent to dead people, illegal alien foreigners, and people’s pets
  • Mail-in ballots that are returned after Election Day when they know the vote count
  • Mail-in ballots that are accounted only for Biden
  • Ballot counting machines that flip some of the votes from Trump to Biden
  • Ballot counters who throw out legitimate Republican ballots as illegitimate
  • Ballot counters who throw out Republican observers declaring Covid violations
  • Ballot counters who add boxes of anonymous ballots in the dead of night while observers are unable to watch

We know that the reporting is that 72 million people voted for Trump. Likewise, we know that Biden is said to have gotten 77 million votes. Do they expect us to believe that, despite millions of people living the great recovery of Donald Trump, there are more millions of people who hate his personality enough to destroy that economy? Democrats say their votes are not about hate. So, that’s why they haven’t been rioting, looting, burning, and murdering innocent people.

Their leftwing media propagandists blame all this violence on Republicans and their liberal lemmings believe them. Liberals also parrot the Democrat mantra that they don’t see any evidence of election fraud. You have to either be a blithering idiot or have your head buried so far up your rectum that you are unable to see, hear, or smell anything other than what Democrats shovel as truth. We can verify that another five to ten million Republican ballots were destroyed by Democrat operatives and that more Democrat operatives manufactured over ten to twenty million false ballots for the DNC. Only an investigation will find this and Democrats don’t want those investigations to happen so they can continue to proclaim their innocence.

We know that Democrat voter fraud in the past has easily accounted for 10% of their vote. Now we have double that, at least, with their Covid scam. We also know they destroy Republican ballots which probably accounts for a 5% reduction in the GOP vote. Now we have double that, at least, with their Covid scam. Democrats do not want a recount. They will delay in court as much as possible so that this doesn’t reach the Supreme Court where they don’t have enough Democrat activists to flip a ruling. They will try to keep this from being ruled upon until Inauguration Day when Pelosi and Biden will march a military force to the White House to overthrow Trump via a military coup.

If they can overthrow the Trump administration and install their own regime then the multitude of treasonous Democrat crimes committed in the last twelve years will all be swept away forever. America will fall to Democrat’s socialist oligarchy as they use their proven voter fraud techniques successfully. They will steal all future elections making Republicans and patriots never again capable of challenging their power. If this investigation into the depths of their voter fraud does not result in keeping Trump in power, rejecting the Democrats elected who should have lost this vote, and sending Democrat operatives from their street thugs to their election fraudsters to their leadership to prison then American truth and liberty will fail.

Tucker Carlson just a minor investigation reveals millions of ballot frauds

[Author’s Note: We knew months ago that Democrats would use mail in ballots to commit election fraud. They are going to want to stop any investigations. We are left with the choice of investigating election fraud to a conclusion or submitting to leftists usurping power. President Trump must arrest all these Democrat traitors or surrender American liberty forever. Democrats incite violence and blame Republicans for this 2nd Civil War of their making. Trump fought for four years to stop Democrats from overturning the 2016 election. He’s not about to submit to them stealing the 2020 election.

Stand with him against the tyrannical forces of the lying left and keep America free, fair, and great! The Democrats who will use a military coup to overthrow the president are trying to say he will use a military coup to overthrow Biden. America only has one president at a time and the next president is not sworn in until the vote counting is over. Tell Democrats to gft and keep them from marching on the White House by any means necessary!]

President Trump Wages War on Democrat Election Tampering

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FEC Chairman: “I Do Believe There Is Fraud in These Places — If The Law Is Not Followed It Makes This an Illegitimate Election”

Press Secretary McEnany Announces 234 Pages of Affidavits Alleging Election Irregularities in Michigan

“Dominion” Voting Systems Whistleblowers Are Coming Forward

 CRIMINAL: Democrats Openly Urge Voter Fraud By Temporarily ‘Moving’ To Georgia

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1 Response to The 2020 Great Covid Election Scam

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    To Progressives, “future slave labor” the only ones capable of tampering with election results are Conservatives and those they are loyal to which is the wicked Republican party who unlike the the U.S.C.P. has not convinced them that their pathetically sad lives will mean playtime from birth to grave.


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