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America’s 21st Century Civil War – Democrats Fiddle as America Burns

As in every natural disaster, the people come together while the politicians work to tear us apart.  This crisis is not just Democrat’s dream but may well have been orchestrated and manufactured by them with the aid of the Red … Continue reading

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Surviving a Twitter Sh*t Storm

Last week CNN launched a vicious series of slanders of President Trump in an effort to create and boost their narrative that Donald Trump is a racist maniac.  As is his nature, President Trump lambasted them as the cretins they … Continue reading

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CNN Fake News Terrorizes Christian Teens

Over the weekend a group of Democrat haters accosted a group of Christian teens wearing MAGA caps.  The leftist media portrayed it as the opposite saying that the teens were racists mocking Native Americans.  The teens are now the targets … Continue reading

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How Leftist Democrats Perpetrate the Dumbing Down of America

Leftism relies on ignorance.  Their liberal fascist censorship is ruining the public forum.  Facebook, Twitter, and Google shadow banning of conservatives is not making America a better place.  CNN and the MSM promoting stories they know are fake and not … Continue reading

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Who is Wrong – Trump or the Media He Says are the Enemy of the People?

Which side is wrong?  Is it President Trump for saying that the leftwing media is the enemy of the people for telling lies, smearing Republicans, propagandizing fake news, and covering up Democrat crimes?  Or is it the leftwing media for … Continue reading

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CNN Shows what Deranged Indoctrination Looks Like

Democrats are saying the Parkland school shooter is a victim of Republicans, that the NRA is to blame for these murders, and that Trump is doing damage by pointing out that he is crazy.  Liberals are proving in an extremely … Continue reading

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The 1st Amendment Does NOT Protect Fake News and Heckling

President Trump ousted CNN’s Jim Acosta from a White House briefing yesterday for heckling him again.  The last time Acosta heckled him to answer a bogus question to which Trump responded, “You’re fake news.”  Liberals believe their lies and abuses … Continue reading

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The Liberal Who Cried ‘Rape!’

I wonder if most liberals are familiar with “The Boy Who Cried Wolf?”  Considering how young fools believe wise old sayings are obsolete rather than the wisdom of prior generations, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the answer … Continue reading

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Democrats Repeatedly Getting Trumped

Fake news and fake prosecution are propaganda and persecution.  Witch-hunting leftists believe they can charge the President of the United States with Obstruction of Justice for using his presidential authority performing his presidential duties.  If that were true then Obama … Continue reading

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