Democrat Debates Revealing the Two-Faces of Leftism

Democrats declaring Trump is racist because the defends the border, that he “rips families apart.”  It wasn’t racist or hateful when Clinton signed those laws for illegal immigrants, or when he, Bush, and Obama enforced them.  It is two-faced when say they would “protect” the border, while they would allow human traffickers and drug mules to keep their child slaves, and that they would not only grant amnesty to these people but give them taxpayer paid benefits.  American taxpayers have to work for their healthcare and Democrats want to take more of their money to provide it for free for those who entered the country illegally.  Why don’t we decriminalize drug smuggling and sex trafficking while we’re at it?  Democrats prove that they haven’t changed since the days when they fought wars to keep their slaves.

Some Democrat debate analysis

How two-faced are Democrats to take the “Pledge of Allegiance?”  They have no respect for this nation or its laws.  They want to transform America into Amerika as their socialist toilet with themselves as the ruling elites reigning over the masses.

Donald Trump didn’t create or increase the racial divide in America.  America’s first African-America Moslem communist president did.  Offering to steal from white people who never owned slave to give billions of dollars to black people who were never slaves isn’t offering to right a wrong or be righteous.  Stealing is never righteous.  It is encouraging blacks to be criminals, to not go to school, to glorify being thugs and gangsters and pimps and drug dealers as if that is something to which to aspire.  Leftists are the ones who call businessmen criminals while they call crime lords “businessmen” instead of thieves.

Democrats were really made to look like fools when Delaney (D-MD) spoke good moral sense pointing out that all of their socialist pie in the sky promises are empty.  Why is this man a Democrat?  Could it be because, like all Democrats, he profits from the criminals he supports?  None of them say anything against Antifa terrorist violence.  Just because these vicious militants haven’t killed anyone yet, they think they are not really terrorizing anyone.  Like all of their criminals, Democrats protect and reward them for breaking the laws Americans put in place to protect citizens.

Some Republicans foolishly excuse Democrats because these militants comprise a very tiny percentage of their people.  This is the same fallacy as those who excuse Islam because jihadi terrorists are such a tiny minority of Moslems.  But that ignores the facts that Democrats and Moslems endorse their terrorists with their silence stealthily encouraging them.  Democrat mayors tell their police not to arrest Antifa Nazi thugs when they attack people and destroy property.  They will continue to operate until righteous Americans like President Trump declare them to be the outlaws that they are.  Like the James Gang, Bonnie & Clyde, and Billy the Kid, they are not the righteous freedom fighters Democrats claim them to be.

Two-faced Democrats must promise their base free benefits and open borders in the primaries, then promise the country in the general election that they were lying, but were they?  They promise to increase taxes on the upper class.  Governors recognize that this will cause a loss of revenue as jobs go bye-bye and more middle-class people are forced to turn to welfare as they were under Obama.  They slammed ObamaCare that is their own creation and blamed Republicans for their debacle.  Warren said, “We are the Democrats and we are not about trying to take away healthcare from anyone.  That’s what Republicans are trying to do.”  As if!

Sanders promises to take health insurance away from a hundred and eighty million people to force them into government healthcare – again!  Biden has even had the gall to repeat Obama’s lie that, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”  How stupid do they believe American people to be to play the “fool me twice” game?  Free school, free healthcare, free jobs, free citizenship along with free benefits and free money, plus decriminalizing crimes for anyone entering the country illegally.  Why not decriminalize all drug smuggling, human trafficking, and MS-13 gang members?  That’s what Democrats are all about.

They have made it painfully clear that the Democratic Party still supports slavery despite their denials, and that their true nature, that Trump has forced them to expose, they still try to conceal with their charades speaking out of both sides of their faces.

There is an old story told in Disney’s movie, “Tomorrowland,” that is outstanding in how it applies to American politics.

Feed the right wolf

There are two wolves and they’re always fighting.

One is darkness and despair.

The other is light and hope.

Which wolf wins?

Answer: Whichever one you feed.

Liberals keep voting for democratic socialism that leftists promise will bring them prosperity while delivering them to misery because they repeatedly tell them that Republicans are to blame.  What will it take for them to figure that –

Democrats are the wrong wolf

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