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Liberal Fascism, Leftist Greed, Democrat Cheaters

Biden talks about another lockdown that will finish many small businesses, and if that doesn’t do it then his $15 minimum wage will. He will reimpose Obamunism taxes on all Americans from corporate taxes on businesses that endorse Republicans to the ObamaCare mandate on the poor and middle class. His renewing Obama’s crushing regulations will drive industries back to China. Mobster run unions will rule jobs so only Democrat slaves will work. Tack on tuition forgiveness and the Green New Deal and you have a destitute America. The result will be millions of Americans in poverty desperately begging for salvation and willing to sell their souls to the left. Continue reading

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Forging a Global Utopia

Democrats believe they can create a New World Order wherein they can live in Utopia!  This fantasy is based on liberal beliefs that socialism is fair for all people where need and greed will be abolished.  While this is portrayed … Continue reading

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How Democrats Obscure the Truth 

Deception, Distraction, Denial.  These are the methods by which leftists subvert people’s minds.  President Trump is hated for his refusal to fight by their rules as hobbled Republicans always have but turns their own weapons against them.  President Trump has … Continue reading

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Obama punishes Brits with trade embargo for defying Islamist immigration agenda

The war of words between the left and right: L – “Build bridges not walls.” R – “You no more build a bridge to people who want to kill you than you leave your doors unlocked and allow strangers into … Continue reading

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