How Democrats Obscure the Truth 

Deception, Distraction, Denial.  These are the methods by which leftists subvert people’s minds.  President Trump is hated for his refusal to fight by their rules as hobbled Republicans always have but turns their own weapons against them.  President Trump has unleashed patriotic Americanism on them around the world with righteous leaders stepping up beside him.

  1. Deception
    • The Big Lie
    • Pretense pretending conservatism
    • Slandering righteousness redefining radical extremism
  2. Distraction
    • Flooding the Zone
    • Mockery using smears
    • Taking credit for the achievements of others
  3. Denial
    • Defining deviancy down denying facts
    • Blaming others for problems they create
    • Projecting their motivations onto others

Democrats have many ways of deceiving people through their multifaceted propaganda campaigns.  They have television programs like Madam Secretary that churn out propaganda as if it is true to life depicting some of America’s best allies like Poland and Hungary as enemies of the new world order.  How many liberals actually believe this show depicts real events like “climate migration?”  The only truth is that leftists are starting wars in third world countries to force people to flee and then claiming they are seeking refuge from climate change.  Liberals believing this twaddle are just plain dumb.

In the Democrat coup, Mueller & Co. did not conduct an investigation into Russian collusion because they knew it didn’t exist.  Their “investigation” was obstruction to coverup Democrat crimes.  They are saying Trump is weaponizing the DoJ against them when they have already done so against Trump and Americans.  Mueller’s indictment of Russian interference was smoke to conceal his true intent by claiming Russian advertisements somehow interfered in the election, while Rosenstein admitted up front that nothing was changed in the election by any Russian propaganda.

Mueller’s sole intent and actions were to go fishing for crimes and, when none were found, creating some to coerce Trump associates to spill dirt on him.  They used Gestapo tactics on men like Flynn and Manafort.  Flynn was forced to confess to lying to the FBI when he didn’t in order to save his family from persecution.  Manafort was convicted on minor illegal offenses decades in the past with NYC joining in the persecution vowing to prosecute him for the same offenses if the president gave him a pardon.  This isn’t justice.  This is fascism.

Liberals are ignorant of the facts, deny those facts that don’t fit in with their preconceived illusions, and manufacture fictions to which they adhere.  Racism, climate change, and fascism are all products of leftism smearing the righteous to obscure the truth.  That truth is that leftism is responsible for the destruction the world suffered in the 20th century and is currently laying the foundation for the destruction they will wreak in this next century.  Those who stand against their new world order are all depicted as evil haters when it is they hating on liberty and Christianity who are the haters.

Examples of leftist propagandizing people oblivious of their actions:

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