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Propaganda Over Census and Epstein

Democrats are setting themselves up for another plunge off the cliff ala Wile E. Coyote.  They are all screaming emphatically that Jeffrey Epstein is directly linked to Trump instead of Bill Clinton.  Once again, they prove that they will not … Continue reading

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How Leftist Democrats Perpetrate the Dumbing Down of America

Leftism relies on ignorance.  Their liberal fascist censorship is ruining the public forum.  Facebook, Twitter, and Google shadow banning of conservatives is not making America a better place.  CNN and the MSM promoting stories they know are fake and not … Continue reading

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Make America Great Again – Burn Stupid Snowflakes

If you tell a liberal “snowflake” you are for a border wall and he calls you a racist just reply, “I know you are, but what am I?”  BURN! Why does this silly elementary insult work with liberalism?  Because Democrats … Continue reading

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Democrat’s Create Myth of Blue Wave

Both Democrats and NeverTrumper Republican faux conservatives are gleefully announcing a “blue wave” in November that will sweep Republicans out of Congress and allow them to impeach Trump.  Why are they so happy about it when Trumpsters won every special … Continue reading

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