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Black lives won’t matter until they matter to black people

BLM declaring they want to save black lives by eliminating racist white cops is a black lie straight from the black hearts of leftists! They are not fighting racism; they are perpetrating it against whites. They are not fighting for … Continue reading

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Democrats celebrate 5th anniversary of Ferguson

Democrats Presidential candidates are again tweeting the exposed lie that Michael Brown was murdered by a racist white cop while trying to surrender.  They are celebrating the life of a vicious criminal thug killed while trying to murder a police … Continue reading

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Liberal Fascists Blame Trump for Racism

It didn’t take a day for Roseanne to go from making an off-color joke mocking Valerie Jarrett to being the leading “Nazi White Supremacist of the Trump regime.”  Leftist liberal Democrats demonize Trump at every opportunity.  One liberal even went … Continue reading

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