Who Jesus Hates

If you listen to anti-Christian leftists, you would think that the stories about Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump promoting hate and racism is in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ to hate sinners. They use this lie to dupe ignorant liberals who don’t know what Rush, Trump, or Jesus actually said and did. They instill anger and fear in them to discourage them from listening to the righteous and learning the truth.

The truth is that they are the lemmings being misguided by deceivers and manipulated by pathological liars who control their thoughts by inciting their emotions to the negative pole of human emotions. Telling them that truth is fake news and fake news is truth is how they misguide the ignorant who suffer the dysfunction of immature thinking.

Rush Limbaugh always spoke of love of country and people, but also chastised liberals and leftists for their hate, anger, fearmongering, and deceptions, which is why they hated him so much as to create lies about him. The liberal women of The View carried out this propaganda smear to demonize him just as they demonize President Trump. The left demonizes the righteous in every way just as they have demonized Jesus.

To the left, God is the oppressor and Satan is the liberator. To the anti-Christian, anti-God leftist, Heaven is Hell where everyone is forced to be a slave praying to God. They believe Hell is Heaven where everyone gets to do drugs and have orgies. The left’s thinking is backwards and warped believing that God’s Love forces subjugation but that false gods reward those who submit to them with Paradise.

‘The View’ hosts trash Rush Limbaugh, say he ‘normalized hatred’ for ‘people sitting in their trucks’

This is why the left is never right in triggering liberals backwards think. Leftist liberals see humanity through the mirror of their dysfunctional immature mentality projecting their own bigotry onto others. Their ideology that racism is systemic in white people is the pure bigotry of their own systemic racism against whites – especially Christian conservatives. Their version of justice is to convict people on the basis of false accusations just as the witch hunters of Salem did along with their predecessors of the Inquisition. Their truth is based on false facts rendered from twisted logic formed by dysfunctional minds. Their mentality is that of the ignorant immature being so arrogant as to believe they know better than others despite being devoid of education and knowledge.

They smear those who know more than themselves on the basis that others are ignorant unless certified by university degrees in the field – and even then, it doesn’t matter if that knowledge is in disagreement with the liberal’s opinions. They never consider that others are more educated than they because they expect everyone to be as ignorant as themselves. They strive to shut up conservatives who try to teach them about the government, economics, taxes, science, and the military by declaring that they must have paid degrees to know any facts. This kind of self-perpetuating stupidity is why liberals are leftist’s favorite dupes.

To understand the difference between a conservative, a liberal, and a leftist, one must understand the difference between knowledge, ignorance, and deception. An educated person will question a statement that doesn’t make logical sense. They will investigate to find the truth. This is how lies are uncovered. Liberals do not investigate or exercise independent critical thought. They are told they do, thoughtlessly believing what they are told because it appeals to their immature egos.

Deceivers love to misguide these people and become angered at conservatives who expose their lies. To recognize deceivers, which is the basis of all leftism to con people into following their lead and giving them what they want at the people’s expense, is paramount to surviving and excelling in this world. Until you learn to investigate what people say and see through the real lies and not just accept the word of liars out of hand, naïveté will be your greatest handicap in life.

Here’s a clue as to where to begin. When someone tells you something about someone else, accept what they say but investigate for yourself. An angry ex-wife can tell you her ex-husband molested their children and has a police record. Until you see that record and find out that he never touched them but that their complaint was something like he was seen naked, and that was used by the wife to divorce a man she had come to hold in contempt, then the man you would condemn turns out to be the victim rather than the perpetrator. There are always two sides to every story, and you cannot learn the truth about the other side from one side.

You must learn both sides and compare their stories with the facts as best you can. You cannot tell which side is being deceptive and which is honest without knowing the stories and facts from both sides. The same is true of false rape charges like those against Supreme Court Justices Kavanaugh and Thomas, or the false racism charges against President Trump and Rush Limbaugh. Anyone with the simplest of critical thinking skills can look into their lives, listen to what they actually say, and see that they are the opposite of what the left portrays them as being. The beginning of enlightenment starts with recognizing that hateful people lie about those they despise, and the leftist despise the righteous most of all.

This brings us back to Jesus. Jesus never hated anyone. He condemned sins, not sinners. He did not sit with thieves, murderers, and rapists to teach them righteousness. He sat with good people who practiced poor ethics and morality. Leftists condemn Jesus for saying, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me,” as being hateful and exclusionary. They condemn Christians for being sinners and believe themselves to be without sin. They smear Christians for their sins on the basis of being too impure to be Christians. They act as if becoming Christians meant you could never sin again.

If that were possible to become sinless then we wouldn’t need Christ. Those who are self-righteous in their hearts believing themselves to be sinless for any reason are the most two-faced hypocrites of all who judge others. All of us are guilty of the Seven Deadly Sins. It’s just a matter of which ones are worst in our hearts. Greed, envy, and anger are at the top of most people’s lists. Those who despise rich people for being rich or white people for being white are those who suffer the most from greed and envy to generate two-faced bigotry in their hearts.

Following leftists is for those who are filled with the sins of greed, envy, and anger. They become filled with hate and fear of what they do not understand. Only opening their eyes and ears to the light of liberty and the ring of truth can bring them hope that they, too, can be saved from leftism. They must be educated to come to know that stories like that of the Wandering Jew, a Jew that Jesus supposedly cursed to walk the earth without rest forever because he refused to let Jesus rest against his door while carrying His cross, is just a falsehood created for the sole purpose of smearing the love of Christ. The same is true of the Blood Libel of Jews which has also been the false accusation used against Christians in the Crusades. The ignorance of liberals about Islam is why they are so misguided as to believe the Spanish Inquisition was born of Christianity rather than Spain’s eight hundred years under Islamic rule. The Inquisition was born of Islam to reflect their intolerant “tolerance” persecuting those who refuse to submit to their ideology.

Learning the truth for yourself is not difficult. It isn’t rocket science. Being misguided by those who try to manipulate your emotions to incite your greed, fear, or hate becomes easy to spot. Emails promising rewards if you join with them or threaten if you don’t click on their link are clues to how easily deceivers can manipulate people to their own detriment. Beware, be wary, be informed and you will learn to not be deceived. Liberals are mired within the echo chamber of leftist lies until they listen to the truth spoken by men like Rush and The Donald.

As Amerika now descends into the darkness of communism under Democrat fascists, more and more Christian conservatives are being censored and persecuted. The solution to their tyranny will not be found at the ballot box that they control. For Americans to re-establish the Constitution that has become a façade for Democrat manipulators, it will take more than just dissent. No communist government ever fell to protests or voting. People must be willing to fight for what is right against what is wrong.

“The Lies of ‘Systemic’ Racism”

[Author’s Note: I know I said I was going to stop writing on this blog and I am. I am not going to go into details about Amerika’s decline under socialist Democrats. I will be starting a new blog in the future titled, “The Left is Never Right,” after my Facebook page of that name. From there I will write about the truth of socialism and republicanism, liberalism and conservatism, anti-God ideologues and Christianity. I will post my last article on this blog with a link to the new one when the time comes. Thank you for your patronage of my site. May God bless all patriots, Christians, and conservatives who strive under the iron boot of the socialist left.]

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Children are not allowed to vote, buy guns or drugs, or skip school, but they can choose to take drugs to change their gender – this is the sickness of the liberal mind and the Democrats who promote it.

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