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Arrogant Millennials Indoctrinated to Reject Wisdom as Obsolete

What could be more foolish than rejecting good moral sense only because you didn’t invent it yourself?  This is the arrogance of Millennials as typical, immature young people who think they know all the answers when they don’t even understand … Continue reading

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American citizens vs. Uneducated Mob

Nasty Trump, Lyin’ Ted, Nazi Republicans, white supremacists, white nationalists, racists, xenophobes; these are just a few of the epithets used by Democrats to slander Republicans.  The left always dismisses their own bigotry that is their history and believes they … Continue reading

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The First Purge – Liberal’s Deranged Dystopian Future

This latest delusional future manufactured by leftists encompasses everything that is wrong with liberal mentality.  Liberals are so ignorant they think movies like this, and “The Day After Tomorrow,” and “Ready Player One,” are documentaries rather than the fiction of … Continue reading

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Leftarts indoctrinate children who believe in truth and righteousness

LEFTARTS – Leftwing America-hating radical terrorist socialists who are liberals lacking a moral compass.  Learning to think morally does not mean learning to reject God. American liberals have been indoctrinating children into their deviously flawed ideology for decades through schools, … Continue reading

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