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TRUE the VOTE! To believe in Democrats you have to be stupid!

Believing Democrats is for suckers! Do you believe Democrats are for the little guy? You have to be stupid. Along with taking people’s healthcare away to force them to buy ObamaCare and tripling premiums, ObamaCare imposed a penalty tax on … Continue reading

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Trump & Russia – Fraud; Obama & Muslim Brotherhood – Fact

MSNBC pundits stuck both feet in their mouths again and swallowed another phony report that Donald Trump is funded by eeeeeevil Russian oligarchs.  They continue to ignore the established fact that Barack Obama used billions of American taxpayer dollars to … Continue reading

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Democrats warn of Russian boogeymen to conceal their guilt

Democrats are saying Trump must be impeached before the Russians help him steal another election.  They are deliberately obstructing justice by attempting to hamstring AG Barr from investigating their criminal spying and attempted coup of President Trump.  Are they being … Continue reading

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Democrat Hypocrisy is Impossible When They’re Naturally Two-Faced

“Honolulu burns in nuclear fireball; Democrats blame Trump!”  This will be Hawaii’s epitaph from Democrat news activists that will omit the lead-in that Democrats sabotaged the peace process to end America’s longest war.  Some of us will just laugh at … Continue reading

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Trump Declares Emergency to Finish the Wall, Pelosi Threatens Gun Confiscation

Congress sent President Trump a bill that virtually halts any more construction on the border.  Democrats and their RINO allies submitted just $1 billion for border security denying any funds to increase agents and putting such restrictions on building any … Continue reading

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Liberal Democrats are #MeTwoFaced

Fool Me Once, Twice, Three Times I’m Out! Liberal are out of touch with reality choosing to believe what they are told and adhering to it even when it is proven a lie.  Young people tend to believe the first thing … Continue reading

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Democrat Operative Inside White House Brags About Sabotaging Trump

The New York Times published an op-ed by a source they say is an anonymous operative in the White House on Trump’s staff.  He says he and his comrades are running interference on Trump to “protect the nation from his … Continue reading

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Trump the True and Righteous Man

“White Supremacists” is the slander by which the Left tries to smear Trump Republicans as racist xenophobes because they want secure borders and a safe country.  “Literacy privilege” is a derivative of “white privilege,” which is the insane hatred by … Continue reading

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To tell the trooth

It’s the Mainstream Media’s ‘Warped Speed’ show!  Another lying MSM Reporter asked WH Spx Spicer, “Is it your intention to tell the truth from that podium?” Spicer spars with reporter Spicer replied, “I believe we have to be honest with … Continue reading

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