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When Stupid Liberals Talk – Their Anti-Wall Insanity

Pelosi – “Walls are immoral.”  Schumer – “Walls don’t work.” “This is a manufactured crisis.” WTF is wrong with their brains? This is no more a “manufactured crisis” than “Islamophobia” is an irrational fear of jihadis.  The only fear-mongering that … Continue reading

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The Righteous Prosecute, Leftists Persecute

Mueller is proving that torture works.  If you persecute someone and threaten them with death or lifetime imprisonment you can make them say anything you want.  Mueller has done that to Trump’s lawyer Cohen, Paul Manafort, and Gen. Flynn.  All … Continue reading

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AG Sessions may be held in Contempt of Congress

Sessions is proving the adage; “It’s not what we say, but what we do that defines us.” How does a Republican AG who supports President Trump obstruct a Republican Congress from investigating Democrat crimes?  Lois Lerner was held in contempt … Continue reading

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