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The 2020 Election Investigation Reveals Democrat’s Communist Plot

Where was the AG, FBI, and DoJ during Democrat’s election rigging? Why wasn’t anyone in place to immediately arrest Democrats when they violently pushed Republican observers out of the ballot counting rooms? Why wasn’t anyone ready to seize these voting machines the moment their cheaters claimed millions of Biden votes miraculously showed up to save the country from Hitler? Where were the Republican legislatures when authoritarian governors and their AGs illegally changed election law to allow anonymous mail-in ballots? Why is not every Republican screaming over this election being stolen from the people? Continue reading

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When Stupid Liberals Talk – Their Anti-Wall Insanity

Pelosi – “Walls are immoral.”  Schumer – “Walls don’t work.” “This is a manufactured crisis.” WTF is wrong with their brains? This is no more a “manufactured crisis” than “Islamophobia” is an irrational fear of jihadis.  The only fear-mongering that … Continue reading

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Democrat Persecution MUST BE DESTROYED!

Democrats are waging WAR on the Republican Party and the people of the United States by undermining the President to subvert the government and foment a coup to overthrow Trump.  Anyone who stands against their agenda to make America into … Continue reading

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A Conspiracy Theory with Teeth

Release the Memo: While Democrat’s Russian collusion story has fallen apart, and they are trying to spin straw into gold with obstruction charges of a non-existent crime, the true conspiracy of Democrats inside the Deep State is being revealed that … Continue reading

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