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Democrats LOVE to Bury Republicans

Liberal Democrats love Republicans who do as Democrats tell them to do so they fail.  President Bush 41’s greatest mistake was to do what Democrats wanted and break his campaign promise by passing their new tax on the rich.  That … Continue reading

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The First Purge – Liberal’s Deranged Dystopian Future

This latest delusional future manufactured by leftists encompasses everything that is wrong with liberal mentality.  Liberals are so ignorant they think movies like this, and “The Day After Tomorrow,” and “Ready Player One,” are documentaries rather than the fiction of … Continue reading

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Liberals Justify Their Hatemongering as Righteous, even as ‘Jokes’

This weekend’s White House Correspondence Dinner put on full exhibition the hate and poison by the Left against Trump and righteous voters.  Liberals believe they can justify anything, including their bile spewed under the guise of comedy.  Saying that Republican … Continue reading

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The Great Trump Depression

Unlike The Great Obama Depression; 2009 – 2017 that was conducted via a stealth campaign to conceal the effects of Obama regime directives, the Great Trump Depression is not an economic depression, but a spiritual depression.  Liberal Democrats are in a … Continue reading

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Leftists Lie – Why Democrats Always Get It Wrong

The primary reason that liberals gravitate to Democrats is their lack of understanding of human nature, ignorance of current events, and knowledge of history along with their inability to see through lies, penetrate subterfuge, and recognize propaganda.  Obama continues to … Continue reading

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