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More Backwards Liberal Thinking – Congress Paving the Way for Illegal Aliens

Obama Democrats and their RINO allies passed a budget bill that basically paved the road to America in gold for illegal aliens.  They attempted to strip President Trump of any authority for securing the border.  President Trump immediately declared a … Continue reading

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Trump Declares Emergency to Finish the Wall, Pelosi Threatens Gun Confiscation

Congress sent President Trump a bill that virtually halts any more construction on the border.  Democrats and their RINO allies submitted just $1 billion for border security denying any funds to increase agents and putting such restrictions on building any … Continue reading

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All Democrat Dogma is Based on a False Premise

“Donald Trump just wants a wall because he’s racist.  Just having a wall on the border won’t work.” WRONG!  STUPID!  LIES! A border wall to enhance security and restrict the flood of illegal immigrants into America is a necessary element … Continue reading

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Honest Democrat is an Oxymoron

Are Democrats even capable of telling the truth anymore?  Newly elected Moslem woman declares that she wants to impeach “the motherf***” Trump.  Democrats say she is justified in using that language because they believe that “Trump has lowered the standards … Continue reading

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Democrats Now Serve in the Church of Pelosi

Having faith in Democrats is for fools.  Just consider this statement by their re-elected Speaker: “Walls are immoral.” – repeat Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Democrats offer Trump a deal to give a penny for a dollar to … Continue reading

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Immigration: The leftist fallacy and subversion of America

Democrats are not interested in making a deal with President Trump that would result in border security.  That is, not unless they can extort money and power from the people.  They want to make foreign invaders citizens.  Becoming an American … Continue reading

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Trump is Murdering Refugee Children which is like Killing the Baby Jesus

This is blasphemy of the first order.  Not anything that President Trump has done.  But by leftist Democrats who are excoriating President Trump as murdering refugee children on the border.  Latino-communist invaders are neglecting children to the point of death … Continue reading

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Schumer Keeps Government Shutdown to Prevent Border Security

Democrats are proving that they not only will not work with President Trump to secure the border any more than they will work with him toward the betterment of the nation.  The people who cried “danger” when President Trump emplaced … Continue reading

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Trump Abandons Obama’s War as Leftist Media Tries to Slut Shame Him

Remember these axioms of leftism; You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Leftists take credit for the success of others and blame others for their own failings. Never let a disaster or tragedy go to waste. In … Continue reading

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The Trump Shutdown Show

5,000,000 Americans will DIE on Christmas Day!  It’s ARMAGEDDON for America! President Trump has shut down the federal government over the fight for the border wall with Democrats right before Christmas Day causing the deaths of millions of Americans.  Children … Continue reading

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