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Media Gaslights Spying on Trump

Gaslighting: The act of manipulating a person by twisting the facts to convince them that what they know is false. Democrat media is gaslighting their viewers declaring that the Obama regime was legitimately concerned about Russian influence in the election … Continue reading

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Trump Vows to Investigate the Democrat’s Attempted Coup

Democrats are saying that President Trump is “breathing new life into the ‘disproven’ rightwing conspiracy theory that Trump was spied on” after they just spent the last two years bragging about spying on Trump! Trump calls out Democrat coup attempt … Continue reading

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Democrat Operative Inside White House Brags About Sabotaging Trump

The New York Times published an op-ed by a source they say is an anonymous operative in the White House on Trump’s staff.  He says he and his comrades are running interference on Trump to “protect the nation from his … Continue reading

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