To tell the trooth


It’s the Mainstream Media’s ‘Warped Speed’ show!  Another lying MSM Reporter asked WH Spx Spicer, “Is it your intention to tell the truth from that podium?”

Spicer spars with reporter

Spicer replied, “I believe we have to be honest with the American people.  I think sometimes we can disagree with the facts.”

But facts are a funny thing even when science is involved.  Democrats believe climate change to be a scientific fact that Republicans do not believe.  But the fact is Republicans do believe in climate change, just not as Democrats do.  Republicans recognize that climate change is a fact that occurs naturally due to solar changes over which mankind has no control.  Democrats believe man is causing climate change through carbon emissions and can control the climate of the planet by changing their energy use by producing less carbon dioxide and methane.  One is the truth.  The other is a fact only because people believe it.

CO2 global warming lies

What Spicer should have said was, “I’ll answer that question if you can honestly answer – have you told lies?”

If the reporter says no he is a dishonest liar because there is not a human being on the planet in all of history who does not tell lies without exception.  If he says yes then Spicer’s reply is, “Then why should I answer you when you’re going to lie about it?”

To liberals, truth is in the eye of the beholder.  Truth is relative.  And truth is malleable.  Not only can liberals not handle the truth, they can’t tell what the truth is.  That’s why they have no problem telling thousands of lies about Trump, Christianity, America, patriots, the TEA Party, conservatives, Republicans, and virtually everything.  There is nothing the Left does that is honest about which they can be truthful except that they lie and deceive to which they will never admit.

Kellyanne tears into media; they’re not reporters, but professional hacks

The architects of fake news say Trump and Spicer are liars.


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