TRUE the VOTE! To believe in Democrats you have to be stupid!

Believing Democrats is for suckers!

Do you believe Democrats are for the little guy? You have to be stupid. Along with taking people’s healthcare away to force them to buy ObamaCare and tripling premiums, ObamaCare imposed a penalty tax on those who didn’t buy it. So, the poor had to pay for the privilege of not having healthcare. Worse, the working poor had to help subsidize Democrat’s deadbeat welfare voter slaves and illegal aliens that comprise the rest of the Democrat base, (besides their stupid, hateful commie fascists), so they would have healthcare for free! Biden won’t just raise taxes on the rich. He will reinstate this penalty that Trump eliminated. You think that would be a good thing? You have to be stupid!

Do you believe Democrat smears that Trump Republicans are white supremacy racists? You have to be stupid. There is a full video of Trump speaking of Charlottesville protesters saying that there are fine people on both sides. Leftist media edited out his condemnations of neo-Nazi white supremacists so they could falsely claim he was speaking of them as fine people. It is Democrats that are the people who fought for slavery and against civil rights. Democrats are the people who oppressed minorities and seduced them into servitude as welfare voter slaves to keep them perpetually poor. Democrats are the leftist ideology that all socialists follow from Marxism to Nazism. You think they do good things for minorities? You have to be really stupid.

Do you think Biden/Harris won’t ban fracking? You have to be stupid. During the primaries they both campaigned on eliminating all fossil fuel production in the USA. During his regime, Obama actually did so even to the point of closing all coal mines and ordering the permanent sealing of all capped oil wells. Electing Biden will give power to Democrats to make America forever dependent on Chinese coal and Arab oil. You believe what they say now in the general campaign that they really wouldn’t do that again? You have to be a really special kind of exceptionally stupid!

Do you think mail-in balloting will be done fairly and not be conducted with the most massive voter fraud in history? You don’t just have to be stupid. You have to be deaf, dumb, blind, and unable to smell. Ballots can be destroyed. Ballots can be defrauded. Ballots can be counted that should never be counted. Why else do you think Democrats demand that every vote be counted? They aren’t counting the votes of every living voting citizen. You believe this election will be anything other than a catastrophe designed to give Democrats ultimate power? You have to be a truly insane extraordinary kind of delusional stupid living in denial!

Biden knowingly falsely conflates Trump’s Constitutional right as President to appoint a justice to an empty seat on the Supreme Court with Democrat’s stated plan to pack the court by adding six additional seats to be filled by their leftwing radicals to overrule rightfully appointed justices. Democrats would make the Supreme Court 15 seats instead of 9. Talk about stupid! So, what, then next time, if Republicans are ever again able to win an election, they put ten more to counter Democrat’s stacking the court against them to make the total SC justices 25? Then what would Democrats do?

Democrats are the ones acting unconstitutionally. Biden erroneously says Trump can’t appoint a justice because voting has begun. The president doesn’t stop being president just because there’s an election even if he loses! Obama spent his last weeks as president sabotaging the nation. Biden knows he is lying. Even his dementia doesn’t override this fact. This is no different than Biden telling the lie that he would never ban fracking when he is on video repeatedly declaring during the primaries that he absolutely would. Which two-faced Biden do you believe?

Anything and everything they have been saying about Trump Republicans for five years has been nothing but outright lies that only the stupidest haters believe. Russian collusion, racism, Covid, the economy, Impeachment, taxes, global warming, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, ad infinitum. Liberals are like jackasses pulling a cart with blinders on, not looking past what’s put in front of their noses, or thinking beyond their own stubborn beliefs in the misinformation they are spoon fed. Liberals are immature like simplistic children being told what to believe and accepting it on faith without question. They even believe simple flattery when they are told they are the smart ones, that others are stupid who don’t understand or believe in science, and that they are intellectually superior because they believe that there are more than two sexes.

Do you believe what Democrats say they will or won’t do during the general campaign overrides what they said during their primaries? They deny the harm they will do and pretend to be moderates in order to dupe those who are oblivious of what they truly intend. The “undecideds” are not the “wise and thoughtful center.” They are the oblivious who haven’t been paying attention to anything that has been happening. They have no idea what President Trump has done just as they have no idea what Obama actually did. They only believe what they are told.

That’s how campaign commercials become effective. Politicians can say anything they want, and they will be believed. They can smear their opposition with outrageous lies, and they will be believed. They can make whatever promise they like that they have no intention of keeping, and they will be believed. The love the people have for Donald Trump is based on his keeping his promises unlike every politician who has ever served. What did Barack Obama do for the American people? Give everyone healthcare? Eliminate racism? Make America strong?

The difference between Obama and Trump is black and white – and I’m not talking about the color of their skins. Obama campaigned as a Christian American but is well known by Christian Americans to be a Moslem communist. What Christian would change their name to that of their Moslem father whose religion persecutes Christianity and condemns Christians as infidels? Islam is tolerant, you think? Why do they burn down churches and not allow them to rebuild? Why do they double tax non-Moslems? Islam is as anti-Christian as they are anti-Jewish for one simple reason – because Jesus is a Jew.

What American would adopt the ideology of America’s enemies whose elites have all destroyed the prosperity of the masses over whom they rule as communist dictators? What person would believe that such a politician would do anything to benefit Americans? What person would be surprised that such a politician would resort to lies, smears, false allegations, and instilling hate through implication and innuendo? What kind of person would think such a politician would be honest and honorable, that they would make America great rather than drag America down to bow at the feet of her enemies? What kind of person would believe that such an administration would be uncorrupt and scandal free because they say so? The answer is – wait for it… a stupid person!

Do think Democrat states are governed for the benefit of the people or for the benefit of the ruling elites? Do you think Republicans states are governed for the benefit of the people or for the benefit of the ruling elites? If you think the former is for the people and the latter for the elites, why then are the people fleeing from blue states to red states? For the weather? Here’s a clue; no one is leaving California for better weather in Texas. Leftists always run their cities and states into the ground and only liberals are stupid enough to believe that they are in some way benefitting.

Democrats have kept their economies shut down far beyond anything necessary to slow the spread of Coronavirus. They are allowing rioters to run rampant, crushing their own law enforcement, and raising taxes on everyone who remains. They are counting on stealing this next election through massive voter fraud and reinstating every facet of Obamunism that shackled red states to pay for blue states. Trump eliminated the blue state federal tax exemption in which they were allowed to deduct their own high state taxes and make red states pay for their wasteful spending. Biden/Harris would reinstate that along with the ObamaCare penalty tax. Do you think Democrats will act for the benefit of the people?

Liberals have no excuse. They stupidly believe whatever Democrats tell them to believe without investigating or critically thinking. They believe they do critically think because they are told by leftists that they do when they are critical of Republicans. Stupid people don’t understand what critical thinking means. Don’t expect liberals to think intelligently, reason rationally, or act compassionately. They say they care but don’t actually do anything for others. They are too selfish and think too much of themselves.

Liberals are happy with themselves if they see something wrong and say they think it should be made right. Their idea of making something right is to steal from others to give to those who are suffering. This is the result of a warped morality by those who lack a moral compass. It is a product of self-righteous hypocrisy to believe oneself to be better than all other people by justifying one’s own crimes. It is self-delusional. Liberals believe themselves to be some kind of twisted Robin Hoods stealing from those who work for a living and giving to those who vote for a living.

Robin Hood fought the oppressive government that was persecuting his people. He didn’t steal from the rich and give to the poor. He took back the taxes that the government confiscated from the poor and gave it back to the people. Democrats aren’t the ones stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. They are stealing from the poor and then duping them into believing that when they also steal from the rich that they will make the poor richer. This is just a recipe for leftists to make the masses miserable while living in luxury themselves as the ruling elites. Have you not seen what happened when totalitarian socialism was elected to rule Venezuela? To be ignorant of this takes a truly twisted form of stupid that lives in denial and deludes oneself with an unreal fiction.


All liberal websites and campaigns to “Vote for your life.” “Vote or Die,” “Vote for whatever,” are all leftist Democrat sites urging oblivious fools to vote for their own destruction. Unless President Trump and Republicans are able to stifle this election fraud on as grand a scale as it is being perpetrated, America will be lost to Democrats forever. This election will be thrown into chaos like never before. Democrats will use their mail-in voter fraud to have their operatives vote for Millennials who never show up to vote. We have already found millions of ballots cast for Trump that were thrown in the trash. There have been millions of ballots sent out deliberately misprinted so they can be discounted.

Mailing in a ballot is the surest way to have your vote rejected and allow Democrats to cast your vote for you. The only way to True the Vote will be to rerun the election with a new set of parameters. Machines must be used that cast paper ballots to reflect the electronic ballot you cast, and all voters must be required to present themselves in person, prove their identity and citizenship, and mark their registration and ballot with their fingerprint in indelible ink so they cannot vote more than once. If this were done, we would discover that Democrats have somewhere between 10%-30% fewer votes than they have ever received.

That’s how deeply their voter fraud machine has corrupted elections for a century. Do you honestly believe Democrats hold the majority in this country? When 2/3rds of the country wants law and order, an end to these eternal Democrat shutdowns, rejects their communist fascism, and demands that politicians answer to them, there is no way on God’s good earth that they can get a majority vote in this country! How stupid do people have to be who don’t hate this country to vote Democrat? Trump should win with 70% of the vote if the election was 100% legitimate.

Along with expectation to steal the election with millions of mail-in votes they faked from Millennials, Pelosi openly admitted making plans to use a congressional version of the 25th Amendment to eject Biden. Stupid Joe’s dementia and his own black hearted soul will not allow him to step aside quietly. He’s a gangster as are all Democrats. That’s why extreme leftist Kamala Harris is his running mate. The woman who was so rejected by the common Democrat voter for being too leftist is a duplicitous politician in the Obama mold. She will openly lie to your face while video evidence of her true self is playing behind her. Think of all the worst anti-American, anti-Christian policies you’ve ever heard Democrats utter and she believes in all of them.

Biden is too stupid, and now too demented, to realize he won’t be president for more than a month. He’s a front man for the election as a fall guy for the radical left that will unmake America to establish themselves as one party rulers. To vote Democrat you have to be an extremely stupid, selfish, hateful person. Karma will be visited on you if you succeed in the form of once again being Democrat slaves. Not just blacks but everyone of the masses. Their leftwing media who think they will be arm in arm with these despots are so stupid they do not realize that they will be the first to be lined up against the wall and shot. President Trump has become America’s last hope to fight off the wolves. If Trump doesn’t True the Vote, then Democrats will never be held accountable for their crimes and will eventually overthrow the Constitution.

Biden saying the people do not have the right to know what he stands for before they elect him is the pinnacle of stupidity! Pay me to buy a car before I show it to you if you’re that freaking stupid – and there are no refunds! When 2/3rds of the country wants law and order and an end to these eternal Democrat shutdowns, rejects their communist fascism, and demands their politicians answer to them, there is no way on God’s good earth that they can get a majority vote in this country! How stupid do people have to be who don’t hate this country to vote Democrat? Trump should win with 70% of the vote if the election was 100% legitimate. All voter fraud must be crushed beyond their ability to revive it. Their lie that “every vote must be counted” when their tally includes millions of false ballots, that not doing so would disenfranchise minorities, that demanding ID is a violation of their rights is all just a whopping load of bullsh*t! True the Vote, President Trump. Don’t let Democrats have a single seat that is not based on accurate ballot tallies. America doesn’t need to cancel our culture. We need to cancel Democrats!

[Author’s Note: Democrats are dividing our nation with their hateful ideology of democratic socialism. I have recognized for many years that most of the crime in this country couldn’t take place without people in government who assist criminals and organized crime lords. They are the people who come from organized crime to get into politics endorsed by their criminal base and the useful idiots who believe in them endorsing their fascist communism. Democrats mostly come from crime families, from corrupt politicians, and from gangster mentality. We see this displayed in how they fight to keep the border open to give access to Mexican drug cartels and human trafficking. The fact that police organizations are endorsing a presidential candidate for the first time in history because Trump stands against Democrat gangsters should tell you everything you need to know about which party stands against criminals and which coddles them.

We see it in how people like Kamala Harris fight to put good people behind bars and free the criminals police take off the streets. The create division by ginning up phony racism by teaching minorities to glorify criminals to get them locked up or killed by police, then smear the police. These Democrats who can’t wait to smear ACB in the Senate hearings say they can’t risk their most valuable lives because of Covid fears. They are too essential to take risks, but they deserve to get paid. Meanwhile, first responders are continuing to risk their lives every day for low pay and serve the people. Tell your crappy Democrat senators to do their job and shut their mouths. ACB needs to be confirmed despite any Democrat sabotage so there is a complete Supreme Court when the voter fraud scam is unleashed smearing Republicans as racists denying the vote.

Now companies like Yelp are going to include a “racist” setting for their business ratings. This is the last straw! If you resent America because of your race, ethnicity, or national origin, then you have no place here! GTFO! Go back to the land of your ancestors. America is for AMERICANS! Not for African-Americans, not for European-Americans, and not for Asian-Americans. This is the great Melting Pot of humanity. You are either one of us or you are against all of us. If you think your origins are so supreme then go live them in your homeland. Don’t bring your sh*t here! It doesn’t matter if you were born in America if you identify with America’s enemies. The historic practice of banishment and stripping criminal terrorists of citizenship needs to be invoked once again!]

O.B.A.M.A – “One Big Ass Mistake America!” Why stupid people shouldn’t vote. Obama was elected because the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party is comprised of hateful, ignorant, stupid people who believe stealing is righteous. Electing an anti-American, anti-Christian, communist Moslem racist was America’s greatest sin of cosmic ignorance. Now they seek to compound that with massive voter fraud to steal the election for B.I.D.E.N. – “Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated.”

T.R.U.M.P. – “Truly Righteous Undaunted Manly Patriot”

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