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There are NO moderate leftists

Some Democrats say they need to nominate a candidate that is more “centrist,” “moderate,” or “middle of the road.”  I’m here to tell you there is no such thing as a moderate leftist.  That violates the very laws of nature.  … Continue reading

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Obama nuked economy in 2008 wants credit for Trump’s boom

Trump’s boom is a result of dismantling Obama’s legacy, doing away with his business choking regulations, re-opening oil drilling and coal mining, making tax cuts Obama never would, and the Moslem socialist wants credit for the boom.  Obama was a … Continue reading

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Liberal Democrats are #MeTwoFaced

Fool Me Once, Twice, Three Times I’m Out! Liberal are out of touch with reality choosing to believe what they are told and adhering to it even when it is proven a lie.  Young people tend to believe the first thing … Continue reading

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Trump’s Lawyer Cohen Drops “Truth” Bomb

Democrats would have people believe that the Trump attorney whose office was raided by Mueller dropped a truth bomb claiming that Donald senior knew in advance of Donald junior’s meeting with the Russian honeypot during the campaign, which he has … Continue reading

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