Will President Trump fail to defend America from Democrat coup?

Sen. Joe McCarthy was smeared in the 1950s for his efforts to crush communist infiltrators. Now those communists own the Democrat Party and are instituting the fascist communism on the nation.

America is about to come under Martial Law. Either President Trump will put an end to Democrat’s insurrection or Biden will declare that Republicans are conducting an insurrection the moment he is inaugurated. Either Democrats will be stripped from power and imprisoned for trial, or the people will be stripped of power and Chinese troops will move in to disarm us. If Trump moves successfully the Democrat media will smear him as Hitler seizing power. If Democrats win then it will be communists seizing power. In the former case it will be a lying smear of all things righteous. In the latter we will be slaves.

Biden Terrified Military Will ATTACK HIM Instead of Defending Him During Inauguration

Free speech is about to be criminalized

Washington and Democrat cities have been militarized against – Republican insurrection? First of all, you have to be the government before someone can rebel against you. Donald Trump is currently president, so it is Democrats who have been conducting the insurrection in their 2nd Civil War Marxist Revolution via subversion of our culture, subterfuge in our media, and sabotage of our electoral system. They have successfully stolen power and will assume the mantle of government as our socialist dictators with Biden’s inauguration. That they are afraid the military will turn on them is no empty fear. Ninety percent of the military are Christian conservatives behind Republicans. Democrats want those types weeded out of their military. That’s why Obama disarmed the military under his regime by expending their ordnance and not replenishing their ammo.

The Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America should have had the military round these Democrat insurgents all up these past few days to crush their insurrection. That he has not indicates that Democrats may be more prepared than he was for this day. In the end, either Donald Trump fails America and is destroyed, or he saves our liberty and is slandered by the left. If the reports that the Chicoms have an army in Mexico ready to invade in support of Beijing Biden are true, one of two things will be happening both of which will require Martial Law. Either President Trump will crush this coup and the Chinese will back away, or Biden will be the puppet of the Chicoms to crush American liberty.

[Author’s Note: If Democrats win then the Information Superhighway will become the Socialist Sewer Line of their propaganda. Democrats demand that Christian conservatives be silenced so they can portray us as white supremacists with impunity. This is no different than the leftists of the past who said slavery was right and that gangsters and mob bosses like Al Capone were just businessmen persecuted by the government. I remember reading about Marshall Wyatt Earp in Tombstone and seeing the movies made about him. On the one hand he is depicted as fighting a mobster gang calling themselves the Cowboys. On the other he and his brothers are depicted as being gangster thugs themselves vying for power against the other gangsters of the Clanton gang. If you believe in leftists then you believe their lies and Christians are the evil people of the world.

The leftists that want the police defunded so they people have no protections from criminals and their terrorists are the ones who militarized their cities and D.C. Those same people say that 90% of the National Guard protecting them is made up of white men and 80% of white men support Trump. Therefore, they say that 75% of the Guard is composed of white supremacists who may act against Biden. What about the other 10%? They automatically think that minorities and females all support them, but all white men are white supremacists, racists, and Nazis? Such amazingly myopic bigotry can only come from the leftist liberal backwards mind! The Republicans that don’t see through this are the ones who say we must abandon Trump and embrace Democrats, and they are the same ones who said we must let communists gain power within our education systems and media from which they have ultimately corrupted this nation. They are taken in by the lie that it was Trump supporters that attacked the Capitol police.

An indication of the vapid intellect of liberals was expressed recently in sports. Basketball player Chuck Barkley wants the vaccine first because athletes pay so much in taxes. This braindead moron doesn’t realize he is saying treat rich people first and let the old people die. This is how backwards liberals see the world. It is right when they selfishly demand superior treatment as the elites and wrong when the righteous demand everyone be treated equally. Democrats actually rioted at Trump’s inauguration want the military to crush any protests Republicans might make against Biden. It’s the typical two-faced, self-righteous hypocrisy of leftism on display. I’m praying that Donald Trump is a warrior in the mold of Wyatt Earp and George Patton. Let the left smear him all they want. The truth will be on display in our liberty as the Democrat criminals, terrorists, and insurgents are crushed. Otherwise, America will fall to socialism and live in darkness until the people rise up again.]

Rush fountain of knowledge, wisdom, and righteousness

Democrats – American’s new fascist dictators promoting racial superiority in their new gulags

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5 Responses to Will President Trump fail to defend America from Democrat coup?

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Dusty, you have chosen to blame what few patriotic citizens there are in the United States for being to lax, you may as well say too passive rather than the even fewer allegedly patriotic federal politicians who had the power to stop the crusade to convert our nation into part of a OWO enslaved to the Globalists of the world.
    Trump should have used far more drastic hardcore measures to purge our government of the loyal marionette politicians and magistrates doing the bidding of Globalists, a law limiting the maximum of $10 at a time to a political party would have put a real damper on someone like Michael Bloomberg pretty much buying and owning Ralph Northam and all of the VA legislature, you just got to love the psychotic thinking of big city folk, I meant those of the city of Richmond and not NYC since we are speaking of the state of VA and not NY.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I believe we are to blame for the deterioration of American culture and we are not few. We could have pushed back against the left’s corruption of our culture and education but did not out of some foolish sense of fairness as defined by liberals. We are the ones who let communist teachers indoctrinate our children. We let our government become thoroughly corrupted by Democrats. We have no one to blame but ourselves for America becoming a communist state.


      • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

        Wrong, we did not let Communist teachers into our school systems, all teachers are Communists by merit since they were indoctrinated in college to adhere to and embrace again that was the responsibility of those politicians claiming to be patriots to prevent, not to mention that the members of the United States Communist Party knew nations like China, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Yemen all those who oppose the principles of which our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic are based were pouring a major amount of money into programming the Indoctrinators to indoctrinate more and more to their way of thinking, when all you have is 1 very large toxic waste cesspool to draw from you are left with no choice.

        You can feel guilty all you want, but do not attempt to drag me down.


        • dustyk103 says:

          I don’t attempt to drag anyone down or feel guilty but to inform. We allowed a few communists into the system in the name of fairness and equal speech, but they used that opportunity to corrupt the system from within. They gained power and then used that power to institutionalize their corruption and drive out good teachers. Being a teacher does not make one a communist, but allowing communists to choose teachers enables them to choose only communists.


          • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

            The few teachers who remain who are not Communists are few, and as I said the indoctrination started at the top from the Universities on down.


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