The 2020 Election Investigation Reveals Democrat’s Communist Plot

No man and his comrades that steal the most important office in the world should be acknowledged as anything more than criminal insurgents working for a foreign enemy like the Chicoms. People were stupid fools when they were fooled into voting for Obama the Moslem Communist. American courts allowing this crime against humanity and liberty is a crime against God and His Son!

“President-Elect Biden, how does it feel to know you’re the patsy for your party to steal the presidency so Kamala Harris can be Obama’s surrogate for his third term to finish transforming American into a communist state?”

If you didn’t realize that Barack Hussein Obama is a communist Moslem who is leading the Democrat Party to become the socialist dictators of America then you are a liberal lemming dumbass, and you deserve the totalitarian dictatorship you voted for that will make you suffer like never before!

2020 Election Investigation

Saying Democrats are innocent of election rigging is like saying OJ is innocent of murder. “What do you mean? The glove did not fit!” There are those who speculate that it was OJ’s son who murdered his mother and he covered it up by taking the heat. That makes him innocent, right? Only lunkhead liberals who don’t understand law, ethics, or morality would think so. If that were true, then he would be an accessory to murder and equally guilty. His declaration of innocence is as bogus as Democrat’s declaration that they did not rig the election with anonymous mail-in ballots they counted after Election Day to overturn the results.

Where was the AG, FBI, and DoJ during Democrat’s election rigging? Why wasn’t anyone in place to immediately arrest Democrats when they violently pushed Republican observers out of the ballot counting rooms? Why wasn’t anyone ready to seize these voting machines the moment their cheaters claimed millions of Biden votes miraculously showed up to save the country from Hitler? Where were the Republican legislatures when authoritarian governors and their AGs illegally changed election law to allow anonymous mail-in ballots? Why is not every Republican screaming over this election being stolen from the people? Do we even have a Constitution anymore? The day President Trump concedes is the day America will die and the light of liberty from the shining city on the hill will go out forever. Our only hope will be the 2nd Coming of Christ.

Donald Trump has made threats of declassifying everything that our corrupt government does over this Democrat coup. From global warming scams to Obama’s Islamic communist heritage partnering with the Chicoms to government corruption extorting taxes to congressional coverups of sex crimes, all of it needs to be exposed so that the people know the masters to whom they will be enslaved. Democrats spent three years and a hundred million dollars investigating Trump’s life through Mueller’s microscopic anal exam and found no Russian collusion, no crimes, not even an ethical violation by which to smear him. Yet the media continues to tell their lemmings that they have proof Trump is Hitler stealing America’s prosperity.

Once these communist Democrats impose their socialist fascism on the people with their one-party rule fed by eternal election rigging, then they will feel the burn of leftism and think they are in Hell. And they will be. The 20% of criminal communists cannot allow the 80% of liberty loving Americans to live free because they must steal from us. The stupid poor who voted Democrat will find there are no jobs, and they will have to pay taxes from their welfare checks. American will become a land of parasites. There will be no more leaders and patriots. There will only be tyrants and rebels. The people will be caught between communists and criminals to live in the same Hell as the Chicom peasants who are not permitted to prosper in their cities.

Only elites like Bill Maher imagine that we want to be the corrupt criminals that infest our cities. But that’s all that will be left as they bankrupt the countryside. Republicans will become a façade for Democrats to give dissenters a voice by which to vent and expose themselves. Elections will become an exercise in futility for those who haven’t yet become apathetic. The rest of us will be finding ways to protect our money from the confiscatory taxes of leftist thieves looking to line their own pockets. Their liberal dupes will continue to subsist on their table scraps and complain about how badly Republicans abuse them. America will suffer the fate of the Roman Republic and lemmings will be forced to serve the new Amerikan Communist Empire.

Military warns Trump of regime change revolution

[Author’s Note: Black Lives Matter sh*t for brains communists who have been screaming for police to be defunded and disbanded are now crying about how they are not getting police protection from criminals. ROTFLMAO! Just wait until the party of slavery makes all citizens into subjects beneath the iron boot of their totalitarian rule. You can’t make this kind of stupidity up even in movies. Invading illegal alien communists will get the benefits to which these liberal doofuses believe themselves to be entitled. If they thought they were suffering because of Republican’s “Nazi racist KKK white supremacy,” just wait till you see the looks on their faces when they realize they are once again slaves on Democrat plantations because they haven’t realized that truth yet. Oh, and those restaurants that all closed? They will reopen under alien communista ownership tax free while Democrats work on flipping red states blue with their anonymous mail-in ballot fraud to tax them into poverty.

Seven states have sent competing Republican Electors to confront Democrat Electors in Congress on Jan. 6th. If it is ruled that election rigging is too extreme to accept Electors from either side, or if the vote has both sides receiving a majority, then the election falls to the House. Democrats control the House, but the election will be decided by one vote per state wherein Republicans control 37 states. If President Trump and VP Pence are re-elected using these constitutional rules, you can bet the Democrats will have a conniption fit and go apoplectic in rage. Their communist soldiers will take to the streets to loot, and burn, and kill. Regardless of whether or not President Trump wants to declare Martial Law, he will at that point have no choice. Martial Law will be required to put down the insurrection and to prosecute the Democrats who are leading this insurgency.]

The AMA Quietly Admits They Lied About Hydroxychloroquine (Here is more proof of two-faced leftism. How many people have Democrats murdered by declaring that Hydroxychloroquine, a drug known to be extremely safe, was toxic because it was proven extremely beneficial in treating Covid-19? Over 300,000 people have died to date, mostly in Democrat states and cities because they are denied life saving medicines. This is America’s future under Democrat rule.)

Steve Hilton – Establishment commands us to shut up and move on

Liberals are two-faced idiots bound by the anti-wisdom of immorality and ignorance.

DNI Declassifies Handwritten Notes From John Brennan, 2016 CIA Referral On Clinton Campaign’s Collusion Operation

Analysist Identifies “Phantom Voters” Used to Dilute Legal Votes in Several States

President Trump Claims He Will ‘Declassify Everything’ Over Democrat ‘Lying’ And ‘Treason’

Electors in 7 States Cast Dueling Votes for Trump (This is of vital importance to the Jan 6th election date. If there are enough electors from both sides to cast the election in doubt, then it will fall to Congress to make the choice on the basis of one vote per state in the House. Republicans currently hold the legislatures and majorities of 37 states. The election could be decided by contest here.)

Rachel Maddow spectacularly exhibits liberal’s self-delusion (Typically deceitful leftist seeing the world through the mirror of their dysfunctional thinking tries to smear the righteous as being what leftists are. Like their lies to conceal the truth saying only that states that committed voter fraud have a right to investigate that fraud. That’s as stupid as saying courts cannot try murderers but only murderers can try themselves. Leftists will smear Trump through their revisionist history as having destroyed the economy through infecting the people with a deadly virus and give Biden Democrats credit for saving people and restoring the economy. Then they will sell their souls and our bodies to the Chicoms.)

McEnany: Electoral College Vote ‘One Step in Constitutional Process,’ Trump Not Giving Up

Joe Biden Will Serve at the Pleasure of Obama

Billionaire a$$wipe Gates says it’s easy to stay locked down

Rush explains Supreme Court’s avoidance

Hillary Clinton Calls For Ending Electoral College After Casting Her Vote

Federal Judge Rules Against American Citizens To Protect Illegal Alien Invaders

Martial Law or the Death of Liberty

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

Green representing their climate change scam as well as their Islamist/Atheist alliance against capitalism. Red for the blood of American patriots they will shed to establish their dictatorship. Black for the power of Satan and their minority rule over the world.

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