Are You Voting for Democrats? Pick Your Poison Policies

With which Democrat policies do you agree?

Do you want:

  • everyone to pay higher taxes by restoring the ObamaCare mandate?
  • to allow any foreigner to come here regardless of whether or not they are criminals?
  • babies to be killed just before they are born?
  • to give illegal aliens free healthcare at taxpayer expense?
  • to defund and eliminate police?
  • American police and soldiers to be killed and maimed?
  • to force all citizens to obey government commandments?
  • all citizens to be forcibly disarmed or killed if they don’t comply?
  • to ship jobs out of the country to China, Mexico, and Ukraine?
  • to allow foreign trade partners to milk American companies?
  • to pay for the mutual defense of other nations so they can concentrate their resources on their economies?
  • to pay higher prices for foreign oil?
  • to pay higher prices for electricity by buying foreign coal?
  • to eliminate fossil fuels and nuclear power to rely solely on wind and solar power?
  • to have no air conditioning and halve heating?
  • to reduce farm production by eliminating heavy gas guzzling machinery?
  • to eliminate jet airplanes?
  • America to become a communist dictatorship?
  • to have half the population die of starvation and disease to help reduce the human population that is destroying the planet?
  • to volunteer to be part of that half by sacrificing your life for others?

Do you believe yourself to be intelligent and moral? If you answered yes to any of the above, if you vote for Democrats against Republicans, you give the lie to your false perceptions of yourself as either a moral or intelligent person. If you answered no to everything but are voting Democrat, you should be asking yourself why because in doing so you are still supporting all of these policies. If you answered yes to the second from last question and no to last question, then you have revealed yourself to be one of the most immoral of people. What kind of person wants half the people to die to make life better for themselves? This is the ideology of every socialist throughout history. It is the ideology of the 20th century socialist dictators, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao, that killed over 200,000,000 people through their purges, gulags, and concentration camps.

Democrat’s allegations against Trump have all proven false just as the accusations against themselves have all proven true. Only the most self-deluded of liberals believe otherwise. No matter how many phony science or psychological reports lie telling liberals they are rational, they’re emotionally irrational beliefs prove their psyche is as false as their global warming scam. Grow up, recognize your own flaws, and stop blaming others for the troubles you bring on yourself. Democrats cannot live a good life for you. You have to choose to make it happen or you choose to be a thief.

The greatest flaw in a democracy is that the people are easily misled and corrupted. Panderers use empty rhetoric and promises to dupe the unwitting. Barack Hussein Obama was a master orator who could spin a fable that people who didn’t know better believed. Obama was a brown thumbed bureaucrat – everything he touched turned to sh*te. He betrayed this nation on every level because he was not raised as an American to love this country. He was raised a communist Moslem to hate America. That’s why he so readily misled people with false hope and then strove to change the nation into a communist sh*thole.

Donald Trump defeating his agenda is why we have an Electoral College so that states elect leaders. That’s part of the reason why America is a republic. The flaws of a republic are also why we are a democratic republic. Unfortunately, as great as this is, no system is perfect. We still have ignorant people who are duped to fall for panderer’s scams. We still have ballot fraud that the E.C. was created to deter by giving the state’s power rather than be a democracy. This year, liberals haven’t the first clue what the agenda of Democrats is going to be or what they do. They only know what their fantasies are, and that Democrats flatter them with empty promises of rainbow dreams.

Joe Biden says, “We’re Americans and we don’t panic! We stand together! I’ll be the president who unites us, not divides us. We are a peaceful people.”

An amazing speech that is as vacant as the space between liberal’s ears. Empty rhetoric. Frilly words without an ounce of truth. They are just to make idiots feel better about themselves. What do Democrats unite? How are they brave people?

“A person can be smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it!” – Agent K, Men in Black

Remember the great toilet paper shortage of April-June 2020? Liberals are not courageous. They panic stupidly. Democrats do not unite us. They divide us black against white, gay against straight, female against male, poor against rich. And who is it in the streets burning down businesses, looting, robbing, murdering innocent people, and assassinating cops? There is not a single instance of a Republican attacking anyone else. There are only a few who acted in self-defense and they are demonized by the left as aggressors. This is how twisted leftists start fights and then blame their victims for fighting back.

Liberals are backwards in their thinking because deceitful Democrats warped their brains. The only “Russian misinformation” they have ever heard has been Democrats villainizing Trump as being and doing what Democrats actually are and do. They are the racist bigots. They are the corrupt mobsters. They are the ones making money from foreign governments by bribing and extorting them. They create hate in the hearts of their lemmings who don’t bother to investigate beyond a headline. They swallow their lies hook, line, and sinker.

It is not we of the country class but the cities that are rife with crime and corruption. Country people are full of faith and honesty. They are scorned by the leftwing elitist intelligentsia as backwards hayseeds. We, the people of the suburbs and rural America are the backbone of business, industry, and agriculture. We are the intelligently moral people of America. City people are the backbone of Democrat elitist’s slave labor and mob crime and violence. They do not build. They tear down and destroy. They are not educated. They are the ignorant masses. Bill Maher says we want to be them. I call bullsh*t!

We don’t envy them one bit. They envy us! We don’t want to be them. We detest them as much as they despise us as the uneducated masses that make up their city born welfare voter slaves. We are the educated and intelligent, the moral and compassionate, the godly and the righteous. Don’t compare yourselves to us! Your celebrity actors pretend to be us in the movies and then speak your words of scorn and derision mocking our courage, determination, responsibility, morality, and faith. Liberals and leftists are not the best of us. They’re the worst of us! They glorify criminals and then claim to be righteous. In unison, we vote for President Donald J. Trump and shout to you to GFY and your voter fraud be damned!

Kayleigh McEnany explains coming Democrat election fraud

[Author’s Note: I’m so sick to death of this stupid mask mandate. All medical professionals know they serve no purpose in preventing disease. Surgeons wear them, not to protect themselves, but to protect their patients. Only an N95 type mask protects the wearer. Democrats mandating everyone wear surgical or cloth masks is a farce they are imposing to test how easily they can make their subjects obey. May as well wear one with a slave symbol on it. It has become the American liberal hijab. The only reason to where it in public is to protect others if you are sick. The only reason we wear them now is as a courtesy to prevent liberals from freaking out and making another run on toilet paper.

As far as I’m concerned, these Democrats that hate this country and want to rule over it can eat sh*t and die! I’m making a facemask with the symbols of all their Democratic National-socialist Communist Committee’s hate groups; their Democrat D, Obama’s O, the KKK cross, BLM fist, Antifa flag, the Islamic crescent, the communist hammer & sickle, and the national socialist swastika; all symbols of leftism. These months we have seen damn fool idiot young white women yelling racial slurs at black cops. How do they think this makes them not bigots? It’s a sickness of their minds that they have been indoctrinated into fascism and cannot tell the difference.

The 2nd Civil War will not be fought at the ballot box but in the streets as Democrat thugs try to terrorize the nation. Donald Trump will win re-election easily, but then Democrats will stack the deck with their millions of bogus ballots and try to flip the election. Trump is no wimp who will surrender to Pelosi when she calls him a dictator. Only one of the two sides will be right in this fight, and it won’t be the ones who sent eighty million ballots into the wind to be returned anonymously. We’ve already found a million mailed in Republican ballots tossed carelessly into the trash. That’s probably a tenth of what has been stripped from citizen’s voting rights. This war won’t be over until one side or the other swings from a gallows.]

The Woke Smoke – those who are “woke” see the world through a haze of smoke-a-dope that may be due to inhaling. They have been taught that being racist bigots is how to fight racism. This is like Biden comparing attacks on his son’s international corruption being the same as attack on Trump’s teenage son. It’s the sickness of the twisted liberal mind. This backwards morality is what lends them the ethics to gather votes after Election Day to overturn the people’s democratic choices. They got it down to a science in Minnesota where they overturned the Senate race in 2008 by “finding” ballots after the election. This is their plan to institute throughout the country this election. President Trump is ready to challenge this in court and confront Pelosi and her military escort that tries to evict him from the White House.

President Trump’s Top Ten Achievements

BLM Foot Soldiers – Woke White Women

This election is a choice between living the American Dream or serving government masters; between helping each other or taking from others; between a re-dawning of making America great again or being perpetually locked down in Democrat’s dark winter.

Brett Favre and Lil’ Wayne endorse Trump

How We Beat Democrat Money and Lies: V-O-T-E

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“America is dead” – Joe Biden actually said this at his Iowa rally

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Transition Your Vote from Democrats – Vote for America to Rise NOT Decline

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

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