Science in government – or lack thereof (Psychology of the Masses)

Democrats love saying that Trump Republicans “don’t believe in science.” They say we believe in witchcraft because of our Christian faith. This Democrat meme that Republicans, conservatives, and Christians do not believe in science is the ultimate conceit. The only bewitching being done is by leftists mesmerizing their naïve liberal base of gullible fools with fearful doom infecting them with arrogant ignorance. The blinders of life are not on the eyes of morally educated conservatives. Liberals live in a bubble of their own tunnel vision. The delays in rescue bills inflicted on the people by Democrats attempting to extort the nation are all the proof you need to understand that fearmongering generating hate is how the left would rule.

[Author’s 1st Note: Who’s distraction whom? Is Trump trying to distract people from the virus by having FOX News focus on the Flynn exoneration, or are Democrats trying to distract the people from the truth of their coup attempt by focusing on Covid deaths? Is Trump trying to distract from the collapse of the economy by focusing on sexual molestation accusations of Biden, or are Democrats focusing on the proven lies of those who accused Trump and Kavanaugh claiming they were verified to distract from the accusations against Biden that have proof?

Biden vs. Kavanaugh: Democrats prove they are TWO-FACED SNAKES! During the Kavanaugh hearing, Biden said the standards to which the accused should be held was that the accusation should be accepted as fact requiring them to prove their innocence making men guilty until proven innocent. In righteousness to American law, Republicans said he is innocent until proven guilty and that Ford must prove her accusations to be true, which she could not. Now Tara Reid is making the same accusations against Biden, except she has witnesses and evidence with which to corroborate the facts, and Democrats are squashing the truth rather than revealing it.

Biden is saying he should be held innocent until she proves her evidence is true, also declaring that it should not be investigated based on his word. We have loads of videos of him molesting women and girls at public events. THIS IS TWO-FACED LEFTIST LIBERAL DEMOCRATS! They hold themselves, not to a higher standard, but to an elitist standard that they are not guilty of what they do but Republicans are guilty of what they are accused of doing. Only 10% of the news is dedicated to telling the truth while the 90% controlled by Democrats continues to fill the minds of oblivious people with trash. Liberals regurgitate the sh*t they swallow because, as they say in computer jargon, garbage in – garbage out.]

A Democrat “journalist” asked President Trump how he feels about governing over the deaths of more people than were lost in Vietnam? His answer should have been, “I feel that you’re an asshole. As a Democrat, how do you feel about being in favor of open borders over which drug dealers are smuggling dope that kills seventy thousand people a year? How do you, as a Democrat, feel about abortions killing more babies every year than were lost in the Civil War – America’s greatest tragedy?” As Republicans ease quarantine restrictions to bring America back to life, Democrats clamp down unleashing the wrath of the people protesting their tyranny.

Like their climate change and Russian collusion scams, this Coronavirus is looking more and more like it is a hoax being perpetrated on the nation. Studies are finding that 50 times more people have Coronavirus antibodies than believed.  If that’s the case then the death rate in the USA isn’t 5%, but .1% like any influenza virus. If that proves to be true, then the sole purpose of this plague scare was only to destroy the great economy that Trump capitalism enabled to bloom in this nation by destroying socialist Obamaism.

We will know the truth of this when campaigning Democrats declare that this shutdown didn’t save any lives. We will know when they blame capitalism for the crash of 2020 rather than their plague of fear born of their hate. Either President Trump saved a million lives from a plague or this was a scam run by Democrats with their Chicom allies to crush America’s economy. The Chinese have made billions by stealing from America while engaging in trade with Democrat’s assistance. President Trump forcing leftists to trade equitably does not sit well in the stomachs of thieves.

The doctors at Trump’s side are continuing to call for social distancing despite people now wearing masks. The six-foot rule is to keep people without masks separated to allow most of the moisture that comes out of their mouths when talking to fall. Ten to thirty feet applies to coughing and sneezing. If the cloth on your face captures that moisture, then there is no need for social distancing. Restricting people from being outdoors where it is well known that UV rays destroy viruses, and where the wind carries it away unlike indoors where droplets can linger is just promoting ridiculous fears of the absurd giving power to tyrants to persecute people.

Some of these “scientists” are saying we must keep the economy shut down until a vaccine is created – which may be never. This proves that they are not using medical science, or economic good sense, or even moral sense. They are trying to fearmonger people into accepting a collapse of this great economy to become dependent on government assistance to survive. All that guarantees is the power of government to take from those who work for a living to be absolute and make the masses their slaves by giving to those who vote for a living. If we find out that these studies expose this as being any other flu virus, then we will have all the proof necessary to spit in Democrat’s lying faces!

Listening to the likes of the Wicked Witch of the West, Pelosi, espouse galactic stupidity claiming that Trump said he wants people to inject Lysol into their lungs or drink bleach is so insane that anyone with a brain recognizes this is a crazy lie. But liberals lack the moral compass to separate fact from fiction or truth from lies. They are easily duped by misinformation and warped logic. When an intelligent person hears such crazy talk, they investigate to learn the truth. It is the “not so scientific” liberals who swallow whatever is spooned into their mouths despite the taste.

That Democrat mayors and governors are asking for bailouts are outrageous demands relying on liberal’s economic ignorance to perpetuate. Government makes money by taxing people. Democrats demanding to use Corona rescue money to save businesses is proof that their only goal is to steal from the people. They get their taxes from these businesses. If businesses get rescue money, then they can pay their bills including their taxes. If Democrat governments take that money first, they eliminate the need for taxpayers. What they will do when they run out of taxpayers is common knowledge for anyone who understands socialism. This is just the left wanting to steal from fiscally responsible Republicans until the nation is laid waste.

Pelosi and her cohorts in stealing from taxpayers are declaring they will force their agenda down Republican’s throats before they allow any more rescue bills to pass. The Green New Deal, Socialist Government Welfare Paychecks, no voter ID, these are just a few of their proposals to make Americans irrelevant, make taxpayers slaves, and use the Chinese communist model to rule over the USA. They ignore the fact that China only became prosperous thanks to American trade ignoring the truth spoken by Margaret Thatcher.

“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh

“A fool and his money are soon parted.” – anonymous rendition of Proverbs 21:20

If Biden is allowed to win in November, that’s exactly what the federal government of Democrat’s Amerika will do. Most likely they will put someone like Michelle Obama on the ticket so she can help Democrats reimpose Obamunism and have twelve years in which to do it. Yes, that’s how a president can serve three terms by not being elected president the first term but stepping up immediately. If Democrats win then America will lose utterly as they institute their socialist dream to make the masses slaves to the state.

{Author’s 2nd Note at bottom}

Pelosi Gaslighter-in-Chief (Delays are Republican’s fault for not submitting to extortion)

A very British thank you to celebrities in Coronavirus lockdown

DeBalsio “troubled” by criminals he released committing more crime

Democrats see virus as a chance to change election system for more voter fraud

Politico “retracts” bogus Trump/China link

Antibody testing proving “we’ve been had!”

NYC nurse whistleblower – patients being left to die

DeBlasio appoints his wildly racist wife head of viral racial inequality

Virginia governor says he may keep schools closed for two years

Why are Democrats disarming citizens and setting prisoners free?

Deranged New York Magazine hack tells President Trump that he is responsible for losing more Americans than what occurred in the Vietnam War

California: Beachgoers ARRESTED for violating lockdown while hundreds of inmates are freed from jail

Minneapolis Neighborhood Begins Broadcasting Islamic Call to Prayer over Loudspeakers Five Times A Day

[Author’s Note: What does it say about liberals believing that conservatives and Christians don’t believe in science when they can’t understand simple math? The Pythagorean Theorem is as alien to their minds as Newton’s Laws. If they understood even basic chemistry, they would have a firmer grasp on why their climate change beliefs are all based on erroneous fallacies. And they have the impudence to tell us we don’t believe in science.

The problem with stupid people is that they believe they are smart because their mouths can make words – and they vote. They won’t accept anything that challenges their preconceptions. Stupid people glorify criminals and scorn education. They corrupt the language to make what is bad good and what is good bad like thug, gangster, pimp, wicked, gnarly. To them God is the oppressor and Satan is the liberator.

Stupid people believe they are too cool for school and that anything they have learned is right and the best knowledge. Their egos make them close their minds to those who know more than they do because they resent anyone who reminds them that they are not as intelligent as they want to believe themselves to be. I have found many a moron who believes themselves to be intelligent, intelligent people who think they are geniuses, and geniuses who make stupid mistakes. It’s all in the ego and EQ of the person whether or not they are mature in their thinking.

Believing Christian faith negates understanding science is like believing capitalism is founded on greed and socialism is founded in fairness. I can’t tell how many times I’ve had liberals tell me I’m wrong, I’m a liar, I speak propaganda, but not one can explain how I’m wrong, what is true, or refute my argument with facts other than the fact that they don’t like hearing what I say. Liberal’s mentality exists in a mirror of right and wrong. They think backwards from what they wish and choose facts to fit their preconceptions. That’s how the emotional irrationality of illogic rules.

Pushing socialized medicine as if ObamaCare could’ve cured or avoided this disease altogether and joining with a Chicoms to blame Trump. Hillary’s endorsement of Biden who, being a blithering idiot before suffering from dementia, on his best day isn’t one thousandth the man Trump is, tell America this old fool could handle this crisis better is just insane. Saying it could have been avoided altogether is believable because this is appearing more and more to be a leftist hoax. Democrats would have just let hundreds of thousands die and then cried.

President Trump has had a lot to say about these Democrat run cities and states that are sanctuaries to illegal aliens. They cut police and fire rescue services and their pensions to provide for their illegals whom they allow to suck up resources and vote. Those that are sanctuaries to these people who snuck over the border and hide out while they live on welfare getting food stamps and taking from citizens and the first responders on whom they rely when they shouldn’t be in the country in the first place. Their refuge hoax has run its course. Now they use every opportunity to steal from citizens on the fraud that they are doing it for the citizen’s benefit.

Saying this is their opportunity to impose socialized medicine on America to achieve “health justice” is just more proof there is no justice in leftism, just the fiction. The things they couldn’t force on America under Obama with their Supermajority they now want to extort from Trump during a crisis. Trying to present this virus or the response as racist is just more Democrat smears of righteousness. This is why Democrats cannot be allowed to take power through their voter fraud machine ever again.]

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