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Should Children of Embezzlers Keep the Money Their Parents Stole?

When a rich man embezzles millions of dollars from his company, or like Enron executives, takes millions from pensions and stocks, and they leave the employee’s families destitute, when they are brought to justice should that money remain in the … Continue reading

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The Government Shutdown That Isn’t

1996 the government shut down because Clinton refused to sign Republican’s balanced budget and Democrats said school children will starve. 2013 government shut down because Republican Senator Ted Cruz filibustered the ObamaCare mandate tax that went into effect that year, … Continue reading

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The Twisted Ideology of Liberal Democrats

Democrats say they want to protect the “Dreamers” who are the innocent children brought to America by illegal immigrants by giving them citizenship.  This is not protecting those who would live the American Dream.  The “Dreamers” are the Democrat schemers … Continue reading

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Is President Trump losing his way?

Democrats Schumer and Pelosi said they had a deal with Trump to give amnesty to their “dreamers” and not build a wall.  That lie was exposed by President Trump the next day who reasserted that he has no intention of … Continue reading

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Killing America with Compassion

Obama and his Democrazis gave illegal aliens citizen’s rights, and expect Americans to suffer for it on the basis that America has profited off of the suffering of the world.  Mothers throughout history have used guilt trips to manipulate their … Continue reading

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Obama’s ‘common sense’ solution to illegal aliens is to grant citizenship

Obama says amnesty for illegals is just “common sense reforms to our broken immigration system.”  Legal immigration is readily available, but those new citizens vote for the American Dream, while illegal immigrants support Democrat handouts. By imperial decree, Barack Obama … Continue reading

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Leftists base all of their beliefs on false premises

The liberal mind is an undeveloped intelligence subsidized by an insufficient knowledge of the world and the morality of right and wrong.  Everyone is born a liberal and must learn morality.  They must also develop maturity in order to understand … Continue reading

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Boehner bends over for Obama – birds of a feather…

If you are a Republican are you confused why those you just elected to stop amnesty for illegal aliens and ObamaCare are now voting for funding them?  If you are a Democrat are you confused why Democrats, after suffering their … Continue reading

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Democrats aiding and abetting America’s enemies both foreign and domestic

America’s youth are lost in a culture of crime and corruption wherein one political party is demonized by the other one that is aiding and abetting her enemies both foreign (Jihadis/Communists) and domestic (criminals).  Rather than condemn, Democrats idolize criminals … Continue reading

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The Greatest Generation won the wars; their children are losing the peace

What is wrong with America today?  The Right wants liberty under the protection of government.  The Left wants government control over liberty. The early 20th century saw the rise of socialism in all its ugliness, leading to the Great Depression, … Continue reading

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