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Boehner bends over for Obama – birds of a feather…

If you are a Republican are you confused why those you just elected to stop amnesty for illegal aliens and ObamaCare are now voting for funding them?  If you are a Democrat are you confused why Democrats, after suffering their … Continue reading

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Democrats aiding and abetting America’s enemies both foreign and domestic

America’s youth are lost in a culture of crime and corruption wherein one political party is demonized by the other one that is aiding and abetting her enemies both foreign (Jihadis/Communists) and domestic (criminals).  Rather than condemn, Democrats idolize criminals … Continue reading

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The Greatest Generation won the wars; their children are losing the peace

What is wrong with America today?  The Right wants liberty under the protection of government.  The Left wants government control over liberty. The early 20th century saw the rise of socialism in all its ugliness, leading to the Great Depression, … Continue reading

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Obama enacts instant unemployment back to 2009 level over 10%

Those who entered American’s home illegally have been given the right to stay by the imperial act of a lawless president.  Obama’s pathway to amnesty and millions of new Democrat voters voting for benefits for themselves is open.  GOP leaders … Continue reading

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Democrat trifecta of frauds – ObamaCare, amnesty, and climate change

Obamabots believe whatever their messiah tells them to believe.  Their misguided faith in a man who says he wants to make America great, while at the same time enacting policies that empower her enemies, are being duped into voting for … Continue reading

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Democrats are too stupid to figure out they’re stupid

ObamaCare, immigration reform, global warming; these three Democrat agendas have been proven to be nothing more than Democrat drives to steal more in taxes by duping people into supporting them.  Dysfunctional liberal thinking leads them to believe Obama is honest … Continue reading

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Lawless Democrats led by lawless president

Obama declares he has the power to change immigration law by his own dictates.  This lawless president threatens to give illegals amnesty by executive fiat.  He says he will act if Republicans do not agree to his policies before the … Continue reading

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