Boehner bends over for Obama – birds of a feather…

If you are a Republican are you confused why those you just elected to stop amnesty for illegal aliens and ObamaCare are now voting for funding them?  If you are a Democrat are you confused why Democrats, after suffering their second huge defeat and losing control of Congress, are now supporting a bill that gives Republicans unlimited campaign finances from corporations?  Would it make sense to you, would it make you stand up and cheer to understand that this deal has only one purpose – to destroy the TEA Party?

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obama-boehner-make a dealObama and Boehner make a deal to destroy the TEA Party.  For all of people’s complaints and calls for sweeping aside the Washington Establishment, the TEA Party is the only group making the effort to restore the Constitution and a government of the people.  Propaganda by liberals and moderates has demonized America’s patriots of the Moral Majority who are silent no more!

All Democrat propaganda aside, this past week is 100% proof that the TEA Party is the ONLY group that actually represents the people, while both the GOP and DNC are completely invested in corporate power.  With both parties giving taxpayer money to Wall Street, each wants their corporate friends to supply them with funds for campaigning and more.  Greedy corporate leaders will ally with one side or the other to receive subsidies, grants, tax breaks, and more from the people whom they help put into office.

This is what the common enemy of the TEA Party and Occupy Wall Street, except that OWS thinks all businesses are bad for making profits because they don’t understand the first thing about how business works.  On the other hand, the TEA Party believes no business should be supported by government but by free market competition.  That’s why Democrats enjoy the support of their base while Republicans despise theirs.

Last week, exhibiting the defining characteristics of the Right, Center, and Left, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio), and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), the ideologies of conservatives, moderates, and liberals respectively, actions spoke louder than words.  Warren objected to Obama cutting a deal in which Boehner agreed to finance ObamaCare and amnesty, while in return Obama agreed to permit Republicans to receive vast campaign funding from corporations in order to destroy the TEA Party.

Like Obama and the Democrats, Boehner and the GOP see the TEA Party, conservatives wanting to elect representatives who will reduce the people’s vast tax burden, on the same side against the taxpayer.  But Warren, the author of the “you didn’t build that” philosophy, is so incensed at the Right that she attempted to engine a government shutdown to stop the deal.  Warren wants the IRS to steal every penny from taxpayers so they cannot fund any candidate except those they are told to support, but she also wants the GOP to be wiped out and form one party rule.  Obama, seeing an opportunity to destroy the taxpayer while helping his friends on Wall Street, plus having Boehner as an ally, jumped at the opportunity to destroy what he perceives to be the greatest threat to Obama’s America.

The actions of these four clearly exhibit what they represent in government:

  • Cruz represents patriots who demand the victims and families of the Ft. Hood Islamic terrorist attack receive the benefits to which they are entitled, benefits denied by Obama. He represents the taxpayers who are disgusted with vast government spending, waste, generational debt, and the crony capitalism of the DNC and GOP.
  • Warren represents radical leftists who want the IRS to steal from members of the TEA Party and establish a dictatorship of Democrats and then destroy corporations. She and the rest of the Democrats in Congress are more than willing to be puppets to an imperial president, but not if it allows any of the Republicans people elected to stop them the ability to prosper at all.  Like Obama, Warren has no ability in business or leadership, but she is more than ready to make her own bid for president like Obama – with no experience even in Congress before starting her campaign.
  • Obama also represents radical leftists but believes he can make decisions and rule America single-handed. His complete lack of any talent besides reading from a teleprompter, plus his contempt for the Constitution, have enabled him to act as dictator with the Democrat Congress as the supporting cast.  Now that Democrats have lost power in Congress, he is more than ready to exercise a tyranny over all the people for whatever he thinks is best for his cause.
  • Boehner represents the moderates duped by the media to believe that Obama is a nice guy who just has the wrong ideas of how America should work. He has consistently supported Obama’s agenda, especially the borrowing of a trillion tax dollars a year to give to corporations.  Boehner, like Obama, makes promises he has no intention of keeping, always protesting he cannot combat Obama’s policies today, but will do so tomorrow – a tomorrow that never comes as he capitulates again and again.

As a conservative of the TEA Party, Sen. Cruz represents not only a threat to Obama, but also Boehner and Warren who, as moderates and liberals who want big government spending and taxes.  They, along with all their moderate and liberal friends, fight to keep the Moral Majority from having a voice in government.  This bill is a declaration of war against the only people who have been doing what both Democrats and Republicans have feared, taking a stand to oust the Establishment politicians and put in fresh blood who put the people first!

In the November election Republicans won a second mid-term landslide victory as people elected them to stop the Obama/Democrat agenda.  Moderates, however, have no intention of stopping the out of control spending of liberals, but seek to benefit from it themselves.  Where Cruz was demonized by the Democrat media for threatening to shut down the government in 2013 (the faux shutdown that Obama initiated by closing only National Parks and Memorials, erecting barricades and putting more guards in place, and for which Boehner took responsibility because of media propaganda), Warren’s threat to shut down the government to keep Obama from making a deal with Republican Boehner was hailed as heroic.  The deal that Obama made with Boehner, to suspend limits on corporate donations to campaign finance, is to help Boehner destroy the TEA Party.

This was rejected by 100% of Democrats because they know it will strengthen Establishment Republicans.  But Obama thinks it’s worth it if he can squash those who would keep the Constitution as the law of the land.  Warren is taking advantage of the fact that Obama will not run again to stand squarely with the radical socialist Left.  She tries to confuse America’s about which came first, business or government by obscuring the fact that “the rest of us paid for” through government taxes, but neglects to enlighten the low-information voter that they pay for everything with money they taxed from those businesses and their employees.

The question remains to be seen if the majority of corporations will fund the moderate GOP so they can receive subsidies of taxpayer money and breaks from paying taxes, or if they will support the people to enforce restrictions on government taxation.  This will pit the greedy corporate executives who would prosper on the backs of the taxpayer against the honest businessmen who believe they can succeed on a level playing field.  The past century has seen cronyism and government control extended over the voter as politicians make empty promises while acting to enrich themselves.

While the TEA Party represents the only Americans who would stop this government tyranny, only 20% of the population is in support of them because of media propaganda painting them and all Christian conservatives as a neo-Nazi KKK.  Unless people open their eyes to the deceptions of the Left and Center, America will continue down the road of decline.  The land of liberty is well on its way to becoming a socialist dictatorship wherein only those who bow to government will prosper, while their ignorant voters are left chasing empty promises like a dog chasing a laser light he can never catch.

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