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Mr. President, Take Charge Before Democrats Destroy Us

President Trump offers to send illegal aliens to Democrat’s sanctuary cities and, instead of welcoming the cherubs, they cry out in disgust! What a Trumpian Idea! Send Gifts of Love to Sanctuary Cities Trump Says He’s Serious About Sending Illegals … Continue reading

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Trump Vows to Investigate the Democrat’s Attempted Coup

Democrats are saying that President Trump is “breathing new life into the ‘disproven’ rightwing conspiracy theory that Trump was spied on” after they just spent the last two years bragging about spying on Trump! Trump calls out Democrat coup attempt … Continue reading

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When Obama does it, it’s saintly, but when Trump does it, it’s demonic

TWO-FACED DEMOCRATS!  When Obama had his Democrat Congress make law that separated illegal immigrant families he was described as “compassionate and humane” in putting their children in separate care while their parents went to jail.  When Trump is bound by … Continue reading

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Democrats Glorify the ‘Spark of Humanity’ in MS-13

Jesus said not to judge others lest you be judged.  He was not talking about judging right from wrong, but in judging who would go to Heaven and who condemns themselves to Hell.  Every human being has a divine spark … Continue reading

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Republicans are for Immigrants, Democrats are for criminals

“No person is ‘illegal.’” This is one of several stupid statements by liberals in their efforts to change the language to make invaders, who steal jobs from Americans making wages lower and are awarded by Democrats from taxpayer benefits when … Continue reading

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Democrats are Running from Hillary for 2018 Campaign

Are people too stupid to recognize lies and propaganda?  In my experience the answer is hell yes!  What the common person believes to be true is often based on the propaganda they believe rather than their own critical thinking in … Continue reading

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Neo-Democrat’s Race of “Brown People”

In 21st century America this is the Left’s catch-all phrase of anti-white racists and two-faced name calling.  They made up this “race” to include anyone who is not of European descent including Mexicans and Moslems and Californians with a spray … Continue reading

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Schumer Shutdown is Blood on Democrat’s Hands

Democrats feasted and celebrated shutting down the government on the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, denying military servicemen their pay, taking their stand to import foreign cheap labor, and to keep foreign criminals in the country while blaming Republicans.  Schumer & … Continue reading

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Trump’s ‘Insanity’ on Display Playing on Media

‘Donald Trump is so mentally unstable that he speaks incoherently, can’t put two sentences together, falls asleep in meetings, and demands obeisance from members of Congress.’  In an open meeting on Monday, President Trump showed the world that he is … Continue reading

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Steinle verdict is liberal’s message – we can get away with murder

Just like the OJ trial, liberals just sent a message to America that they will assist murderers in getting away with it just to piss on this country.  Obama imported tens of thousands of Moslems including jihadi terrorists.  He opened … Continue reading

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