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Trump is like the 2nd Coming of Christ

If Jesus Christ were running for president and spoke of how He loves children, Democrats would find someone to say He touched him inappropriately as a child. Remember when the Left proclaimed Obama to be the “new messiah” and compared … Continue reading

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The Trump/Cruz Republican dream ticket

Now that Donald Trump is espousing full conservatism and running roughshod over the media, many are doubting he is as committed as Sen. Ted Cruz.  Ted came to conservatism at a young age and has been a steadfast adherent, while … Continue reading

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Make the world America, not make America the world

Obama has done all in his power to divide and conquer America, including diluting American citizens.  America was born from conservatism and will die under liberalism just like ancient Rome.  The Left does not understand that diversity is not the … Continue reading

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Bush, Christie, Kasich; how they fail, Trump, Cruz divide, Sanders ideologue

Bush, Christie, and Kasich are falling out while Trump and Cruz are surging.  The two are vying for the conservative vote that Bush scorned.  But Trump is being a little too nasty saying the honorable Cruz is a “nasty guy.” … Continue reading

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Trump needs to back off the ‘Ted Cruz is a nasty guy’ meme

Despite her endorsing Trump, Cruz had nothing but love for Sarah Palin.  Trump’s meme that Cruz is “a nasty guy” is more an admission that he can be a nasty guy, which is good when used against enemies, but not … Continue reading

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Challenging Cruz’s citizenship as dumb as challenging Obama’s

Some people are foolishly challenging Ted Cruz’s American citizenship in order to disqualify him from running for president.  They have as much validity as those who challenged Obama’s citizenship. Much as we would all have wished that Barack Obama was … Continue reading

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Obama SOTU: Republicans listen to Democrat’s advice on how to pander

In Obamaville all is rainbows and lollypops. Thanks to Obama; Syrian Moslems associated with ISIS are coming to America, while America’s are shouting to destroy the Jihad. Illegal immigrants are being given citizen’s rights, while blacks are being left to … Continue reading

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