Obama’s ‘common sense’ solution to illegal aliens is to grant citizenship


Obama says amnesty for illegals is just “common sense reforms to our broken immigration system.”  Legal immigration is readily available, but those new citizens vote for the American Dream, while illegal immigrants support Democrat handouts.

By imperial decree, Barack Obama says that those who enter America by stealth in violation of her laws, who take jobs under the table, who don’t pay taxes, and who send that money back to their home countries, should be given all the rights of law-abiding, taxpaying citizens.  It’s not bad enough that those who pay into Social Security during forty plus years working must share their benefits with illegals who enter the country without ever paying a penny, but they must allow them rights that are reserved for citizens such as voting.  Denying these people whom Democrats say are also Americans because they are on the same continent would be criminal, says the Democrats.

Since a federal judge put an injunction in place to stop Obama from giving foreigners the rights of citizens and the power to negate the votes of citizens, Democrats are acting to have that stay overturned as well.  Their argument is that it is wrong for a judge to stop those who are breaking the law and that judges should assist the law breakers even more.  This liberal logic is as tainted and corrupt as those who want police and armed citizens to mind their own business and leave criminals alone to commit crimes.

The Left has declared that they are against the laws of the United States, that they are all for criminals and foreigners who seek to invade, steal from, and murder Americans with impunity.  How could anyone doubt Obama’s patriotism?  How do Republicans now in control of Congress sit on their collective thumbs and not take action to impeach and remove this lawless president who violates his oath of office and the Constitution on a daily basis?  Adding five million foreigners to the voting tally could guarantee Democrat victory in 2016.

Team Obama asks judge to lift order stopping lawbreakers and assist instead

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