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Memorial Day is not just for those who die in war

Memorial Day is the day that Americans honor the sacrifice made by those who died serving their country in the horrors of war.  While generally understood to be recognizing those who have fallen in combat, they are not the only … Continue reading

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Weakening America – the Obama agenda

Obama’s faux war on ISIS was exposed by Putin whose bombers did more damage to ISIS in a week than Obama did in a year.  Obama has set back American military strength to 1970s levels. Just as Obama keeps saying … Continue reading

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America’s last line of defense

God, Family, Country The Minute Man is the symbol of the Spirit of America. America’s defenses consist of several layers of government that provide military including federal, state, county, and local.  The military consists of much more than just those … Continue reading

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The Greatest Generation won the wars; their children are losing the peace

What is wrong with America today?  The Right wants liberty under the protection of government.  The Left wants government control over liberty. The early 20th century saw the rise of socialism in all its ugliness, leading to the Great Depression, … Continue reading

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