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NFL Links Arms against Police; Fans should shout, ‘BACK the BLUE!’

Start shouting “BACK the Blue!” from the stands.  The NFL is trying to change their tone to conceal their message so it will resonate.  But by standing to link arms in unity with those who declare they are protesting police … Continue reading

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Kaepernick is the poster boy of dysfunctional liberal Democrat thinking

Leftwingnut propaganda claims another fool who buys into the Obama meme that America is a racist nation. What better place besides Hollywood for liberals to make displays of the utter contempt they have for country and the people that have … Continue reading

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Doom and gloom – understanding fear mongering

Democrats instill fear in the hearts of the gullible and blame Republicans Demagoguery is a term often thrown about by the Left but not understood by liberals.  Democrat’s live in doom and gloom extolling hate, bigotry, and lies promoting stealing … Continue reading

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Don’t expect to hear the truth because Obama’s black LIES matter

Obama shamelessly used the funeral for five police murdered by a BLM terrorist to imply that police racism is real and that they deserved to be shot. STOP asking Obama to condemn police shootings because he will not.  His lips … Continue reading

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Burning down the White House – Obama’s race war against white America

“The problem with America is white people.” In various ways this has been said by Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, and a host of leftist media pundits like Chris Matthews.  White Privilege, White Guilt, and white racism … Continue reading

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Patriotic Democrat is an oxymoron – when criminals rule

Democrat propaganda is leading America to ruin.  Democrats will stand by Obama even when his deals with America’s enemies make them stronger and America weaker.  This is the opposite of patriotism.  So ignorant are the of what makes America great, … Continue reading

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Democrats aiding and abetting America’s enemies both foreign and domestic

America’s youth are lost in a culture of crime and corruption wherein one political party is demonized by the other one that is aiding and abetting her enemies both foreign (Jihadis/Communists) and domestic (criminals).  Rather than condemn, Democrats idolize criminals … Continue reading

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Democrat lies pulled out of their butts that people swallowed whole

Democrats perpetuate numerous frauds on the American people that have no basis in reality from defaming the TEA Party as the KKK, the Republican War on Women, to the “hands up, don’t shoot” Michael Brown.  Democrat propaganda has become so pervasive, that … Continue reading

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