Leftists base all of their beliefs on false premises


The liberal mind is an undeveloped intelligence subsidized by an insufficient knowledge of the world and the morality of right and wrong.  Everyone is born a liberal and must learn morality.  They must also develop maturity in order to understand the world to learn the truth of conservatism.  Otherwise, they are lost in a morass of dysfunctional beliefs devoid of truth based on insufficient facts.

You may be a liberal if you:

  1. talk good sense and then vote for nonsense.
  2. gripe about paying taxes then vote for higher taxes.
  3. oppose capital punishment for guilty murderers and support abortion for innocent babies.
  4. believe mankind is destroying the planet with CO2 production then drive in the biggest gas guzzling SUV you can afford.
  5. detest people who are deadbeats living off your taxes and then support socialism increasing welfare benefits freely.
  6. believe thieves should go to jail and then vote for government to steal from the rich.
  7. condemn the Christian Church for opposing gay marriage and don’t care if Islamists are throwing gays off of buildings.
  8. believe in the American Dream and then ask the government to take control of all wealth.
  9. believe taking guns out of the hands of citizens makes them safer and protest police for using force.
  10. are proud of your right to free speech and speak out against the soldiers who fought for you to have that right.

Top 10 countdown of American’s most fraudulent beliefs

  1. War on women
    1. A total fiction created by George Stephanopoulos during the Republican primary debates in 2012. There is not a Republican who has ever promoted, nor even mentioned the idea of taking birth control away from women, but Democrat women believe it to be true.  That’s delusional, dysfunctional thinking and the effect of propaganda on the weak-minded.
  2. Unemployment benefits create jobs
    1. Taking money from those who work giving it to those who vote does not create jobs. Businesses in America are being choked to death by Democrat regulations, taxes, and restrictions.  Government taxes suck the wealth out of the economy, and subsidies give that money to companies that donate to political campaigns rather than produce a marketable product.  Extending benefits to four years has put a tremendous strain on the working man.  Most of the money taken by government never makes it to the hands of those who supposedly need it.
  3. Washington bailouts help the economy
    1. $1 trillion a year in borrowed/printed dollars given to Wall Street as “quantitative easing,” bailouts, stimulus, and by any other name is corporate welfare for companies that fail to prosper except for getting taxpayer’s money. This has been going on for the past six years and there is no end in sight except for an economic collapse when America’s debt limit is reached.  Eventually, hyper-inflation will kick in.
  4. White privilege
    1. America is a racist nation where only white people can succeed. Black leaders say their constituents don’t get a good education or good jobs.  How is their refusal to go to school and dealing drugs white men’s fault?  In the last half century civil rights have made the playing field even.  It is not white men keeping the black man down, it is other black men keeping each other down looking to make a fast buck and cursing successful black men as Oreos.
  5. Hands up don’t shoot
    1. Again this is Democrats creating a fiction that an unarmed black teenager who was not dangerous was cooperating with police when he was gunned down. This campaign to destroy police is being conducted by criminals who don’t want police interference in their neighborhoods so they are free to commit crimes at will.  This goes hand in hand with the fraud of white privilege.
  6. You didn’t build that
    1. Democrats believe business owners owe the government for their existence as if the government helped make that business possible. It’s easy to understand this is what Democrats think when you look at how they give money to their friends through bailouts and subsidies.  Entrepreneurs existed before government grew large enough and took enough in taxes to build roads and schools.  Those tax dollars came from the people who work at those businesses, as well as the business itself.  But even though the boss might pay ten times more in taxes, he doesn’t get ten times more government service.
  7. Illegal aliens are Americans, too
    1. Just because they live on the American continents does not make them American citizens of the United States of America. This is as stupid an argument as saying that the term “illegal aliens” refers to beings from another planet.  This is as equally stupid as saying that “no person is illegal.”  They are foreigners who broke our laws.  These word games are not clever, their idiotic musings of defective minds.
  8. Islam is peace, and Islamic Jihadis are not Muslims
    1. Mohammad was a warmonger, murderer, thief, and rapist. Leftists will not admit that Jihad is his making and a declaration of war on the world.  Instead, they blame Jihadism on American wealth and the economic woes of the third world ignoring the fact that a billion Indians and a billion Chinese live in poverty and they’re not out committing mass murder.  There are 50 million poor people in the USA, so Americans beware!  Poor today, Jihadi tomorrow!
  9. Global warming is the world’s greatest threat
    1. Global warming is a fraud predicated on a heavier than air gas – CO2 – rising above the stratosphere to form a “greenhouse bubble,” which no scientist has any proof this even exists let alone be able to conduct an experiment to prove their assertion. Liberals say 97% of scientists say global warming is real and mankind’s CO2 pollution will destroy the planet.  Four hundred years ago 97% of scientists believed the Earth was the center of the universe.
  10. Democrats are for the little guy
    1. Democrats have claimed they are the party of the little guy for a century. In that time every time Democrats have power taxes and unemployment go up, but the government takes in more revenue.  Republicans established America, the Constitution, freed the slaves, broke monopolies, recognized the rights of women and minorities, and passed the Civil Rights Act.  The opposite, that Republicans are only for the richest 1%, flies like a lead balloon in the face of the facts.

The Three Factions and their spending habits:

  • Conservatives are savers who conserve wealth
  • Moderates are spenders who expend wealth
  • Liberals are squanderers who waste wealth

Greed is an addiction to money.  It is not money that is the root of evil as liberals believe, but the love of money that is the root of all evil.  If Democrats believe money is evil, why do they want so much of it?

Democrats keep telling Republicans that if they want to win elections they should adopt Democrat policies.  If people wanted Democrat policies they would vote Democrat.  Every generation has to learn the hard way that Democrats are best at destroying wealth and making Washington politicians the rich men in the country.

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.”

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6 Responses to Leftists base all of their beliefs on false premises

  1. Arthur W. DiMatteo says:

    I don’t understand your refutation of climate change at all (#9). Carbon dioxide may weigh more than oxygen and nitrogen molecules, but it also retains more heat, and that is how increasing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere relates to global temperature increase. Is it possible that you have confused climate change with problems with the ozone layer? Ozone really does form a protective layer over the earth at very high altitudes, but at ground level would be considered a pollutant.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I can understand your confusion when you are in possession of certain facts and don’t comprehend how they relate. You seem to believe that there is more carbon in the atmosphere because of mankind’s pollution and that the atmosphere is “heating up.” The simple fact is the planet still has the same amount of carbon. This does not change. The Earth’s ecosystem is supremely greater than mankind’s ability to alter. The same goes for the ozone layer. I’m not sure what you’re trying to imply by bringing them up together, but there is no evidence that either are effectively altered by man nor have any altered effect on Earth’s climate. The claims of the 70s and 80s to shut down the Freon Corporation and aerosols was all the bogus science of politicians wanting to put them out of business so their friend’s businesses using second rate products could prosper in their stead.


  2. Arthur W. DiMatteo says:

    It really isn’t a matter being liberal or not it, it really comes down to the analysis. You are absolutely correct when you say the planet always has the same amount of carbon, minus a few meteors, that almost never does change. But when acres of trees in the Amazon are cleared and burned, all of that carbon that was sequestered in all of those tall tree trunks, is then converted to carbon dioxide and enters our atmosphere. When tons of coal and other fuels are extracted from deep underground and burned as a power source, that combustion releases carbon dioxide, so the carbon previously locked below earth’s surface is now in the atmosphere. These are physical processes that are easy to demonstrate. So while the total amount of carbon on the planet never does change, human industry obviously has had an impact in transferring a significant amount to the atmosphere in the form of C. dioxide.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Being liberal is being in charge of a few facts without seeing the big picture. I can’t tell how many times I’ve heard this argument – mankind is having an effect on the planet’s ecosystem that is cumulatively destructive. As if the ecosystem of a planet cannot handle changes. We are a carbon based life form, so the argument that burning is releasing “stored up carbon” is so much tripe. That we are taking carbon fuels from underground and burning them is easy to believe to be accumulating far more carbon in the atmosphere than has been there.

      But this is still a planet with its own ecosystem with life, and life is what makes use of the carbon. CO2 is what feeds plant life, it’s what they breathe through photosynthesis and release oxygen. Cutting down the Amazon rain forest would be significant if it occurred faster than the planet could adapt. At the rate man is cutting it down it will take a thousand years, and not that much is needed to be cleared for population growth.

      Most significantly, and this is according to liberals like Al Gore and his “carbon credits,” people are planting trees to offset the clearing being done. The National Forest Service says that there are far more trees in North America today than there were a century ago. On top of that the planet itself will adapt to the additional CO2 in the atmosphere, and as I said, it does not rise into the stratosphere to form a greenhouse bubble as liberal’s claim, but stays close to the ground. The result is that algae blooms in the ocean become far larger than they were in the past to make use of that CO2.

      So all of the individual arguments that liberals use to condemn mankind as the cause of climate change due to CO2 pollution is easily refuted by, of all things, simple environmental science. It isn’t conservatives who don’t believe in science, it’s out ignorant young liberals who don’t know enough science.


      • Steven Tucker says:

        About the algae blooms you mentioned…
        I realize this post was months ago, but as I said, been busy. This topic, though, affords me an opportunity to show a prototype and extreme example of the issue I have with labels that was the topic of our previous conversation.

        Sometimes labels are misapplied, or misadopted, by those who either fail to comprehend the reality being labeled, or the label itself. But sometimes, people just lie. They lie, obfuscate, and deny. They do one thing while claiming to do the opposite by labeling themselves falsely. This is why we cannot judge a person or organization based on their labels – we must look at their actions.

        CO2 concentration is, as you said, causing algae blooms. It is also causing acidification of seas. Both of these are stressing and causing great harm to coral reefs. The environmentalist movememt is rightly stating that reef degradation will cause a cascade of other catastrophes, not the least of which is loss of fisheries in places dependent on seafood supplies.

        The scuba diving agency called PADI is associated with a non-profit called Project Aware. Together, they call themselves “stewards of the aquatic environment.” And why would we question this? Obviously, scuba divers are dependent on reefs for their industry…right??

        PADI and P. AWARE have wholeheartedly embraced the blaming of reef degradation on rising sea temperatures, as well as industrial pollution, acidification, over-fishing, oil extraction, etc. All of these are indeed guilty as charged, to varying degrees.

        So this is what they teach, what they make yhe world “aware” of. And people donate money to project aware and dive with PADI in droves. PADI has become the largest dive agency worldwide, and so respected for their stewardship and educational projects that no one in the environmental community questions their credentials.

        But here’s the reality: In a multitute of places around the globe, PADI brings not education, but marketing expertise. They encourage growth of tourism wherever they get a foothold. They woo developing nations with quick and big profits, and promises of long-term economic gains. They threaten or blackball businesses that question the growth model they insist upon and they play dive shops against each other, in order to quell cooperation and mutual rational consideration of development.

        In many places, reefs that were healthy and thriving just 10 years ago are completely decimated, and the singular cause in dozens of locations is the tourist industry and its development of coastal areas, which PADI intentionally markets worldwide with a designed goal of maximum growth rates achievable. Evem as the reefs are dying, they press for growth, pay off corrupt officials, and encourage the silence of those who are aware of this through threats, intimidation, and violence. Koh Tao, in Thailand, is a glaring example, a place where questionable deaths that go uninvestigated have increased in proportion to the decline of the reefs. (A google search will reveal some shocking news items). The people who want to preserve the reefs must adhere to the ‘party line’ and invoke global warming ir other industries. Mention of padi is universally non-existant in these locales. Tourists are treated to a total bs litany of blaming climate change, and they return home repeating this bs like experts, because they learned it from padi dive courses, so it MUST be the truth,…right??? And if you tell this to environmental activists, they question uour sanity. Why, after all, would a dive agency and a non-profit environmental education organization destroy the coral reefs for short-term gain?? It is inconceivable!!!

        Btw, these “stewards of the aquatic world” are owned and operated, and this is kept tightly secret, by a private equity fund which acquired padi in a leveraged buyout and put their own managers on the board, and padi now shares board members with the likes of Sallie Mae ( Navient) and Decryptex, a company that helps financiers hide questionable data from SEC investigators.

        So much for labels, and so much for public ‘awareness,’ environmental education, and so much for global warming as the culprit du jour. This prejudicial wilingness to believe that GW is the cause of any dying ecosystems is being exploited by vile people who would kill the last coral on earth if they could make a dollar and blame it on global warming. And they just might do so, thanks to the willing gullibility of people who have been brainwashed and primed to accept any lies they are told, so long as global warming is the cause of anything bad that happens…

        Thanks for allowing me a diatribe. This is a topic that makes my blood boil…

        Liked by 1 person

  3. dustyk103 says:

    Thanks, Steven. That was good information to provide food for thought. Enlightening the public that there are always people willing to run scams from all sides using every facet in order to make a dollar, from those who say they will save the world from global warming to those who blame it on global warming. It’s like they say – if you want to dig out the truth, follow the money. Al Gore alone made over a quarter of a billion dollars pushing his global warming scare, all of which has already been proven to be absolutely false, from CO2 to melting arctic ice.


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