Democracy Dies in Darkness II

Innocent people cannot obstruct justice by refusing to provide evidence of a crime they didn’t commit.  Just because Pelosi says Trump violated the Constitution does not make it so as Democrats attempting to charge Trump with obstruction are trying to create crimes where none exist!  Democrats won’t provide any evidence to support their allegations because they are false.  That’s why they meet in secret.  That’s why the only bipartisan support for impeachment in the House vote was against it.  Their only purpose is to keep people roiled, keep up their angst, anger, and frustration to motivate them over phony injustices to vote against Republicans.  How many times can Democrats conduct this fraud before liberal idiots and some Republican fools get a clue?  There is no justification to cooperate with Democrat’s latest attempt to continue their impeachment scam.

Using Nazi tactics, Democrats declare their impeachment farce to be “transparent” and “fair” just like declaring Hitler’s and Stalin’s kangaroo courts were transparent and fair.  President Trump has committed no crimes in his entire life.  After two years of a microscopic anal exam, Mueller came up empty.  Democrats have nothing but their hate and lies on which to impeach Donald Trump.  Anyone who votes for Democrats in the future of this nation vote for evil liars to rule.

Pelosi says, “Trump is violating his oath to uphold the Constitution while we are trying to preserve it.”  This is the lie Democrats tell themselves to justify their own crimes against the Constitution and to dupe oblivious suckers.  Where Trump’s children abandoned international business dealings when he became president, Biden’s sons became international businessmen in companies in which they had no business.  Democrats say President Trump investigating corruption is the crime of spying against private citizens.  So, what do they think Obama did with his FISA warrants to spy on Trump?  Once again, we see the utterly two-faced Democrat social justice in action.

Democrats just can’t help but lie through their teeth speaking with forked tongues.  They continue their false narratives, secret meetings, and leaks, then say they are being transparent scorning Republicans for voting against them.  They gave pathological psychotic lying sociopath Adam Schiff the power to tell witnesses not to answer Republican questions on cross examination. Who the freak believes that is “transparency?”  Democrats want to impeach Trump for defeating them.  They have been saying they would do so before he ever took office.

There are no crimes with which they can charge him that are not false accusations.  Even misdemeanors, which is just breaking the rules, or ethics charges which they, in their self-righteous, two-faced hypocrisy claim he violates, they have no basis in any facts – only their fictional delusions, irrational hate, and denial of truth drives them.  The Democrat media praises Democrat Adam Schiff for his Star Chamber to impeach Trump in darkness.  This is the same manner in which “the most transparent administration in history” of Obama and Pelosi passed ObamaCare before anyone could read it.  Biden’s, Obama’s, and Hillary’s international dealings were not scandalous to the leftist media.  Liberals remain in the dark to this day living in denial by justifying their own crimes.

Democrats do not expect to be able to impeach Trump and remove him from office.  They only expect to have a couple of Republican senators like Romney, Collins, and Murkowski take their side so they can declare that their vote was “bipartisan and the majority.”  By claiming his impeachment was “approved by the majority” they again undermine the Constitution as they have been striving to do by promoting the removal of the Electoral College.  The college exists to stop states from stuffing the ballot boxes with fraudulent votes to impose the tyranny of the majority on the smaller states.  The Founders, in their great wisdom, foresaw this.  Dallas has posted notice that they will allow anyone to vote anywhere as many times as they want without ID on Election Day.  Could Project Veritas follow all of their buses filled with illegal aliens voting in all the cities that will do this to expose how massive Democrat voter fraud has become?

There is nothing Democrats say in front of cameras in their efforts by slandering Trump to demonize him in the eyes of the public that can be believed.  There is nothing they say in which they declare they uphold the law that is right.  What they say and what they do are opposites, while President Trump is utterly transparent in his words and deeds.  The scandals they say are in the Trump administration are all fictions they create and sell as their Big Lies, while the hundreds of scandals of Obama, such as selling weapons to ISIS, they conceal calling them crazy conspiracy theories.

America is not a democracy for a reason.  Democracies can be corrupted to become tyrannies.  As a republic, America protects minorities from the crime and corruption the Founders knew would find its home in D.C.  Under Obama, D.C. became the richest region in America while the nation was in decline thanks to his high taxes, regulations, and foreign policies.  Donald Trump has turned Washington on its head and is rooting out that corruption.  If Democrats are able to regain power, then this nation will be lost to their darkness.

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[Author’s Note: It’s heartening to see President Trump finally taking action to free our soldiers who have been persecuted by Obama-era Rules of Engagement in which they are prosecuted for killing the enemy as a crime.  The people in the military who conduct these trials are themselves America haters using their positions in the military to undermine our nation.  These are leftist infiltrators of the most traitorous sort.  This is what to expect when half the nation stupidly elects a Moslem communist to be leader of the free world and he empowers our enemies while diminishing our own nation. Like their obstruction crimes and gun confiscation laws they wish to enact, this is how Democrats make good citizens into criminals while they absolve their own criminals of guilt for their crimes.

Democrats laud their primary whistleblower, Lt. Col. Vindman, who has come out of the closet to continue to conceal the leaker they falsely claimed was a whistleblower because “his life would be endangered” as if the real whistleblower’s life wouldn’t be?  But he cannot be criticized for claiming the Ukraine transcript omitted crucial evidence because he’s a “war hero.”  This from the people who destroyed Gen. Flynn!  This Obamaite is hoping to be given a generalship by the next Democrat president for his betrayal when he should be dishonorably discharged for slander, lying under oath, and conduct unbecoming.  Again, America is fed a lie that cannot be proven or corroborated as Gospel Truth!  And again, as Democrats cry “wolf,” oblivious liberals fall over the cliff with their coyote leaders screaming for their injustice.]

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