Democrats – “Fiction is better than truth”

Democrats are devoid of truth.  They create fictions to dupe the oblivious zealots of their rabid base to mislead them.  Such people should not be allowed to continue to serve in government or allowed to speak publicly.  That congressional Democrats exempted themselves from slander laws should tell you everything you need to know about how much Democrats lie.

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff (D-CA), proved that Democrat lies are better than any truth.  He made up a fictional account of what he believed happened in the phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky of Ukraine, and then he presented as fact.  When he was called out on his lies, he replied that he was only making a parody and that those who complained must be feeling guilty because his parody was the truth.  This is how insane liberal logic is.  This is why you should NEVER believe ANYTHING a Democrat says before you verify.  With the left you are always guilty until proven innocent, but with the right you are innocent until proven guilty – and lies won’t get you there because they are always exposed.

Read Ukraine Transcript or Leftwing Media “Interpretation”

What is always needed is time to dig up the truth because liberals will never admit they lie until it’s too late.  President Trump should not be wasting his time calling for Schiff to voluntarily resign his position.  He will just laugh at that and proudly strut for outrageously lying to the people.  He should be dragged out of his seat and thrown in prison.  This is not a freedom of speech issue.  You may not lie in testimony or slander people with your lies.  Anyone else would be arrested and taken to court for testifying falsely.  He is an officer of the committee and bound by the same statuettes by which anyone testifying in court is, and he violates it with his every word sneering at the people.

PROJECTION – The Liar’s Defense

Liars always know they are lying.  They don’t want to be exposed.  So, their first line of defense is always to accuse those who are about to expose them of being liars who are doing what they have done.  When the evidence proving they are lying is presented they deflect by doubling down on their false accusations.  This was proven in Democrats accusing Trump of racketeering by blackmailing the Ukrainian president.  The difference between Trump accusing Biden and Biden accusing Trump is that Trump has indisputable proof, while all Biden has is hearsay.  Trump has video of Biden bragging about his racketeering, while Biden has the testimony of a whistleblower who heard it through the grapevine.  Which do you believe?  Biden says, if you want the truth then impeach Trump.

The leftwing media commands the attention of most of America.  They put blinders on their eyes and muffle their ears then run ahead of them with a sign saying “Trump lies” as they lead the herd of lemmings over the cliff.  Don’t listen to the truth, FOX News lies, conservatives lie, Christians are evil, socialism and Islam are good is the message they give to their oblivious zealots.  America needs truth in media if they are ever going to learn and that truth is absent because the media cannot be prosecuted for their malicious slanders unless you can prove they were deliberate.  When they are outed, they always claim ignorance.  Why is ignorance of the law no excuse, but ignorance of the facts is?

It takes a liberal to reject proven truth and accept an erroneous lie.  It takes a liberal to declare Trump to be the most corrupt, vile person on Earth, and reject the proof that Biden and his boss are a thousand times more corrupt than Trump has ever thought of being.  The lesson of your life is that Democrats always lie, and so does that half of Republicans who support Democrats.  The most insidious are those who say they are on your side and then undermine you as Jeff Sessions did.  Harry Reid proudly boasted that his lies cost Romney the election.  They don’t expect to impeach Trump.  They just want him smeared by convicting him in the court of public opinion.  Why would you ever believe what the Democrats say?

Mr. President, just write an executive order removing the exemption of prosecution for slander by congresspeople and clap them in irons!

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