Democrat impeachment scam expands with their voter fraud

Democrat’s impeachment of President Trump, that began before he was even inaugurated, has reached epic proportions of delusions that they can convince anyone besides their rabid, fanatical base of the rightness of their cause.  Russian Collusion v2.0 is just another false narrative by which to convict Trump of crimes that never existed.  The fact that they spent two years and millions of taxpayer dollars on the Mueller investigation into what they knew was false from the start is not lost on righteous minds.  Sessions knew he should never have recused himself over the left’s “optics” rather than begin the investigation into the investigators at the same time.  (Would Sessions really be a bulldog Trump supporter if he got his senate seat back?)

Donald Trump, Jr. new book “Triggered” lays out Democrat’s plot

Now Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler are trying to spin gold from straw with their new collusion narrative of a phone call they have warped into some kind of corruption.  The President of the United States is the sole arbiter of foreign dealings.  Whether or not what he does is a crime is determined by the Emoluments Clause that forbids him from accepting bribes and gifts meant to sway his judgment.  Asking someone for a favor does not fall into the category of “bribery and extortion” regardless of how Democrats try to spin the facts.  The persons who need to be investigated for accepting illegal foreign favors and using extortion against an ally are Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

From his Star Chamber, Schiff won’t release any transcripts, but only his summary of them.  This is as reliable as his “recitation” of the Ukraine transcript that he faked at the beginning of his “investigation” into this phone call for which President Trump provided the actual transcript.  This pathological lying sociopath believes he can use his own hearsay testimony to manipulate the people to endorse Democrat’s coup to impeach the president.  Now he’s declaring that Republicans not cooperating with him constitutes obstruction of justice and this has now become his main focus by which to convict rather than the evidence of any charges made.  Just like the Mueller investigation, Democrats are trying to create crimes on the basis of their false accusations.

Evolution of a ‘Whistleblower’

This whole impeachment episode began as Russian Collusion v2.0.  The “whistleblower” didn’t hear Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian president.  He only heard about it.  The key point of that call is Trump giving them his blessing to go after Hunter Biden for corruption after they were forced by VP Joe Biden to drop it under threat of financial distress while being invaded by Russia.  Ukraine is happy to assist as the Trump administration is also providing them with weapons with which to defend themselves, while all Obama ever did was send them blankets and food.

Steps of a Leak:

  • Eric Ciaramella is an Obama operative holdover and a rabid anti-Trumper who was fired for leaking.
  • He received information about the Ukraine phone call from Lt. Col. Vindman who is a State Dept. aide. He was one of some twenty odd people that listened to the call.
  • Realizing that if Trump’s AG and IG investigate Biden they will uncover the deep corruption of the Obama regime, he went into action to notify the Democrats.
  • He went to Schiff who arranged to make Ciaramella a whistleblower rather than a leaker to present a false front for a fake reveal.
  • Schiff ran to the media to slander Trump to distract from the investigation of Biden.
  • An impeachment inquiry fraud was initiated by Pelosi to further distract Republicans.
  • Schiff operated a Star Chamber in secret in which he acted as Grand Inquisitor not allowing Republicans to know or speak of what he was doing.
  • Schiff leaked testimony that he cherry picked in an effort to slant the information given to the public to be damning when it was all exonerating.
  • Schiff has dumped the impeachment over a phone call to declare Trump to be “guilty of obstructing justice” which is only possible by Democrats who convict the innocent.

When this moves to public it’s going to blow up in their faces the same way that the Mueller Report did.  Try as he might, Schiff will be unable to hide his lies.  Why Republicans don’t just go ahead and leak in the same manner as Schiff is why Sen. Rand Paul slammed them at Trump’s Kentucky rally.

Democracy Dies in Darkness II

“Whistleblower” attorney says his client “in danger”

Democrats slandering Trump as being so vicious he might kill the whistleblower is as ludicrous as their phone call crime.  They would kill him themselves and blame Trump if they thought they could get away with it.  He and his partner no longer serve any purpose in Schiff’s impeachment inquiry.  The fact that Ciaramella’s lawyer, Mark Zaid, is a rabid anti-Trumper who lauded the Democrat’s coup from the start is all that you need to know who the real criminals are in this scenario.

Democrats are cursing Donald Trump, Jr. for exposing the phony whistleblower’s name when all he did was retweet what liberal Democrats had already made public.  This willful lying, smearing, and slandering by Democrats is what is turning thinking Americans against them.  Only the most bigoted, ignorant people refuse to believe the evidence that it is Democrats creating nothing but lies rather than Trump.

Trump Impeachment: Weapon of Mass Distraction

Democrat voter fraud reaching new heights of deceit

Dallas County sent out a postcard announcing anyone could vote anywhere on Election Day.  This essentially offers free ballots for illegal aliens and anyone who wants to vote multiple times.  Who will follow all the buses going from poll to poll to catch all these people making multiple votes?  This is why I say that 10%-20% of the votes Democrats get are fake.  10% is all it would take to flip most places.  This is why President Trump needs to enact severely extreme voter ID and why Democrats scream against it.  When Democrats say, “Every vote must be counted,” they are talking about all their fraudulent votes being counted, too.

Multiple candidates running on Republican tickets to dilute the vote thus guaranteeing the Democrat takes the majority.  This tactic works where there are no primaries.  Just another way that Democrats infiltrate the Republican Party to sabotage it from within.  America needs extreme vetting through voter ID laws to ensure that only citizens vote and each only vote once.

Don’t Fear Public Hearings — Remember the Mueller Disaster

Correcting the Unending Lies of Adam Schiff

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This is the Democrat Zone

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3 Responses to Democrat impeachment scam expands with their voter fraud

  1. Roy says:

    The Left, the Democrats, the media and the leftist judges are so corrupt and such dirty fighters. If voters were truly awakened then Virginia would not have become a ‘Blue State’. Newsom would not have been elected in CA. and awakened people would be marching in the streets as they are in Venezuela and Hong Kong.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dustyk103 says:

      I would say that they have mastered their voter fraud scam. I just can’t believe there can be a majority of Americans in any state in the country that wants what Democrats have been dishing out. But then, as Einstein, never doubt the capacity of human stupidity.


      • Roy says:

        The propaganda of the corrupt media is my biggest concern along with the lack of common sense among our young. Joining the media our Judges refuse to acknowledge voter fraud.


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