Why is Democrat Tulsi Gabbard a Russian Agent?

“I think they’ve got their eye on somebody who’s currently in the Democratic primaries and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate.  She’s a favorite of the Russians.  They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far.  That’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not, ’cause she’s also a Russian asset.  Yeah!  She’s a Russian asset!  I mean, totally.  And so, they know they can’t win without a third-party candidate.  I don’t know who it’s gonna be, but I will guarantee you they’ll have a vigorous third-party challenge in the key states that they most need it.” – Hillary Clinton speaking of Tulsi Gabbard

Hillary’s lunacy in her own words

Crazy Mrs. Clinton Calls Tulsi Gabbard a Russian Asset!

After she came out with her lunatic conspiracy theory as fact, Democrats ran to Hillary’s defense declaring she didn’t say it but that Trump made it up.  Hillary accusing Democrat Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian agent being groomed to run as a third party to spoil Democrat’s chances to overthrow Trump – as if he needed it – is proof that their entire Russian meme is crap.  AOC and Michael Moore came out to endorse dedicated communist Bernie Sanders as if the three of them haven’t become rich enough off of America’s capitalist system.  Does anyone think that Democrats stand for truth, justice, and the American way?  They have revealed themselves to be deeply anti-American, anti-Constitution, and anti-Christian.

So how should you view Tulsi Gabbard?  If you listen to her, she talks like a Christian conservative and she acts like a Christian conservative.  So, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck can it still be a pig?  Why is she a Democrat?  Yes, she’s from Hawaii which is the bluest of the blue states.  In the first place, how did she get elected? Ok, like Utah, the reddest red state electing rabid NeverTrumper Mitt Romney who is the most likely Republican after McCain to join with Democrats to impeach the president.

She endorsed communist Bernie Sanders in 2016, so that tells you what she truly believes.  You know that Democrats are not going to vote for someone who promotes Republican ideals of patriotism, capitalism, and responsibility.  Hillary hates her guts and calls her a Trumpian Russian agent because she backed Bernie against her.  Now she is seeking the Democrat nomination for president by talking like Obama concealing her true nature to those who never listened to her before, but ready to act exactly as Obama did.

The Democrat Party is America’s largest collection of hateful liars and fools.  Their entire self-delusion that Republicans have become the party of racism is the sickness of corruption in the extreme.  Their greed and envy are the symptoms of the sickness of their souls.  Their self-righteous hypocrisy is the symptom of the sickness of their minds.  Their hatred, contempt, and fearmongering are the symptoms of the sickness of their hearts.

They have become consumed by leftism and of those Democrats who speak reasonably like Republicans we must ask, “Why are you Democrats if you don’t believe in what Democrats now openly stand for – pro-Communist anti-Christian hate?”  Democrats always damn Republicans for anything they do or don’t do.  They cheer killing babies in the womb, open the borders to invaders, and promote leftist ideologies like socialism and Islamism over Americanism and Christianity.

Democrats are slaves to their own stupidity.  Delusional Warren says, “We need an economy that works for everyone, not just the people with money.”  America’s economy does work for everyone willing to work, and they make money.  Democrats are appealing only to deadbeat parasites who won’t work unless they can get crony sweetheart deals by racketeers like Biden’s son where he gets paid millions to do nothing.  Duplicitous Democrats say they want to defeat “criminal Trump.”  Just saying someone is a criminal without any evidence does not make it so.  Obama, Hillary, & Co. have mountains of evidence proving they are criminally corrupt as has been laid out in many of my previous articles.

Just because D.C. is so corrupt that they are not charged with their crimes does not make them innocent.  They keep saying that Trump confessed to crimes when he didn’t, admitted being a sexual predator when he didn’t, while they excuse and conceal open admissions and outright bragging by Hillary, Biden, and Obama of their crimes.  But with Democrats Trump is guilty even when proven innocent.  These liars keep demanding his tax returns as if they can find crimes that an army of IRS tax experts couldn’t.  It is the pinnacle of self-delusion.

Democrats run on the basis of hating Trump Republicans, Christians, conservatives, and anyone who loves America.  That’s why Obama did his ill deeds in secret just like Pelosi and Schiff are conducting their phony impeachment inquiry in secret.  That’s the greatest question I have of Trump.  There’s no way everyone in Washington doesn’t know what Obama and Hillary did.  Why have they not been prosecuted for their treasons?  Just because they were elected by the voter fraud majority doesn’t make their actions pro-America.

Democrats continue to claim they are for equal rights and free benefits even as they assault Republicans and promise to raise taxes to force working people to pay for those freebies.  Liberals need to open their eyes and look at every Democrat run city, state, and institution.  Their belief in school being free is a symptom, not just of profound ignorance, but of extreme stupidity.  Do teachers work for free?  Are schools built for free?  Are students supplied for free?  What kind of blithering idiot fools believe any school in America or anywhere in the world is free?

Americans in the 20th century fought to defeat the tyrannies of socialism, communism, fascism, Nazism, Islamism, and imperialism.  We fought the Cold War for decades to free Eastern Europe from slavery to socialism.  We’ve had to suffer countries in America like Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela being conquered by and even choosing socialists and then have their wealth stolen away by banana republic dictators.  Now Millennials are embracing socialism to be imposed by Democrats to confiscate wealth.

Are the oblivious independents becoming woke to the fact that liberals are broke?  America’s political system was established to force groups to work together, not for one party to smear and slander the other with lies in order to obstruct their agenda.  Democrats have become the opposite of Americans.  Obama would say the same things as Trump about upholding our laws, but his actions were the opposite.  Christianity was banned in schools while Islam was promoted.  He said he would deport illegal aliens but instead opened the border and just gave them tickets as they entered.  He put restrictions on our military from killing the enemy so they would die and had them bomb empty desert while restricting the production of weapons to disarm them.  Democrats advocate for criminals while damning police as racists.

Cortez and Bernie prove how and why stupidity and ignorance are being used by deceivers to dupe their fools.  Free college, Medicare for all, a government paycheck for everyone, these are stupid things in which to believe because they don’t understand where money comes from or how business works.  The real Russian agents in America are these communists working to impose communism on America to make it like Soviet Russian and Red China.  Their global warming fearmongering and constant cries for impeachment are indicative of how ignorantly they grew up.  When it comes to even the nursery rhymes liberals didn’t learn like, “Chicken Little” and “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” liberals can’t even recognize these themes in the Democrat Party today.

This is the generation that was raised by Dr. Spock telling parents or be their children’s friends instead of their parents.  Old wisdom isn’t obsolete.  Technology may be advanced, but human psyches remain the same as they were five thousand years ago.  Liberals focus on minutia and can’t see the big picture.  That’s saying they can’t see the forest for the trees.  Optics is everything to Democrats when it comes to their smears and liberals never look beyond the surface reflection of propaganda on the ocean of knowledge.

Liberals are so lacking in good sense that they believe racist rednecks became Republicans.  Why would redneck boys join the party of the man who took their slaves away?  They can believe this because most of them are so uneducated they think that Lincoln was a Democrat and that Jim Crow laws and the KKK are Republican.  Believing what isn’t so is the foundation of liberal minds.  They believe Barack Obama is a Christian when he spent his presidency advancing the cause of Islam, endorsing the Jihad, crushing Christian business, and attempting to force the Christian church to pay for abortions and perform gay marriage as he put men in girl’s bathrooms.

Now there are idiot Millennials who believe the world will end because of CO2, and that socialism is benevolent, capitalism is greed, Islam is peace, Christianity is bigotry, and God is fictional.  You can see by the kinds of people they elect to Congress who have low IQs that they are the people with lower IQs lacking in judgment making stupid choices.  They believe lunacies like Sarah Palin said she can see Russia from her house, that Romney never paid taxes, and that Trump is a Russian agent.  When Jesus said, “…and a child shall lead them,” He was talking about someone who is pure of heart, not a gullible idiot.

Hannity interview with President Trump

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[Author’s Note: So long as people vote based on ignorance and fear generated by Democrats, such as believing Republicans will destroy Social Security and those foolish enough to believe them “can’t take the chance they might be right,” America will continue to decline into leftist corruption.  The Democrat fiction that Russia changed the election is fomented by liars duping fools.  Russia ads endorsing candidates is not changing votes or minds, only influencing them in the same manner as all Democrat propaganda does.  For Hillary, who gave Russian’s 20% of America’s uranium and the Clintons receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from Russian oligarchs for making speeches is more proof of being bought by Russians than their lies that Trump took out billions in loans from Russians.  Only idiots believe the first thing they hear without investigating the facts.

The left has taken control of America’s education system to corrupt young minds with their lack of education.  That’s why they need spaces that are safe from hearing the truth.  Donald Trump may represent America’s last best hope to come back from the brink.  But unless he actually starts prosecuting Democrats rather than using the Republican fallback of hoping they get through liberal noise to help them understand, I’m afraid America will still be lost.  Congressional Democrats have given themselves the right to break laws such as insider trading and slander with impunity.  They block voter ID so they can commit voter fraud.  Every ballot must not be counted when they include illegal ballots.  This can only be ended by a president who takes actions by executive order to put an end to the left’s insurgency.]

No Safe Spaces

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