Donald Trump is the General Patton of Politics

General Patton was known for two things; Being the best American field general in WWII and being so bold and brash in public that FDR had to put a muzzle on him.  No one can forget how Patton told his troops to deal with the enemy;

“You grab him by the nose and kick him in the ass!”

The lamestream media would love to muzzle Trump, but Donald Trump is the president and he is from the same mold as Patton.  He has grabbed the leftwing mainstream media by the nose and repeatedly kicks them in the ass!  His bold and brash counterattacks against leftwing media smears and liberal lies teach cowering Republicans how to stand against the left.  When the media slanders him for his words he doubles and triples down explaining how they lie and create fake news, false narratives by which they slander him.  Leftists go apoplectic because they can’t help but try to sell their bill of goods only to have their lies explode in their own faces.  Try as they might, the leftwing media has proven to be Wile E. Coyote believing he can outsmart the Road Runner and falling off of cliffs again and again.

When the Twitterverse Sewer Explodes!

Leftwing journalists use Twitter as the measure of public opinion.  But only 22% of people use Twitter at all, the majority of them are liberals, and only 6% of adults, many of which are leftwing bots, post 73% of the political posts.  When lazy leftwing journalists turn to Twitter for public opinion, they are getting the posts of less than 1% of the population along with millions of leftwing bots, Democrat deceivers, and their liberal dupes as the majority opinion in the Twitterverse sewer.

So, when they say “Twitter is exploding” over something Trump said or did, it’s not the majority of the country.  It’s just a few a**holes and it’s like they say, “Opinions are like a**holes.  Everybody has one and thinks everyone else’s stinks.”  Like CO2 that only comprises less than 1% of our atmosphere that they say will kill all life, when the Twitterverse explodes it’s like setting off a firecracker in a volcano and calling it an eruption.

Rush rips Twitter to shreds

Adam Schiff’s Star Chamber

Liberals haven’t a clue what Democrats are actually doing.  All they hear is the leftwing narrative to slander Republicans.  When the Democrat media interviews Republicans, they are not trying to learn what is happening.  They are trying to create sound bites by which to smear Republicans saying they have delusion conspiracy theories.  This is obvious in how Democrat operatives are portraying the Republican invasion of the SCIF in which Schiff is holding his Star Chamber witch hunt to attempt to railroad Trump and smear him in public opinion.  They mischaracterize President Trump working with foreign allies as his asking them to interfere in U.S. elections.

They are saying, “Democracy dies in darkness,” and they are the darkness.  Brainwashed liberals listen to lying Democrat pundits who create fictions about Trump colluding with Russia believing them to be true, but that investigating Democrat corruption is “undermining democracy.”  That falls hand-in-hand with leftists saying it is a crime for Republicans to investigate Democrat crimes.  Republicans getting angry with Schiff don’t impress anyone when they don’t do anything about it.

When leaky Schiffty brings in a leftist who was in on the phone call over which they say they can impeach Trump, why don’t any Republicans just hit Schiff in the head with a shoe?  The witness claims he was disturbed by President Trump asking for an American citizen to be spied upon.  So, does he think no court should ever investigate criminals?  Does he think Obama should be in prison for spying on Trump?  Don’t act like it didn’t happen because we have the FISA warrants to prove it!

Gaetz Ventures Into the Belly of the Beast to Explain Storming Schiff’s SCIF

Democrats spurn black’s award to Trump

Democrats are working against America as they seek to overthrow President Trump’s agenda that is making America great again.  Kamala Harris is a prime example of how liberal hate is corrupting their souls.  President Trump was given an award by a bipartisan group at a black college for signing into law legislation by Republicans to reduce sentences for non-violent offenders.  This is something for which blacks have fought for twenty years.  Democrats have been promising this for decades after Clinton made it law to punish poor blacks in excess of their non-violent crimes like smoking pot.  Obama didn’t bother with it during his tenure even with a filibuster proof Supermajority.  Harris boycotted the event because they were awarding Trump for doing what they never would.  This is your two-faced Democrats in action.

Trump to Receive Bipartisan Justice Award at Black College

NeverTrumpers turn on America

President Trump calls NeverTrumpers scum and liberals are “shocked at his lack of decorum.”  What do you call people who advocate for the underdog to be given power to do all the right things?  And, when that occurs, they switch to the other side to smear the person doing what they have always said should be done that’s now working?  Are they Judases?  Are they turncoats?  Are they wolves in sheep’s clothing?  What do you call such people?  Would you ever believe anything they ever say again?  Ryan, Romney, & Co. always talked the talk, but like Democrats they never walked the walk.  That doesn’t make them conservative Christians, that makes them leftist infiltrators.  Deception is the key component to making the Democrat agenda work.

NeverTrumpers Offended by “Human Scum” Insult

Donald Trump is doing great deeds in making America great again for everyone, while Democrats are striving only to smear him and all Republicans as Nazi racists.  The proof of Democrat lies is there to be found, just like their lie that California is suffering from “gentrification” caused by Trump’s tax cuts rather than their own policies of taxing the people to death while inviting foreign invaders to live in the streets.  California is burning only because their Democrat leaders won’t let them clear dead wood from around homes and power lines.  Instead, they cut the power and tell people they shouldn’t be using electricity in the first place to save the planet.  To add insult to injury, they raise taxes on gasoline to extortionist levels and blame Republicans for it.

America still must get through the next election by overcoming Democrat’s massive voter fraud which may end up flipping the country up on its head.  There is nothing Democrats offer that isn’t a lie meant only to dupe the gullible into giving them power.  They use their power to take away their prosperity like they did in Michigan and are now doing in California.  Leftists are what make the world worse.  That is the reason that the leftwing media makes such an effort to smear and vilify the righteous so that naïve fools will turn to them.  All Democrats have ever wanted is to be the elites ruling over the slaves.  They slander Trump as a reprobate fascist if he sneezes, castigate him for not being “presidential,” while they smear him with the most disgusting slurs then call themselves pure.

Texas has a saying;

“Don’t piss on my boots and try to tell me it’s raining.”

Another that applies is;

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Just tell the leftwing media to shove it where the sun don’t shine and spit on Democrats who keep telling you that Trump is a traitor to the Constitution that they are undermining with their every word and deed!

Tucker Carlson; leftists praise for Baghdadi, smearing Trump, cursing the “evil USA” for warring on Islam, fake whistleblower, impeachment lies, and socialist indoctrination

Durham’s investigation becomes a hunt for criminals

Can Trump Flip Minnesota?

Who do you trust; Democrats or Republicans or Trump?

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