President Trump vs. Schiff’s Star Chamber

Democrats, led by Pelosi and Schiff, are conducting another coup attempt via Star Chamber justice.  This is not justice.  This is subterfuge, subversion, and propaganda through leaks and lies.  We have laws against all of these when citizens perform these actions.  But Democrats have made themselves in Congress exempt from laws.  That’s why they get away with insider trading, slander, and undermining the Constitution.  When they claim they are upholding the law is when they are breaking the law.

President Trump, We the People are calling on you to bring justice down on these leftist deceivers in the faces of their liberal dupes.  We call on you to write an executive order declaring that Congress must always conduct any and all business with members of both parties present and, unless it is a matter of national security that must first pass through the president’s office to be determined as such, open to the public!  Violation of this order is cause for being arrested and charged with a first-degree felony and immediate removal from office.

You know how you identify a pathological liar?  Every time you prove they lie they create a new lie calling it a “bombshell.”  Democrats did this over the entire two years of their Russian collusion fraud and now they’re doing it again over Ukraine, which is just another part of Russia.  A whistleblower comes forward and his claim is proven false so there’s another whistleblower.  There was no quid pro quo on the phone call so there’s another phone call.  The Ukranians didn’t even know any aid was withheld so there’s a different blackmail effort.  It’s just a clown show of lies and deceptions for stupid people to swallow whatever kind of crap sandwich they are fed that they are told to believe is the new beef.

Republicans need to just drag Schiff out into the public square and waterboard him until his bug eyes pop completely out of his head, then string him up by his pencil neck.  Why is this little Hitler being permitted to rule the roost in the halls of Congress?  Where are Republicans?  Protesting?  This isn’t congressional business.  This is Democrats attempting another coup.  This is treason!  This is war!  Democrat’s intentions are clear.  They will continue this farce until the election in an attempt to corrupt public opinion and put out phony polls in order to cover up their massive voter fraud.

That’s it.  The entire purpose of Mueller and Schiff is to smear Trump so deeply by claiming they have proof of impeachable crimes that he loses the election.  Or, at the least, that if their voter fraud succeeds, they can claim that their phony polls showing Trump is unpopular despite his phenomenal economy and achievements, that people vote him out.  They are hoping and praying that their voter fraud efforts in swing states will succeed with the help of the millions of illegals they imported.  They will use their ballot harvesting scam to create more Democrat ballots while destroying Republican ballots.  Those, combined with their propaganda smear campaign, might turn enough oblivious fools to them to flip the country.

If that should fail, then they will attempt their open coup and try to impeach Trump.  The Democratic Nazi Communist Party must never be allowed to regain power in this nation again.  They have made their plans clear that they plan to abolish the Constitution and install themselves as America’s dictators.  These leftist swamp rats believe they can remake their D.C. cesspool from a congress into a communist committee.  Then they can outlaw Republicans and execute people at will.  All that remains is for them to disarm all law-abiding citizens and declare all those who don’t voluntarily surrender their guns to be enemies of the state to be exterminated.

That’s just silly, you say?  A tinfoil hat conspiracy theory?  The people who call Trump Hitler have no education about who Hitler was or what he did.  If you tell them Hitler was a socialist, they will deny it.  If you tell them the Democrat agenda is identical to his, they will deny it.  Hitler outlawed guns to make German citizens into subjects.  What American political party is saying they want to outlaw guns and take them from people by force?  The way you make law-abiding citizens into criminals is by outlawing what is their legal right.  In the same way that you make good people into criminals you can make good people into victims of hate and bigotry, which is what Hitler did to the Jews by demonizing them the way Democrats are demonizing Republicans.  Then you can justify your crimes against them, which is the path that Democrats now follow in their desire to criminalize and outlaw Republicans falsely portraying them as Nazi racists.

President Trump is building a wall to stop the illegal invasion of America.  But the truth is that he is the wall that is stopping the swamp rats in Washington from conquering America through corruption from within.  He has proven himself to be a true leader in standing against the onslaught of leftist smears, lies, corruption, and depravity.  To save America, he must force Democrats out into the open utterly and completely.  By showing Republicans how to fight back against oppression with courage and righteous wrath, he has paved the way for America to be restored after being forced into decline by the Moslem communist that Democrats stupidly elected.  If Republicans don’t stand with him, if the voters do not learn to recognize what is right, then America will turn back and continue to go down the road paved with the good intentions of the ignorant.

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