WaPo changes headline of ISIS leader’s death to honor him

When can you prove that the leftist media is wholly in league with the worst human beings on the planet?  When they change a headline announcing that President Trump sent the troops to kill the most vicious animal on the planet to smear him.  ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi died like a rat in a trap deep in a tunnel trying to escape American troops.  Blowing himself up, along with some of his children he tried to use as human shields, Baghdadi, terrorist, rapist, and slaver, was described in his obit by a WaPo editor who changed his headline from “Terrorist-in-Chief Dead” to read, “Austere religious scholar killed.”

WaPo changes headline to honor terrorist leader’s death

Tucker Carlson leftists praise for Baghdadi, smearing Trump, cursing the “evil USA for warring on Islam, fake whistleblower, impeachment lies, and socialism

Let’s take a quick run through history to see how the Washington Post would have described the deaths of the most vile, vicious, mass murdering animals in human history:

April 30, 1945 – “Struggling Austrian Artist Adolf Hitler died”

March 5, 1953 – “Scholarly Poetic Journalist Joseph Stalin died”

September 27, 1954 – “Intellectual Philosopher Mao Tse Tung died”

January 7, 1979 – “Literary Scholar Pol Pot died”

December 30, 2006 – “Respected Baathist Saddam Hussein died”

May 2, 2011 – “Saudi Prince Adventurer Osama bin Laden died”

November 25, 2016 – “Jesuit Law Academician Fidel Castro died”

History’s worst genocidal 20th century governments

  • Why are leftist Democrat liberals honoring the world’s worst terrorists?
  • Why are leftist Democrat liberals promoting every anti-Christian ideology?
  • Why are leftist Democrat liberals advocating for criminals?
  • Why are leftist Democrat liberals scorning American heroes?
  • Why are leftist Democrat liberals smearing righteous Americans?
  • Why are leftist Democrat liberals encouraging America haters to invade and steal from Americans?

When you know the answers to these questions then you know who Democrats truly are and no amount of denial and obfuscation by them can conceal their true nature.  Then, when you listen to Democrat “journalists” who are nothing more than leftwing activists spreading propaganda to promote fear, envy, greed, and hate, you will begin to see the light.  There is a fine line between right and wrong that can easily be obscured for those who lack a moral compass and education.  “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” is a leftist idiom of classic immorality.

They said that the leftist socialism that resulted in the genocidal mass murders of the 20th century killing more than 200 million people could never happen in America.  Liberals think it is happening under President Trump and Republicans whom they have been indoctrinated to believe are Nazi racists.  How do you overcome such immoral, fact absent, blithering idiot backwards thinking?  Unless American Christians stand up for what is right, then America will sink into darkness and be lost.

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Trump is wrong; Obama not ‘founder’ of ISIS, but the ‘Father’ of ISIS

The Evolution of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria):

  • ISIS began with funding from the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood received that funding from American President Barack Obama who met with their leaders many times in the White House.
  • President Obama withdrew all American troops from Iraq clearing their path.
  • Al-Baghdadi used that funding to found the Islamic State.
  • He waged Jihad with the Muslim Brotherhood’s blessing in an effort to overthrow Middle Eastern governments that Obama dubbed the “Arab Spring.”
  • Their goal was to re-create the Caliphate destroyed by the Turks a thousand years ago.
  • Obama named this organization ISIL, meaning the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the Levant being the region of the Crusades extending from Syria through Jordan, Lebanon, and all of Israel down into Egypt.
  • The Islamic State conquered western Iraq and eastern Syria.
  • Obama called them the “JV team of terror.”
  • Obama was forced to initiate a bombing campaign for two years expending millions of tons of American ordnance mostly on empty desert according to complaints by Air Force and Navy bomber pilots.
  • At the same time, Obama put a moratorium on U.S. weapons production reducing America military stores to dangerous lows.
  • ISIS under Al-Baghdadi murdered tens of thousands of Christians, Jews, and also Moslems who would not join their Jihad.
  • When President Trump was elected and changes Rules of Engagement and Middle East strategies, he had ISIS bombed out of existence in six months.
  • American troops maintain a presence in Syria to aid Kurds in hunting down ISIS jihadis.
  • Al-Baghdadi was located and tracked for two weeks until troops could corner him and end his dream of domination.

Leftist media smeared Trump for spending an hour answering questions about the raid.  In contrast to this, when Osama bin-Laden was located, Obama took over three months without giving the word to kill him.  What was his reason for waiting so long?  Did he give the order or did generals force him to do it?  Presidents have stated repeatedly that America is not at war with Islam, but Islam is clearly at war with America and has been for decades.  Since the 1960s, Islamist terrorists have been waging war on the West with the blessings and funding of many Middle Eastern potentates.

Obama imported millions of Moslems and the FBI has been keeping track of terrorist efforts.  While major terror attacks occurred every year under Obama, under Trump they have been stopped.  Only occasional mass shootings by leftist wackos have occurred that are even more difficult to spot.  Still, the fact that there are many militant Moslem training camps in the USA should be cause for FBI raids.  But Obama said they have as much right as any American anarchist groups to “play war.” The fact that Moslems train for terror attacks, while anarchists train for rebellion against a tyrannical American government which Democrats seek to enact, makes all the difference.  That’s why Democrats believe Americans should be disarmed.

Leftist propaganda is why America is in the deteriorating condition it is today.  That so many young people turn from the righteous teachings of Christianity to the leftist ideology of socialism is proof that America is in severe decline.  President Trump has recovered America’s economy by sweeping away Obama’s taxes and regulations.  But the people are still warped and corrupted by Democrat propaganda to steal from their neighbors declaring them to be evil to justify themselves.  The hate, fear, envy, and greed that Democrats breed should have been countered by good men who have done nothing.  If we are to save America from the depredations of leftism, then we must speak out and put down their shouts to silence us.

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