Durham’s investigation becomes a hunt for criminals

AG Barr has empowered IG Durham to convert his investigation of FISA warrant abuse into a criminal investigation, and Democrats are running scared.  Which begs the question, ff Obama’s regime was so pure and transparent without sin or a hint of scandal, then what are they all afraid of?  Instead of acting innocent, they are out smearing Durham and Barr as traitors working for Trump’s personal politics demanding they either be recused of fired.  This is akin to how Democrats greeted General Petraeus when he returned from Iraq to announce that the insurgency had been crushed.  They characterized his report as a betrayal because they wanted to slander President Bush as a defeated president rather than victorious.

If Democrats did not subvert America’s intelligence agencies to illegally spy on the Trump campaign, then what are they afraid will be discovered in this investigation?  Durham has clearly found plenty of evidence by which to begin making criminal charges against lying Democrat operatives like Brennan and Clapper.  Liberals who are oblivious of events over the past three years no doubt believe Democrats when they say Trump is corrupt and they are innocent.  When you live in blissful ignorance when the hammer of real justice falls you generally end up with your face in the dirt.

A NYT columnist calls Republican congressmen a mob attacking impeachment witnesses.  They slander Republicans as being racist Nazis.  They smear President Trump as being a narcissistic nepotist.  Biden says his children will never work in his White House, and that Trump’s children are “unqualified” to be doing so.  The difference between their children is that Biden’s son got jobs with no qualification except being the son of the VP, while Trump’s children have all been running companies with him for decades.

They damn Trump for all of his actions that are strengthening America by undoing what Obama did.  Obama sued nuns to pay for abortions, gave guns to Mexican drug cartels, gave billions of taxpayer dollars to terrorists, and put men in girl’s bathrooms.  The quantum difference between Democrats, Republicans, and Trump is that Republicans bowed before Democrat corruption while Trump fights against it.  America needs Republicans who do more than say what Democrats are doing is wrong.  America needs people like Trump who is takes action against them.  Again, if Democrats did nothing wrong then they should have no fear of being investigated and having their actions brought to light.

Democracy dies in darkness indeed as proven by Schiff’s attempt to impeach the president from behind the closed doors of a Star Chamber.

Investigating the investigators

Democrats say investigating their crimes is a crime

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