Hillary lied when Americans died

Ambassador Chris Stevens

Ambassador Stevens and three Americans were assassinated in America’s Libyan embassy in Benghazi by jihadis on 9-11-12 two months before the 2012 presidential election.  Despite hundreds of emails retrieved from the private server Hillary attempted to wipe, Ms. Clinton claims no knowledge of Ambassador Stevens begging for more security.  Her public statements that the attack was a random act of anger caused by a video were proven false by her emails to her daughter and the Egyptian ambassador that it was an Al-Qaeda group attacking.

Clinton blew off revelation that she told her daughter and the Egyptian ambassador that the attack in Libya was an Al-Qaeda group, but told the public it was a random riot from a protest over a movie nobody saw.  She said of course she told the public it was an attack, sorry it doesn’t fit your narrative.  Rep. Jordan (R-Ohio) responded saying she was evading with ambiguous language that it was an attack “is like saying the sky is blue.”

Some of the e-mails recovered from Hillary’s private server that she tried to wipe were found to contain information about Benghazi proving she knew before she said it that it was an attack by jihadis and not a random riot.  Her attempt to dissemble was thwarted by Rep. Jordan, yet the liberal media applauded her testimony in which she contemptuously swatted away proof that she allowed jihadis to murder an American ambassador.  At the end of the day as the families of those who died looked on, Hillary high-fived her friends content in the belief that she had outwitted Republican investigators.

Hillary’s evasive deception of Benghazi attack

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