Michelle Obama for president

Democrat presidential candidates

Democrats – the party of old, rich, white people.  They claim to be the party of the poor and minorities, yet spend all their efforts funneling America’s wealth to their rich friends.  This only proves that liberals suffer from a terminal case of encephaloproctosis.

What is a king to do when he must be re-elected to continue his fundamental transformation of the most hated country in the world and there is a Constitutional law that says he cannot be?  If he writes an Executive Order permitting himself to take office again there will be a popular uprising that would be as successful as writing an order to confiscate all guns.  Must he rely on his fellow Democrats to come through in a year when the people are sick of the Obama economy and the “new normal?”

No righteous person trusts Hillary, whom Obama hates because she will benefit her friends and not his.  Biden is a fool, Sanders is a Communist, Jim Webb is too conservative, and the others are nobodies.  He can give illegal aliens the vote, but most states won’t stand for it.  So what is a wannabe dictator to do?

Why have his wife be the next president, of course!  Michelle is every bit as qualified to be president as her husband.  On the plus side she would be a younger, darker face to a Democrat field that is glaringly white, rich, and wrinkled.

Obama promised to fundamentally transform America and his work is far from finished because people still have guns and white people are still richer than black people.  With his wife as president, Obama will still be right there in the White House to continue his rule through her.  What more could any banana republic dictator ask for until he can abolish the Constitution completely and make an Obamanation out of America?

Democrats – too old and too white

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3 Responses to Michelle Obama for president

  1. Timothius says:

    And here I thought it was RECTALOCCULITIS?


  2. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Obama and his Tranny needs to be abandon from this Country. Simple…


  3. John Clapp says:

    The two in the White House need to be treated as Muslims and put into a pit and stoned to death. Just ten dollars per stone proceeds paying towards the National debt. The people of this country will be throwing stones at the bodies of those two a year after they are both dead. Evil.


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