Is there any media capable of a real Republican debate?

Trump Carson lead candidates

Republicans debate again tonight on CNBC.  Is it going to be another contest of petty squabbles and gotcha questions?  Trump and Carson lead the field with very opposite character styles.

The first Republican debate on FOX was a waste of five hours with candidates being grilled with gotcha questions.  Every question by the FOX News team was about things candidates have said or done that the liberal media could use against them to assassinate their characters.  While the candidates all blew through them easily, it was a grueling test that contained little information about where the candidates stood on issues.

The second debate on CNN was worse as the liberal media pundits spent most of the night asking them to duke it out over things other candidates have said about them.  While entertaining to the mindless masses, again there was little substance to the debate.  Quite the opposite, the Democrat debate was all about issues and so congenial that even socialist Bernie Sanders, who wants to confiscate all wealth from anyone who makes more than the government, jumped off the bridge for Hillary by condemning the investigations into the emails she attempted to wipe from her server over Benghazi.

Candidates have said a great deal on the campaign trail, but some of the things they have said need to be explained so the people know where they actually stand on the issues.

  • Trump has said he would deport all illegal aliens and change the tax code, but he is brash and petty in his conduct. He is a business genius who says all the right things that will make America great again.
  • Carson, in contrast, has displayed great dignity and has said Islam is the greatest danger America is facing today, but says he would not have gone to war in Iraq or even bombed Afghanistan after 9/11.
  • Fiorina and Rubio have both said things about amnesty that no conservative wants to hear, let alone support.
  • Jeb and the other governors are all flailing in the wake of Trump and most have not realized that no conservative wants to hear a Republican candidate who wants to work with Democrats toward an agenda they don’t want.
  • Ted Cruz has been the only candidate whose steadfast conservative values have never wavered, but whom the media has consistently tried to ignore.

American’s, those who are not foolish liberals that believe Republicans stand for taking away Social Security and women’s birth control, and are racist, sexist, homophobe bigots, would like to hear how the candidates differ in their approach to the real issues; such as the liberal war on police and the wealthy, sanctuary cities where illegal aliens can commit crimes and go free, and the invasion of Islamists into Europe and the U.S.

America’s economy has been in decline under Obama and the Democrats.  Her world credit rating has fallen and China has surpassed the U.S. in economic output.  With the Middle East in flames because of Obama’s policy of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood over secular leaders, and both Russia and China expanding their spheres of influence militarily, the world is becoming a very dangerous place.  America needs a leader who will confront her enemies, stand by her allies, keep her military strong, and to do so means improving the economy by stripping away all the choking regulations and taxes with which Democrats have burdened the businessman, job creators, and taxpayers.

So how about a real freaking debate?  Or is the media incapable of actual investigative journalism?  The partisan hacks have become fatally obvious, tedious, and aggravating.

Greg Gutfeld exposes liberal bias and how to counter it

Conservatives don’t respond with humor because what liberals do – destroy the economy, steal from the rich, wage war on the law – is all so not funny!  Yet they successfully mock conservatives for being seriously right by appealing to the baser nature of their audience.  Greg is right when he says they should have cities without police and see how much they like it then.  Now that would be funny!

2016 election debates schedule

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