Moslem invasion and rape of Europe


The insanity and suicidal dogmata of the Left is leading the world into war as they invite Moslems jihadis into the West where they form gangs going on sprees of rape and murder of infidel whores.

Millions of Moslems from the ISIS held regions of Iraq and Syria are pouring into Europe.  They claim to be refugees seeking peaceful lands in which to prosper, but their actions upon entering free nations of the European Union say just the opposite.  Most of them are young men, not women and children, and when they move into an area they are making demands that the locals obey the laws of Muhammad encompassed in Sharia Law.

These people are not migrating to assimilate into a better life, but bringing their vile culture with them to inflict on the world.  They reject Christian charity of food from the Red Cross, demanding Moslem food.  They harass and assault citizens of the nations that accept them, even to the point of forming rape gangs with the declaration; if a woman is raped by ten Moslem men then she is Moslem.

To make matters worse, the leftist socialist governments of Europe, some who are so far to the left that their “conservatives” would be flaming liberal whackos in America, are inviting more of them into their countries despite the screams of their citizens!  Moslems are engaging in Jihad to bring about the End Times prophesied in the Koran, which they believe will overthrow the Revelation of the Bible and make Allah god of the world.  The actions of leftists throughout the world are assisting them whether or not they are atheist because both groups want to destroy Christians and Jews.

Obama and European government leaders are spreading the evil that is Islam around the world and nothing is going to stop it.  Even if the people rise up, leftist governments are poised to stop them.  Even Britain and Australia have confiscated guns from their people, and America’s Moslem president talks of doing the same in the USA.

War is no longer coming.  War is here, and the final conflict may have just begun.  Either the world will become a slave to Allah or the Christ will return.  People of good heart who love God and liberty had better start praying it is the latter for their children’s sake.

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8 Responses to Moslem invasion and rape of Europe

  1. ireAmerica says:

    In America, We the People are poised to eradicate misbehaving invaders. Our misbehaving bureaucrats are skating on very thin ice – we have been evaluating their lack of support for our Liberty, we have been evaluating their support of and collusion with our enemies. The wildcards are our military and police. They will either assist us in the preservation of our Liberty, our social order and our civilization, or they have already outlived their utility.


    • Soldier says:

      As a member of the military, I have spoke to fellow soldiers about that wildcard. The problem that the neo-communists don’t realize is that our military will not obey an unlawful order. I have a hard time believing the military would comply with any attempts to disarm the country. The military is heavy right. They can’t stand the left. The majority of leftist service members are 1 and done. Anyone who spends any time in the military will generally turn conservative. I’ve seen thugs from the Bronx join the military who have reformed entirely, and they are now hardcore conservatives.

      It pains me to see what America has turned into. As it stands, if we had a draft, it would turn out FAR worse than Vietnam. You would have a hard time finding any young people to join. There are so many anti-American undertones to most of the left’s social justice warrior movements. These people aren’t warriors. They are traitors and are intentionally trying to sabotage America. They hate what America represents. They don’t want freedom and liberty. In fact, freedom and liberty are their enemy because they don’t agree with the other side being able to do what they want. Inside every liberal is a totalitarian itching to get out. Thank God we are still armed in case it ever escalates.

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  2. Micky says:

    Reblogged this on Belinus.


  3. Sabrit Hadid says:

    So, the take away here is (from the Muslims) “women are meat and men are animals with no self control, or thought of right or wrong”?



    Bringing in PIGS and releasing them in towns at mosques and refugee housing is the one thing that Obama and the government cannot deal with. This will enrage muslims to the maximum if they come around the mosques. There is no law against it and even if they try to make one we simply ignore it. When the pigs grow up to be 300 pounds and start dropping litters along with attacking moslems and animal control, then they are going to have a monster problem. Pig attacks will force the government to allow unlimited guns everywhere. Moslems will go nuts if they are dropped into towns with lots of pigs. Obama will lose face with world muslims if this happens. He cannot do an executive order on it. Spread the word and spread out the pigs! Be sure and name them all mohammed as well…..Take pictures of a big mean one, and add a note that mohammed the pig has arrived to help Infidels get rid of moslems.


  5. Alma says:

    And “We the people” are suppose to believe they (the Moslems) are all OK!! That Americans should/must accept them?? Order others we should accept their religion?? Believe the Muslims that There are just some rotten potatoes in every bag!! BS, if they’re so honorable, why in the hell don’t they at least publically show/renounce their rotten potatoes in their bag?? Them renouncing is just all media hearsay. The USA has plenty of their own devoted citizens and ain’t looking for intruders from these two faced (supposedly human beings) insane users in our country.. Muslims need to stay in their own country, show/prove they can make something sane out of it, before they come into a country of laws/civilization & trying to point their finger at the USA’s ruthlessness of not accepting them using what “We the People” have already accomplished, instead of trying to use/claim the USA’s successfulness to benefit themselves. Face all you see out of these radicals are big trouble makers..


    • dustyk103 says:

      Jihad has always been the Moslem fanatic’s license to barbarism in accordance with the teachings of Muhammad as written in the Koran. Denial of this is the deception by the Left of the truth of Islam.


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