Trump calm, Cruz, Rubio score, Christie up, Bush out, CNBC crushed

3rd GOP debate

CNBC moderators took it on the nose from Republican candidates who took no guff off the hostile questioners and their very nasty attacks.

The 3rd GOP debate was more a battle between the liberal media and the Republican candidates than a substantive debate over the issues – just as expected.  But liberals were quick to praise their vicious snipes at the candidates and condemn the Republicans.  If you wanted to know where candidates stood on issues and the solutions they would propose then you learned little.  But the candidate’s personalities shone very well.

Quickie analysis:

  • Trump – The Donald was calm which, while he wasn’t his bombastic self, was much more appealing to those concerned he doesn’t have the dignitas to fill the office of president.  CNBC’s questions to him were not only absurd, but downright insulting, and The Donald didn’t go off on them even then.
  • Cruz – Cruz was the biggest winner when he did go off on the moderators, chastising them severely in public.  Liberals tried to blow it off as him just trying to dodge a “very substantive question,” which was just another stupid question about him being able to shut down the government – as if a senator could.
  • Rubio – Rubio scored big twice, once against the media that he called the Democrat’s greatest SuperPAC.  The other was in fending off a ridiculous attack by his former executive when Bush challenged him on campaigning.
  • Bush – Jeb had his Rick Perry moment when he decided to attack Marco Rubio for missing votes in the Senate.  Rubio pointed out that Bush endorsed McCain who missed more during his campaign, and said nothing about Obama, Kerry, and Hillary when they ran.
  • Carson – Dr. Carson had a long, slow night with nothing that made him shine.
  • Fiorina – was also lackluster, though she did smile for the camera.  Her main qualification besides her CEO experience is, according to her, that she is a female who would be Hillary’s worst nightmare because the Left can’t accuse her of sexism like they can Trump.
  • Huckabee – also smacked the media for asking if he thought Trump had “the moral authority” to be president.  This from the people who elected and continue to support Obama who has proven to be a pathological liar, as well as Hillary whom they praised for lying to the Benghazi investigating committee.
  • Christie – Showed the fire and good sense that made him governor of New Jersey, but it still isn’t enough to overturn his 2012 betrayal when he praised Obama after Superstorm Sandy.
  • Kasich – was desperate and dull trying to make himself appear to be the best choice, but the man who supports Boehner and his policies will find little traction in the conservative Republican field.  Republicans who work with Democrats are what have gotten America into $19T of debt.
  • Paul – Rand always has good things to say, but has largely faded into the background behind Cruz and Rubio just as the governors have all fallen behind Trump and Carson.

All in all the candidates did shine with Trump showing he can be more dignified and Cruz exhibiting why he is the strongest conservative who never wavers from righteous ideals.  Carson is always the most dignified, but can dignity lead the military in the war that is upon us?  Rubio is still the most charismatic.  As for the governors, if they make it to the primaries they will find a tough row to hoe, but Kasich is done and Christie has no foothold.  Bush and Huckabee show no signs that they can ever pull ahead of the two young, conservative senators again, let alone outshine the celebrity of Trump.

O’Reilly interviews Trump post-debate

Wall Street Journal debate analysis

Note: The second half of the debate was much calmer.  Apparently, the CNBC hosts read Twitter during the break and found out how badly everyone thought of how they were moderating the debate.  Liberals, however, learned nothing as, despite being exposed as self-righteous hypocritical propagandists and having their noses rubbed in it, went on to crow over themselves declaring that GOP candidates were all low intelligence rubes who don’t speak above a 2nd grade level.

Which candidate would people most like to see drop out of the race?

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