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American mercenaries – the corruption of America’s military

The movie “13 Hours” depicts the defense of American embassy personnel by courageous American soldiers. Liberals condemn those America soldiers who retire from the military to take security jobs with private companies as “mercenaries.”  In their galactic ignorance they demonstrate … Continue reading

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Hillary lied when Americans died

Ambassador Stevens and three Americans were assassinated in America’s Libyan embassy in Benghazi by jihadis on 9-11-12 two months before the 2012 presidential election.  Despite hundreds of emails retrieved from the private server Hillary attempted to wipe, Ms. Clinton claims no … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton – master of contempt

Hillary blamed Ambassador Stevens for his own death at the hands of Jihadi terrorists Testifying to a congressional investigating committee about the assassination of Chris Stevens and three Americans at the embassy in Libya, Hillary Clinton proved herself to be … Continue reading

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Democrats say Hillary’s email not a national security issue

Long before Hillary became champion of the sexually abused, she was crushing bimbos harassed by her philandering husband.  As Secretary of State she weakened the defenses of America’s embassy in Libya, which resulted in the assassination of our ambassador. Liberals … Continue reading

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